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The Last King (2015)

The Last King (2015)

Derick AgyemangVictor AltomareJoe AnastasioSean Ballantyne
Jeff Ridout


The Last King (2015) is a English movie. Jeff Ridout has directed this movie. Derick Agyemang,Victor Altomare,Joe Anastasio,Sean Ballantyne are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Last King (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,History movie in India and around the world.

The precious Kohinoor diamond belongs the last king of Punjab, the Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The fabled Kohinoor diamond is a symbol of Sikh strength and pride. This diamond was stolen by the British 150 years ago and was brought back to England where it was recut and set in Queen Victoria's crown as a mark of the British domination in India. Now the descendent Colonel Ranjit Singh (Steve Nijjar) wants it back. This tale of power, greed, and honour in reclaiming the precious diamond continues as Ranjit Singh attempts to reclaim what was taken away from the Punjabi people in present day. Ranjit, a Special Ops Captain in the Canadian Army, feels obligated to bring the Kohinoor back to his people. The opportunity presents itself when the crown makes its way to a Toronto museum for an exclusive 3 day public exhibit. Ranjit finds himself prepared to stop at nothing and no one to recover the diamond. Detective Jack Kelsey (Mark Poyser) has the arduous task of protecting the priceless and ...


The Last King (2015) Reviews

  • The last time ever watching poor quality film


    Poor acting, poor film. Can't say much. Not that whole new crew can't make a good film but films like this bring a bad name to independent movies. Background music gets very annoying with chantings that are not pleasant to the ear. Voice over work is so bad and unauthentic. Good things is if you have extra bucks sitting and bored go to cinema and sit there. It seems more of a comedy than drama. Wardrobe doesn't fit actors and which India family only speaks English? Very unrealistic film. The crown in the film is so flimsy and fake. I am still trying to figure out why such "diamond" was kept without security. Left me confused about why the diamond is needed anyway.

  • Even a 4/10 IMDb rating would be far too much


    Although I'm one to appreciate the efforts that go into independent film making, limited budgets and all, there is less excuse to be had for things like acting and basic story-telling. This is one of the worst films I have seen in years, it's current rating is far too generous. The acting is beyond poor, as are the production values, the story is so unrealistic it's damn near laughable - a wannabe Italian don and a Canadian businessman bring half the Kohinoor back to it's rightful people.... who are apparently based in Canada, the lead actor has random historical visions of his childhood like he is from the Royal family yet the film is set in present day and he looks about 40, yes really. Film is littered with biased and inaccurate historical views too in a poor attempt to help you relate to the film and the importance of the Kohinoor, but there's nothing in this film to connect with, it doesn't even make sense, there is a half decent freeze shot in an action scene hence the 1. If you want a little laugh you can check out for the woefully bad acting otherwise avoid this, so glad it finished I give it half a star for the end credits too, 1.5 out of 10.

  • Return the stone to the temple


    The first ten minutes of the film is a history lesson. 156 years ago the Kohinoor diamond was taken by the British from the Sikh king of the Punjab. Colonel Ranjit Singh (Steve Nijjar) is descended from that royal line and dreams about what happened 156 years ago to complete the history lesson. He is a special ops person for Canada, fighting jungles wars (that look filmed in Canada) in order to keep Canadians safe and free. (I didn't write this stuff, Nijjar did.) Michelangelo, a mafia guy (Victor Altomare) arranges for the jewels to be displayed in Toronto. He plans on having them stolen so they can be sold to Singh's uncle. Meanwhile the uncle is trying to convince his special ops nephew to steal the jewel, making our sole protagonist into a thief. This was a long low budget production. The acting was bad, the lines were awful, trite, and cliché. The character of the uncle was idiotic and his actions were unnecessary except to add to the stupidity of the film. After 150 years of living in the west, this Sikh group still have accents. Plot has question marks. A film I wanted to like, but could only laugh at the effort. The Kohinoor diamond is real and Indian wants it back, although it's ownership and history are far more complex than what the film shows us. Pakistan also lay claim to the diamond which at one time was in Persia and Afghanistan. The film, if anything, draws attention to the spoils of conquest, that doesn't have a statue of limitations to the offended. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.


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