The Hagstone Demon (2011)

The Hagstone Demon (2011)

Mark BorchardtNadine GrossCyndi KurtzSasha Andreev
Jon Springer


The Hagstone Demon (2011) is a English movie. Jon Springer has directed this movie. Mark Borchardt,Nadine Gross,Cyndi Kurtz,Sasha Andreev are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. The Hagstone Demon (2011) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Douglas Elmore is an alcoholic writer and caretaker haunted by visions of his dead wife and pursued by supernatural forces bent on revenge for his past deeds. When tenants start turning up dead in the hallways and stairwells of his brownstone apartment building, Douglas suspects a strange but sexually alluring homeless prostitute named Karna who sleeps in his basement by day and prowls the empty city by night. But as the bodies pile up, Douglas is torn between his growing obsession with Karna and the threat of becoming a prime suspect in a murder investigation. Douglas must find the origin of the evil residing in the old Hagstone building before the secrets of his past return to destroy him.


The Hagstone Demon (2011) Reviews

  • Among history's worst films


    This motion picture has to be one of the most stupid films I have ever seen. I'm even surprised I watched it till the end (Its 7.4 rating influenced me, I admit). It vaguely makes a connection between scenes, the protagonist changes his personality without any viable explanation, antagonists are poor imitations of evil individuals in other films, and the overall script is embarrassing. This movie is amusingly boring (I know, a paradox...right?). I can't imagine why someone would want to do a film like this. One of the most annoying things about it is that it constantly makes viewers feel that they are about to see something interesting. It quickly disappoints, however... I wouldn't recommend it!

  • Be very afraid...


    Wow. What a stinker. We pick out three obscure films every Friday and this was in the last batch. One of the big problems other than how boring it is is that it takes itself VERY seriously. Shot in B & W to give it some kind of artistic feel, it just contributes to the dullness, and trust me this script is DULL. The protagonist is a very goofy looking "actor" who is incapable of emoting. Apparently he is some kind of cult star and maybe the movie is made exclusively for his fans, so I don't know maybe I'm missing some kind of inside joke. The effects look like they were made on the spot except the cat-thing which looked like it was a rubber puppet.I would love to give some props as this was obviously a no budget picture, but it's trying so desperately to be a Rosemary's Baby or some other kind of real movie that it couldn't possibly succeed. Some of the shots were nice so they had a decent cameraman, now if they had just replaced everything else it might have worked. One more thing, whoever you are who wrote that long glowing review is either connected to the production or should not be writing reviews because you are seriously misleading people.

  • Hated It!


    This movie dragged on worse than a political speech...I actually found myself rooting for the demons to kill off the boring main character to stop his droning voice that wouldn't end. The Black and White film added nothing to this film except perhaps it saved on using color film. I would suggest using a camcorder for this stinker so it could be recorded over. The best actor in this film was the Sphinx cat who did a great job of not running away from embarrassment for being in this movie. The demon at the end was really cheesy, I think it was one of those rubbery Boglin hand puppets from the 80's.

  • This is a joke right?


    This 'film'is possibly one of the most banal ever produced...which is why I have to ask if it is meant to be a joke, if it isn't even a very good one. There is nothing at all scary....frightening....weird.. malevolent...unexpected about it from the first frame to the last. The main actor is pretty poor, but waaaaaay waaaaay ahead of his supporting cast who's acting abilities are akin to a bunch of 12 year be fair, delivering lines written by 4 year's absolute codswallop. It's only saving grace is in fact it's awfulness, which is cringingly amusing. Only watch this garbage if you have nothing better to fact do nothing instead, it's more entertaining.

  • Brilliant, creepy, thoughtful, fun and intriguing. Borchardt is back !


    I really must applaud Jon Springer for having the knowhow to make a serious, creepy, indie horror flick in this era where the majority of indie horror efforts attempt to be comedic. I also must applaud him for casting Mark Borchardt from American Movie in the lead role. Borchardt is terrific in his role as a drunken ex-reporter who is plagued and haunted by demonic forces following the death of his wife. The bad reviews on this site are clearly the work of angry trolls, so please ignore them, and check out what might be one of the best indie horror films of the past 10 years. If you miss out on it, you will never forgive yourself.


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