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The Real St. Nick (2012)

Torrey DeVittoCallard HarrisRoma MaffiaKenneth Choi
Penelope Spheeris


The Real St. Nick (2012) is a English movie. Penelope Spheeris has directed this movie. Torrey DeVitto,Callard Harris,Roma Maffia,Kenneth Choi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. The Real St. Nick (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Devitto stars as psychiatrist Kate, who attends to a handsome but unconscious man in a Santa Claus suit who saved her during an earthquake. When he awakens and insists he is Santa Claus, he is placed in the hospital's psychiatric wing, where his Christmas spirit soon "infects" everyone in the ward and Kate can't help falling for the man even before she finds out his real identity.

The Real St. Nick (2012) Reviews

  • Kenneth Choi MAKES this movie!


    Kenneth Choi makes this movie watchable. His character, Jack, is a mental patient who thinks he's Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." And he's really good. You don't see enough Asian actors in roles that aren't somewhat stereotypically "Asian" and this is a wonderful role for him. The rest of the movie? Eh...yes, your typical lame Lifetime holiday movie. Girl meets boy, other boy wants her but she doesn't want him, despite him being the "respectable" choice...but in the end, girl ends up with the boy who thinks he's Santa Claus. Corny, predictable, holiday fare. With, you know, mental patients to lend a little comedic relief. But Kenneth Choi's Jack is pretty freakin' awesome.

  • Do not watch this movie.


    The psychiatrist falls in love with the patient. This is NEVER okay. Not even if the patient thinks he is Santa Claus. Sure, it's trying to be cute but in real life if a psychiatrist acts that way towards a patient, she will be fired and banned from practicing. She was taking advantage of him and using his situation to get him to fall in love with her. If a psychiatrist finds herself attracted to a patient, it is HER responsibility to make sure that she is removed from his treatment plan. I have been in mental hospitals and I have been in the treatment of a psychiatrist for over five years. If any of my providers had done what she does to him in this movie, I don't know what I would have done. When you are in a mental hospital you are in a fragile state. Portraying the relationship between care provider and patient as being okay is irresponsible.

  • Not worth watching


    This movie started out somewhat entertaining but it went downhill fast! A man thinks he is Santa Claus and is admitted to a mental hospital. The hospital administrator is portrayed as the "bad guy". The patients act like unruly children which is an unfortunate and inaccurate portrayal of mental illness. The main character is a traumatized man who would benefit from real mental health services, not from falling in love with his psychiatrist, At the end there is an incredibly disturbing scene in which the police cruelly and unnecessarily use their tasers. I think that this is meant to be funny, but it is just disturbing. This scene alone makes the movie unfit for children! The ending is a letdown - a waste of 2 hours!!

  • Don't get your hopes up.


    This is not a movie you would like to see or admit you watched. The story was lame and the acting was worse. If the director even tried to make a watchable movie he should be fired. My 6 year old daughter quit watching before the half way mark. Her comment was "Daddy this movie is dumb, do I have to watch it?" Maybe I should point out the acting reminded me of a grammar school Christmas play where the children playing trees make mistakes causing the parents to giggle and laugh under their breath. The hospital administrator was like watching a child actor trying to play the part of an adult. Much like Alfalfa in the old our gang movies. The script was written by someone who if wrote for an animated cartoon show they would be fired. Sorry I just can not find anything positive about the movie at least to the part where we could not watch it anymore.

  • Cute Holiday movie


    Looks like the Grinch and his cousins have been reviewing this movie. Sure it's formulaic about a guy who thinks he is Santa Claus, but everything gets explained in a pretty reasonable way. There is also the creepy guy - cut girl - good hearted guy love triangle that works out as expected. Along the way we're reminded that the Holidays are all about spirit and caring. Devitto is adorable as Kate and Gitter is a close second as her institutionalized sister with an aversion to being touched. The rest of the cast is fantastic as well making this a cut above the normal Lifetime/Hallmark feel good fare. Have a Happy Holidays and feel safe enjoying this family friendly movie.

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