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The Bliss (2006)

The Bliss (2006)

Camille SolariDanielle NicoletElisa DonovanJames DeBello
Lauren Patrice Nadler


The Bliss (2006) is a English movie. Lauren Patrice Nadler has directed this movie. Camille Solari,Danielle Nicolet,Elisa Donovan,James DeBello are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. The Bliss (2006) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Will a desperate singer do just about anything to make it as a rock star? Just about... Phaedra Hill is trying to make it as a rock star in Los Angeles despite the obstacles of her gambling New Jersey parents who have other aspirations for her career, her jaded best friend Martina who is too busy partying in Hollywood Hills, and her sleazy love fascination Jackson. But her best friend and manager Daisy comes up with a scandal to bring her long awaited fame.


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  • Go to sleep instead.


    I have ten lines to fill and that will be hard. Wow this is a boring, uninspiring, tedious movie. The lead has no appeal. There is nothing that makes the viewer even consider thinking that this girl can sing, has any guitar playing skills or even sex appeal for the music industry. She is among the most pathetic performers to ever show up on screen and portray of all things ...a "rock goddess?". Her voice is horrible and her performance is weak to add. Along the fact that the script was bad and most of the cast was bad and close to talentless, this makes for one really sad attempt at a rock n roll lifestyle movie. Horrible story development and script structure, useless dialogue and some uninteresting, unneeded scenes where everyhting mishmashes together. I should have gone to sleep instead, but I picked this up from the library and figured that I would bear my time through it...well, at least I didn't pay for this. Even for a low budget movie, this had so many elements which lacked, that the budget had nothing to do with how bad it was. Record execs who sign a person based solely on a crappy hand-held cam video. A nagging landlord who doesn't know the tenant's rights, gang members who have no bearing on the scene or use in the movie at all, parents who are so badly developed that you want to skewer yourself at that point and so much more. What a miserable movie with no redeeming entertainment value. Even Elisa Donovan couldn't save this mess; as her character was written with as much spark as a rotting tree branch.

  • An adequate pastime


    This film is about a 27 year old woman who wants to make it big as a rock vocalist. "Rocker" is not a bad film, it certainly deserves a higher rating it is getting. Sure, the low budget prevents anything very lavish or breathtaking from happening. The plot is less dramatic than the summary suggests, but still it is engaging enough. The interviews of real musicians interspersed in the film enhances the credibility, making it more real, more like a documentary of a wannabe who struggles the way up. Daisy is very convincing as a supportive best friend who also happens to be promiscuous. Phaedra, on the other hand, is less convincing as a rock star. She is not so natural, and at times wooden in many scenes. I think "Rocker" is an adequate pastime to kill an evening.


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