The Christ Slayer (2019)

The Christ Slayer (2019)

Carl WeyantJosh PerryDJ PerryMelissa Anschutz
Nathaniel Nose


The Christ Slayer (2019) is a movie. Nathaniel Nose has directed this movie. Carl Weyant,Josh Perry,DJ Perry,Melissa Anschutz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Christ Slayer (2019) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

"The Christ Slayer" is part 3 of Collective Development Inc.'s THE QUEST TRILOGY following "40 Nights" (Part 1) and "Chasing the Star" (Part 2)

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The Christ Slayer (2019) Reviews

  • Truly Joyful!


    What started off slow soon took me on a journey of mystery and emotions. This familiar tale told from a new perspective was refreshing and brought new insight of why things happened the way they did. The actors did an amazing job of portraying the characters they played. The addition of just the right amount of humor added a refreshing and comforting feel to a not so comforting subject. This is a truly joyful film to share with family and friends.

  • Totally captivating!


    After watching this film, I realize I had been completely immersed into it and was not even aware of things happening around me. I was so captivated by this story and the quality of this production that I very highly recommend everyone who reads this review to watch and enjoy this movie as much as I did.

  • I felt healing in my heart.


    I want to point out that I know one of the actors in this film. I came into this movie to support him and the filmmakers involved but as a film buff I was looking forward to the film after watching the trailer last year. As a Christian I am on the constant look out for new Christian films, sadly a majority of the films released in this genre are mediocre at best. I support them but yearn to see high production in these films. The Christ Slayer completely caught me by suprise. I knew from the trailer it was going to be powerful but not to the extent that it turned out to be. We all know to often that trailers don't always depict how good a film will be but this one certainly exceeded the trailer. This doesn't mean the film comes without its faults such as the visual effects which cheapen the film a bit. An important note is this film is NOT biblically accurate. One of my main reasons for giving it 8 stars is due its inability to stay in line with the historical details of scripture. I'm fine with the story, the different viewpoint and all but the film could have portrayed areas that are detailed in scripture. This is one of the areas that I struggled with. Thankfully the story, the message and the execution of it allowed me to "overlook" this and get captivated. Music was great! The story beautifully executed and the acting certainly needs to be applauded. The rollercoaster of emotions I went on this film was intense. Almost everyone delivered a great performance especially Albus. What a sweetheart! My heart melted everytime he was on screen and I would catch myself laughing often. Great casting choice! What a fine young man. Another noteworthy performance is the lead himself. The emotion pulled out of me was unreal (I'm telling you sobbing like a little girl) and like my title I felt healing in my heart. POWERFUL! There are too many scenes to name that just blew me away. I highly recommend everyone to watch this film, not as a biblical account but a message of Christ's love and forgiveness. If you need healing WATCH this movie!

  • Biblical Adventure


    As a non-christian, and former Christian my perspective of this movie not be valid to many of you. The Christ Slayer is an excellent adventure that lacks any type of feel that you're being preached at throughout the movie. It is entertaining enough to watch as a stand-alone movie howrver, it being the 3rd installment of The Quest Trilogy, I definitely have to rank this one above each one of the rest. There are powerful moments in the film that I am sure that "believers" are really going to take to. There is a message in this movie that delivers itself as non-denominational, however it is very evident that it isis biblical story. The music is great, SFX is so-so, the story is serious enough that the light-heartedness of certain moments come across genuine and find a great balance. Enjoy the film!

  • One Man's Journey with the Risen Christ; Well Done & Recommended!


    Carl Weyant aptly plays Longinus, a blind Roman soldier (kept in his position only because of an influential father) partly responsible for the execution-death of the Christ who struggles with overwhelming guilt and darkness attempting to snuff out his life. Coming to the end of his tortured self, he leaves Jerusalem, with his servant Albus (played by Josh Perry), in order to find peace in the land of his relatives. Along the way, he meets a Stranger (DJ Perry as Jesus) who begins to open his eyes and renew the man's purpose. We also catch glimpses into the spiritual realm with Gabriel (Shane Hagedorn) and the Devil (Taymour Ghazi) discussing the worth of humanity despite their flawed and contradictory natures. It's a well done film about the Christ done with a unique Biblical slant. Josh Perry's portrayal as Longinus' servant is a delight to watch and gives some laugh-out-loud moments. This is the third film of "The Quest" Series ("40 Nights" and "Chasing the Stars" being the first films) put out by a studio that's punching above its weight by creating thoughtful, unique content. I recommend The Christ Slayer. It's both interesting and well done! Perhaps it will also draw out discussions and reflections on our own life journeys.


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