The Cheating Pact (2013)

The Cheating Pact (2013)

Daniela BobadillaLaura Ashley SamuelsLaura WigginsMax Carver
Doug Campbell


The Cheating Pact (2013) is a English movie. Doug Campbell has directed this movie. Daniela Bobadilla,Laura Ashley Samuels,Laura Wiggins,Max Carver are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. The Cheating Pact (2013) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Three high school students, Heather, Kylie, and Jordan, under pressure from their parents to get into good colleges, convince a shy but very smart girl, Meredith, to take the College Entrance Test for them. After Meredith gets a low score on one of the tests, she winds up dead in a mysterious accident, and now all three kids are suspects in her murder. Heather soon finds that she is being framed for Meredith's murder by the other two and must team up with her mother, Brenda, to prove her innocence.


The Cheating Pact (2013) Reviews

  • well made, no big surprises, but enjoyable


    There weren't a lot of plot twists here, but still, not being familiar with whatever real events were behind the story (at least I think there were real events; not fascinated enough to go look it up ATM), I didn't know exactly what was going to happen. Like any disaster movie, we watch to see things go horribly wrong, because somehow we get something from doing so. Are we just glad it's not us? Are we vicariously enjoying the thrill of the danger, safe in our seats? Maybe we like watching people be worried and scared. Why would that be? Whatever the reason, there are plenty of movies to scratch that itch. "The Cheating Pact" is one. What starts off as a relatively minor case of cheating on college entrance exams spirals out of control, and we get to watch all the kids and their parents and friends reacting to a situation they (for the most part) don't even know is happening. The film-making quality is pretty good. The production values are fine; this isn't a giant explosions and cars going over cliffs type of movie, so it really comes down to story, acting, directing, and editing, all of which are sufficient to make this an enjoyable watch. I think the question a movie like this should inspire is "what would I do?" in the shoes of one or more of the characters. There are some good questions to ponder here. Would you cheat, if your parents were pressuring you to do better? Would you help someone else cheat, for money, if you needed the money? Would you trust your child if they said they didn't cheat? There are other, bigger questions which this movie begins to raise about the importance of college, social pressures, intergenerational expectations, and more. However, it focuses its energy on the individuals and relationships directly in front of us, and by doing so it stays tight and avoids coming across as pretentious or overly preachy. 7/10 for me.

  • Enjoyed the adventure as predictable as it was


    Made for TV lifetime movie and in typical fashion was quite predictable but comforting all the same. Had several familiar actors/actresses, the acting wasn't all that great but sure the heck beat being bored at 2:AM and wide awake, lol. While the story dealt with many emotionally charged immoral issues like: Lying, stealing, cheating, and even murder it was STILL a safe view for young children. ONLY "Lifetime" could pull off this feat. I quite enjoyed the adventure as predictable as it was. The characters, while a bit eccentric, did indeed resemble real people we encountered throughout high school years. I particularly giggled to see those mothers who "knew their child would NEVER do that" and defended them on misguided faith. Most of us adults, have ourselves been there too. I was however disappointed to see both a school administrator and one mother teach, excuse, ignore, and even teach immorality by example in order to protect their own interests at any cost. I wished somehow that these two were punished harshly.

  • Good drive though obvious story


    Caught this on a TV-channel tonight and didn't think I would be so caught up in it. The film has a quite convoluted synopsis, but acting is decent and the drive of the story is very good. So this is a well made and entertaining flick. It's in style a typical TV movie, but still this has a lot to offer. The film is like a thriller in it's drive towards the end. It starts off in a typical high school environment, where some girls are annoying a school mate. They are to take their tests to get into college. A couple of weaker students are getting their results, which obviously are not getting them into their wanted colleges.The only way in will be to make the smartest student do their test in other counties in the areas. And since one of the smartest is in need of money because of a brother needing treatment and a father losing his job, the scam is on. Director Campbell has really got his best out of the young actors, which manages to carry this story on their backs, though only semi-known actors. Also some of the parents does well. The story is well old and the film is well made, and I can recommend the film, both as entertainment as well as a debate about school test cheating.

  • ****


    After viewing this very good film, it is time to introduce finger printing at the time the college entrance exams are given. The brain of the girls is convinced to take the important test for 2 gals and 1 guy. While she has high values, an ailing younger brother, in need of therapy and a father out of work, are the driving reasons that she does this. Of course, one of the threesome has harassed her for a long time. Obviously, this can only lead to further trouble and of course it does. Whoever thought that murder of our Miss Intelligent would occur? To get even with the girl who harassed her, she took the exam and on purpose made sure to receive a low score. Of course, this led to her demise and at first, two of them attempt to frame the hesitant girl who went along with the scheme so as to boost her score and get into the college of her desire. Kudos to the counselor who realized something was amiss when so-so students received top scores, previously higher from their first test taking. A big thumbs down to the school principal who tried to hush the whole thing up since one of the fathers of the boy was well known in town. Finally, naturally, we see the mother instinct in both of the mother of the girls fighting to clear their daughter and the ruthlessness that the mother of the guilty party would do to shield her guilty daughter of murder.


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