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The Prayer Box (2018)

The Prayer Box (2018)

Grant DavidsonDenise RichardsReginald VelJohnsonCarey Scott
Kevan Otto


The Prayer Box (2018) is a English movie. Kevan Otto has directed this movie. Grant Davidson,Denise Richards,Reginald VelJohnson,Carey Scott are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Prayer Box (2018) is considered one of the best Family movie in India and around the world.

The Prayer Box is a beautifully tragic story about what happens when God doesn't intervene the way people want him to. Following the story of a young boy who sets off on a mission to get God's attention in hopes that God will heal his sister from terminal cancer, the young boy begins answering the prayers left by church members in the pastor's prayer box after the pastor throws them away, jaded by his own suffering. It tackles the heavy issues of unanswered prayer and if God even hears/answers prayer with a message that is heartbreaking in its raw portrayal of human pain and suffering in this world. Not a conventional inspirational faith film, this film is undeniably powerful in the fact that it challenges preconceived notions of whitewashed happy-go-lucky faith. This film does not hide the fact that life is full of pain, suffering, loss, and betrayal, yet it somehow manages to take these themes and find God in the midst of it all. There is a childlike innocence and naivety to the ...


The Prayer Box (2018) Reviews

  • Tolerable but puzzling.


    Right from the get go, you need to know this is a religious movie. You'll know that yourself after the first five minutes. In fact, I disappointedly thought this was going to be another one of those corny, hyper-spiritual movies that lays the preaching on a bit too thickly for anyone except the most ardent church-goer to tolerate. I'm happy to say that this isn't one of those movies. Not quite. Stick with it and you will be rewarded, because this movie goes down another path and I wanted to see where we were going. This movie makes a valiant attempt to examine the struggles people have with their faith when life suddenly throws hardship and difficulties at them. It's not afraid to ask the questions that people have at these times when they start to ask if God is really there. Trouble is, it doesn't do this in a really coherent manner and keeps wandering off in other directions and then sort of coming back to the main theme. I don't think it will come as a spoiler to anyone when I say that by the end of the movie everyone, including the young protagonist, has come to the conclusion that God really is there, all the time. We just don't always see Him. The trouble is, the movie fails to properly explain how we actually came to that point. This is a big failing. The young boy, Wesley, says he has had an epiphany and takes the time to explain what it was. We just don't see how he came to that epiphany. I thought I must have lost focus for a few minutes and missed something. so I watched the final 10 minutes again. Sorry, I still didn't see how we got where we ended up. It's like we had a happy ending that we didn't deserve. We hadn't done enough work to get there. I can only think that some important scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. What a pity. The movie doesn't answer any of the questions it asks. It just tries to make you think it did. I did enjoy this movie though and a big part of that is because of the acting of the young star, Grant Davidson. What a great little actor he is. He does a brilliant job in conveying so much of the emotion that his character feels and the issues he is struggling with. He gave a performance well past his years. He did struggle with some of the more emotional scenes, but hey, this is his first movie and he is only going to get better. I hope some other director or producer sees this movie and puts this young man in something more befitting his skills. I look forward to seeing that. Sadly, young Mr Davidson was one of the few good actors in this film. Many of the others were pretty cringe worthy - adults and kids. In summary would I recommend this flick? Yes, I think I would. I liked it. It wasn't great, but it was tolerable and I've seen lots worse. The credit for all that is good about it lies, mostly, at the feet of the young star.



    MOVIE REVIEW: "THE PRAYER BOX" (A+) I don't very often review movies that I see either on DVD or on streaming services, but this movie deserves a wide viewership. This movie is available on DVD and Amazon and Netflix. It is touching and just an out and out beautiful family movie. This movie rests completely on the shoulders of young actor GRANT DAVIDSON in his first movie lead role. He does an incredible job in conveying how beautiful life can be, despite setbacks, if you care about other people. The screenplay, direction, and editing are excellent. Even though this movie runs about 105 minutes I wish it lasted twice as long. Watch for Grant since he is a very talented young man and is destined to be a star. Down the line, come back to this review when he is a star and see that I predicted it here. I cannot see any teen do a better job in this part than he did. It was pure perfection. See it if you can and even if you can't. You will thank me for it.

  • Does God answer prayers?


    He does, But for this young teen, God doesn't make his sister well, despite this young boy trying to answer all the congregation's prayers himself - but certainly God was working through him. A moving story that brings you to faith. Stick with it, sentimental and tear jerker.

  • A Moving, very well done, wholesome movie!


    The Prayer Box is an excellent movie, that the whole family can watch. It is a film, that tugs at your heart, because it is a realistic Christian movie, that shows how love and faith in God can get you through the toughest times. The directing, acting and background settings are very nice. You might cry, while watching parts of this, but there are moments that are inspiring and very joyful, too! I highly recommend this movie!

  • Great thought provoking message


    This is not your typical God comes to the rescue at the end and they all live happily ever after. Nope, in fact, I anticipated that ending so I was prepared to be disappointed, but not in God. One thing I do know is that God is good and definitely compassionate. What I don't know is the criteria to get prayer answered as you request it. That seems to be a mystery for most believers, me included. We are encouraged to pray and trust God for the results. I know "He knows best" is a cliche but I have nothing new to add. Sorry. The main actor was phenomenal as was the pastor. The ending really surprised me, but it was the best one, in my opinion. Lastly, the negative reviews again are probably from people who either didn't watch the movie or just hate anything Christian for whatever reason. If you especially are a believer, give this a try. Cheers.


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