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The 6th Friend (2016)

The 6th Friend (2016)

Jamie BernadetteChantelle AlbersDominique SwainJessica Morris
Letia Clouston


The 6th Friend (2016) is a English movie. Letia Clouston has directed this movie. Jamie Bernadette,Chantelle Albers,Dominique Swain,Jessica Morris are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The 6th Friend (2016) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

In this slasher film with a paranormal twist, six college best friends throw their own private graduation party when the stoner of the group orders in a psychedelic from her drug dealer, who sticks around to join in their fun. Drugged and disoriented, the girls' special night quickly becomes a dark, foggy nightmare of blood and violence. Five years later, the girls gather together once again in hopes of rekindling that close friendship that they once had, only to find themselves being hunted by who, or what, they do not know.


The 6th Friend (2016) Reviews

  • Dull and uninspired


    I enjoy slow burn horror, but this wasn't that. The 6th Friend is a by-the-books paint by number cardboard cutout of a horror movie, and that seems almost intentional. If you have ever seen a horror movie, then you have seen this one. And you can rest assured that what you have already seen was better. It takes dedication and genuine effort to stay awake for the duration of this movie, and sleep is much more entertaining.

  • A Perfect Example of Why You Should Learn to Make Movies Before You Make One


    I'm not really a big fan of Jamie Bernadette to begin with. She gives this impression of arrogance and celebrity status, always in a hurry to use others as stepping stones to get ahead. This movie could have been shot in the backwoods of Kentucky, stamped with a production logo, and submitted for VOD service. Theres really nothing special about this low budget flick. Its a boring hack and slash mediocre movie about a bunch of girls in the woods running away from a killer. The film makers have obviously never received any training or attended film school. Just another actor shot project to try and help get them noticed.

  • Disappointing


    Not sure how this has got 10/10 and 8/10. There is nothing scary nor jumpy about this, and the Killers identity is very evident. The Plot is weak as is the dialogue. One reviewer claimed is was a Supernatural Slasher film - there is absolutely nothing supernatural in this. Just a run-of-the-mill slasher film with nothing new .... my true rating would be 3.5 as i am feeling generous

  • My Review Of "The 6th Friend"


    The story has the potential to expose and, to some degree, exploit very poignant and timely subject matter echoing from the #metoo movement. A group of women forced into a horrible situation at the hands of a really bad dude, lives changed at a fundamental level, then reuniting once more only to have a new nightmare unfold. The concept just begs to perform. Unfortunately none of the material is truly developed enough to really bring life to this cultural battle cry. The cast do their best to breathe life into the characters, but it soon becomes clear that they don't get it- not completely anyway. The social interactions of these friends feels made-up. The dialog isn't smooth enough to convince me that they experienced the original nightmare and maintained a bond strong enough to reunite. I mean there are moments of strong dialog and gritty story telling, but not consistent enough to maintain cohesion. The horror elements and actual thriller edge was a bit to dull to sell me on the "new nightmare" situation that the group deals with in "The 6th Friend". Most of the scenes meant to provide chills and thrills seem placed as overworked tableaus. They looked good but in a film where things are already falling apart, they just aren't enough to save it. Overall I didn't enjoy this one, I wanted to, thought it was gonna be good, but it just wasn't.

  • Surprisingly fun


    I rented this tonight off if Amazon, not knowing much about it. This one was fun and well filmed. In my opinion, this pleasantly made slasher film had very little faults. I liked the mystery behind it as well, it did a great job at keeping the reveal of the film a secret. Mostly the mystery surrounding the killer's identity or if it was something supernatural. Great job to all involved!!


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