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The Night Sitter (2018)

The Night Sitter (2018)

Elyse DufourJack ChampionJermaine RiversAmber Neukum
Abiel Bruhn,John Rocco


The Night Sitter (2018) is a English movie. Abiel Bruhn,John Rocco has directed this movie. Elyse Dufour,Jack Champion,Jermaine Rivers,Amber Neukum are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Night Sitter (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

A scheming con artist (Elyse DuFour, AMC's The Walking Dead) poses as innocent babysitter "Amber" to steal from Ted Hooper, a wealthy occult enthusiast with a reclusive son named Kevin. Her crew arrives to clean out the house just as Kevin stumbles upon one of his father's most prized artifacts and unwittingly summons a trio of witches known as The Three Mothers. As the playful, sadistic witches start picking people off, Amber and Kevin form an unlikely bond and try to survive the night together.


The Night Sitter (2018) Reviews

  • Fun little movie


    It's always a matter of taste if you like certain movies. I can see and understand that some really dislike this. It's nothing flashy and yes it does use cliches as one would call them, to further some parts of the story. Some of the cliches are being used in a very self aware fashion. If that matters to you or not, is something only you can decide. If you don't mind that, you will get a fun and light little horror movie. No this is not for the hardcore horror hounds, though I do think they know it. And even some of them don't mind a movie that does not go all out (doesn't mean, that it doesn't contain violence and/or brutal scenes). Characters were fine and acting decent for a movie of that character


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