The Slayer (2017)

The Slayer (2017)

Catherine FranklinRachel WiseReuben RoxTeresa Reed
Reuben Rox


The Slayer (2017) is a English movie. Reuben Rox has directed this movie. Catherine Franklin,Rachel Wise,Reuben Rox,Teresa Reed are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Slayer (2017) is considered one of the best Short,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Camp counselors fall prey to the vicious killer lurking in the deserted camp grounds.

The Slayer (2017) Reviews

  • Worthless slasher short


    THE SLAYER is a horror short set in a winter woods and featuring a bikini girl wandering around for a while; unsurprisingly it's this image that made it onto the video cover. I watched it on a double bill available for viewing on Amazon Prime; the second film was LURKING EVIL which seems to have been shot back-to-back with this. In any case, this is a slasher film with an extremely limited set-up and execution; very little happens and even the woods aren't very picturesque. I found it a waste of time.

  • Do I smell like fake blood?


    This is two films in one. Between them they are 57 minutes plus a few minutes of a blooper reel. Hard to believe they had second takes. Both films had the same people in them, filmed in the same park in southern Oregon because it would be a capital crime in the other 49 states. A slayer kills people in the park in the first film and an entity kills people in the park in the second film. While the same actors were in both films, they played different characters. Catherine Franklin in a bikini top does some stretching, but not so much as a jog. Reuben Rox starred and directed both features and frankly has no business being on either side of the camera. I doubt if he could take a selfie without messing it up. Sound wasn't good either. Most of you won't make it past 10 minutes. Once the bikini shot is over, it is all downhill from there. The good news is that if you watch the whole film (No FF) it is worth a punch on the hacker's card. Makes Polonia Brothers look like Spielberg. To end on an up note...It is better than "Amethyst." My advice is to get a real script longer than 20 minutes, film away from the highway, and get some local band that wants exposure to do a sound track..."Poke out your eyes and move to Portland." Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

  • The Slayer Was Mean Spirited Although Had A Motive!


    This is my review for the film The Slayer and there will be several spoilers throughout. The film begins with a woman who is relaxing on a park bench and when she hears a noise goes to investigate. When the woman discovers something disturbing next to a tree she screams. In the next scene camp counselors Kim and Dave arrive for summer camp where they meet fellow camp counselor Melissa who gives them a guided tour of the camp and mentions that her sister Joy shall be joining them later on. Melissa's sister Joy is another counselor who is helping get everything ready for summer camp when the children arrive. Whilst in the woods she goes through a playground trying to find a child she thought she saw and after a few nasty findings she is chased by a killer and brutally murdered. Whilst at the camp Dave and Kim find things to do whilst Melissa goes off, outside a nearby bathroom she overhears someone sneezing and it is turns out to be a woman named Cheryl who Melissa is familiar with. Cheryl quickly rushes away ignoring Melissa as she calls her name and places signs on the trees saying 'Watch The Children'. Later on Cheryl confronts counselors Dave and Kim as she has her own personal reasons to be upset with them both and the camp itself. Throughout the film counselors are murdered and it is down to the final one to either run away or stop the killer once and for all. In the penultimate scene a reporter interviews a detective about who The Slayer really is and their motives for killing people in the woods along with an announcement that he will interview the only survivor later on. The Slayer has a slightly open ended finale depending on how you analyze it, whilst it does offer possibilities to the conclusion of the story i couldn't help still be intrigued about The Slayer. One death scene in the movie was extremely bloody with the chosen victim although with the first victim i would have expected their death scene to have been longer. I did enjoy the music in several of the scenes particularly in the playground and the final scene of the film. You can see The Slayer along with the film Lurking Evil as a double feature film which contains many out take scenes and a preview for the upcoming movie House Of Spirits. I would rate this film 6 out of 10.

  • I liked it for what it is


    ... a no budget slasher short film. Editing was not good and there was zero characterization but I still liked it. Wasn't sure what was going on at times and couldn't tell who the final girl was gonna be till the second half when most characters get killed. The other short film, featuring the same cast (and location): Lurking Evil was a lot better. I give The Slayer 5 out 10 and Lurking Evil 7 out of 10.


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