The Challenger (2015)

The Challenger (2015)

Kent MoranMichael Clarke DuncanS. Epatha MerkersonJustin Hartley
Kent Moran


The Challenger (2015) is a English,Spanish,Hindi movie. Kent Moran has directed this movie. Kent Moran,Michael Clarke Duncan,S. Epatha Merkerson,Justin Hartley are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Challenger (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Struggling Bronx mechanic Jaden Miller uses boxing to save himself and his mother from being homeless. With a legendary trainer, and a reality show built around him, Miller goes for the title.

The Challenger (2015) Reviews

  • wow -- breaks every "fight film" rule


    When Stallone did Rocky I, you would think from the hype at the time that he invented the boxing film. No he did not. He re-invented it. Boxing films have been around forever and the first rule of a good boxing film is to connect with the audience by allowing them to "grow" with the protagonist, to improve from fight to fight. And that was the first rule the producers broke. Given the minimal amount of screen time alloted to the "early" fights for the protagonist/hero (in some cases just 2 seconds per fight) you may have thought that these were real cable fights where the producers did not have the rights to rebroadcast. But no this is a fiction film and they could have made those fights real. They did not. Frankly, once you break that key rule, once you have no connection between star and viewer, there is no turning back. But, almost out of perversity, the producers broke another rule and that amazes me. They cast two actors who look alike for both roles in the ring, hero and villain. So, and I cannot emphasize the bizarreness of this enough, not only does the audience have no connection with the hero in the final fight, but sometimes you can't tell which actor is playing which role. And the final rule? Good choreography in the fights. The audience should feel every punch. Here the audience only feels cheated. A rarity. A boxing film that, like a bad boxer, starts out weak. And then just gets weaker. Of course, the fact that the film is a "vanity" film -- the same guy is the writer director and star -- may be a factor. But what do I know -- I am just a reviewer. Terrible film.

  • Really?


    White pretty boy plays a poor mechanic from the hood who decides to become a pro boxer to support his sick black mother. While it's not badly made for a small film, the absurd casting ruins every scene, and discovering that the writer/director is the leading actor reveals how you've been cheated of your time. The entire plot is ludicrous anyway, a thin and inferior imitation of real boxing movies; the acting is weak and lazy even from the real actors desperate enough to have taken the job; and the fight scenes are boring. It's unfortunate that Kent Moran can't be put on trial to provide some explanation for what he had done and beg for forgiveness.

  • Please leave boxing alone!!


    As a big boxing fan, I find myself more attracted to fight films than I really should be. Please, please leave my favorite sport alone. I'm too much of a loser not to watch. Did he not think to get someone on board who knew something about boxing when he made this (and hired himself as the protagonist). By the way, you are nowhere near 175 pound Light Heavyweight size, you could have made it about a 154 pound fighter and that's still a great division. Why's your opponent sitting in the corner before the fight starts? That doesn't happen. You don't touch gloves then sit in your corner and get a pep talk. You don't get to sit until the end of round 1! Why doesn't your build/ size change when you go from being a non- athlete to a full time boxer? Why did you go from 0 bouts as an amateur straight into the pros? Why was the number 7 spot in the WBC fighting in a bout against a novice from the club circuit? Why do you throw straight arm punches with a really bent arm like a hook? You do know they're different punches right? How is this the fight of the 21st century? It's almost like you really hate boxing so you made a really flawed film to get your own back on the boxing community.

  • Challenge for the viewer to stay interested


    I decided to watch the Challenger right after seeing a great documentary about boxing. I was inspired by the struggle and the inner strength of men who only had their fists to get them out of poverty. On the other hand, the challenger... is the most uninspirational movie you can ever watch about the beautiful science. It's lame, predictable, and absolute rubbish. The hero looks like a midget but fights for the heavyweight title held by a guy who looks more like a toothpaste ad. Everything starts when the "hero" decides one day to start boxing, having shown no interest before. He trains for what looks like 3 weeks and starts knocking out everyone. Somehow, he gets a title shot out of nowhere....and before you know it, I am asleep and do not care about how it ends. I can guess it. From miles away. In fact miles away is how far you should stay from this movie. It stinks!

  • Worst movie i've seen in years.


    absolutely nothing original about this movie. its a knock off of rocky, or like a bunch of other boxing movies, but very poorly made. The build up is rushed, the boxing training is short, he goes from boxing in a local club to fighting for a title after 7 fights, lol, its almost embarrassing to watch. anyone who has watched real boxing, will find this ridiculous. The main character, the boxer, is sort of lame, he show no real hunger to either train or fight. it feels weird. the main fight of the movie, is poorly made, you don't see, not even half a round; you only get some silly glimpse of the rounds And both take damage way beyond what they would ever be able to handle in reality, which makes it look even more ridiculous. I urge you not to waste your time or money.


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