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The Sun at Midnight (2016)

The Sun at Midnight (2016)

Devery JacobsDuane HowardMark AnderakoSarah Jerome
Kirsten Carthew


The Sun at Midnight (2016) is a English movie. Kirsten Carthew has directed this movie. Devery Jacobs,Duane Howard,Mark Anderako,Sarah Jerome are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Sun at Midnight (2016) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

In this wilderness survival drama, Lia, a 16 year-old urban princess, is sent to spend the summer with her Gwich'in grandmother in a small Arctic Circle community. Desperate to return to city life she steals a boat and sets out into the vast Northern wilderness hoping to reach the nearest town. Totally lost, she is discovered by Alfred, a Gwich'in hunter who reluctantly takes her under his wing as he navigates the massive landscape in search of caribou. When Alfred is severely wounded in a bear attack Lia pushes on and fights to save both of their lives.


The Sun at Midnight (2016) Reviews

  • Surprisingly Great


    I watched this film in Australia and wasn't sure what to expect. The story was so simple and well told that I somehow forgot that I had just been introduced to new characters and a place/part of the world I had never been. Truly exceptional indie film... I hope more people get the chance to see.

  • Film shows the raw reality of the north.


    I saw this film at a private screening in Yellowknife. I am very skeptical and I expected another B-List film. While the cinematography styles may have left something to be desired, there was no lacking in the plot. The film was well presented in a way that is not "over the top" but is also not "lacking". While the ending of the film felt a bit abrupt, almost as though they forgot to add the last scene, the journey to get to that point was thrilling and exhilarating at almost every point. I enjoyed this film more than any big name film that I have seen in the last two years.

  • As good as anything I saw in 2018!


    Competently directed and superbly acted, this great little film has an awful lot to teach the big directors and studios who sink millions into projects which are not nearly as good. This can't have cost much to shoot, but makes the most of its three shining stars, the two lead actors and the amazing scenery of Arctic Canada. Just gorgeous. There's nothing hugely original here and not much of a story - it's a character piece and, to be honest, doesn't even need the few minutes of drama it contains (though these work well enough). But those characters! Writer-director Kirsten Carthew has created a rare urban princess who is neither irritating nor pitiable, brilliantly played by Devery Jacobs. A total fish out of water, this absolutely real and thoroughly frustrated character never moans but struggles to come to grips with her new environment, rather than blindly kicking out against it - therefore we love her and want her to succeed. The hunter character meanwhile is super laid-back and again completely believable, as opposed to the irascible arms-length hermit-types we so often meet in movies like this. Not everything is done as well as it might be. The cross is OTT and the very passive reaction to a situation which cries out for the kind of aggression on show at other times is just the opposite. And the last five minutes, where the director rushes to tie up every conceivable loose end, are best forgotten. But small imperfections cannot spoil what is an excellent little film and a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience. As good as any film I've seen this year.

  • An astonishing film. What a story


    This is a really gorgeous film. It's a small production but it is a riveting story with tremendous performances by Duane Howard and Devery Jacobs. The direction is pitch perfect and it happens that the very talented director also wrote this little gem. The character played by Howard is such a rich, kind, compassionate character. It is rare these days to see a character so well formed. This is a film that is made for adults and is such a wonderful counterpoint to the dribble that Hollywood is cranking out by the dozens at this point in time. If you like great Independent cinema, if you like a real story written not written for kids, you will find this film to be such a breath of fresh air. Thank you and kudos to all involved in this heartfelt project.

  • I miss the North!


    This film reminds me of home and makes me miss the North!

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