The Divorce Party (2019)

The Divorce Party (2019)

Katrina BowdenClaire HoltLane GarrisonMatilda Anna Ingrid Lutz
Hughes William Thompson


The Divorce Party (2019) is a English movie. Hughes William Thompson has directed this movie. Katrina Bowden,Claire Holt,Lane Garrison,Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Divorce Party (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The Divorce Party is a dramatic comedy that tells the story of Nate and Susan Brown, a married millennial couple in their mid-twenties. When Susan suddenly realizes she's miserable and wants a divorce, Nate packs his bags and heads for the nearest hotel. He soon discovers that he has been completely abandoned by all the former "friends" who had only related to him as only one half of a married couple. He enters a lonely slog through his newly single life. But when a recent divorcee, Katie, offers to help Nate organize a glitzy "divorce party" to celebrate his new status, Nate starts to warm up to his new life and finds new friends and new wisdom, and finds that new love may be waiting at the end of his ordeal.


The Divorce Party (2019) Reviews

  • Not that great.. just okay


    Well i was able to predict what was going to happen. And that spoils the fun out of any movie. Also i didn't like the cast. Did not feel any sort of connection. If someone asked me if he or she should watch this movie... i would say no.

  • So predictible it hurts


    If you've watched The Break-Up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn you will know the overall quality of this movie. It's a dramedy that is so predictable it hurts. The movie can be described with 3 letters - meh. Acting-meh, story-meh, pacing-meh, sets-meh. But my main problem is that the movie makes you feel void. It's not inspiring or atleast heartwarming like a good dramedy should be, it just kinda sucks the joy out of the viewer.

  • its not a prescription to manage a divorce


    But its just kind of working, but as i use to call comedies that dont make me laugh wholeheartedly, it is flat. you can feel the sadness in the male, having sold his sole to his wife, that takes it all away from him including his friends and so on. happily for them they dont have any children, so that factor is a non issue. as the title tells he is making a big brawling divorce party, after a suggestion from a childhood girlfriend, who agrees to arrange, his job is simply to throw in guests, a difficult task as his former wife have stolen them already..... its a film that builds on a phatomless number of other movies of the genre, though the divorceparty idea are quite original, its not stretched wide enough to make a blockbuster. what i liked best was the quality of filming, editing and light settings, its has some bad issues on the sound, where you get shockjolted when the actor raises his or her voice, a jolt that shouldnt be there, and may for the most squemish be a wake up call when sitting in a dark theater at 10 p.m . acting are fairly good allover, to promote someone are unescesarry(worgn slept i kwon) so its an fairly entertaining stub, that i guess my better half would enjoy much more than me. so the grumpy old man could have given lots of hints to the screenplay writer, director and producers,that wouldve made the limp becomming a jump, its ok

  • if this has been a short film i would have rated more


    But unfortunately its not. and this 80 minutes of nonsense is nothing new and lacks lot of things like proper acting, a good paced story, not even proper music for that matter. if anything a romantic comedy or drama needs some reasonable pace to make audience watch the whole thing even when it is predictable. i don't know what else to say except that it is a waste of time.

  • Terrible


    Don't waste your life watching this movie!Watching paint dry would of been more entertaining

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