Trail of Blood On the Trail (2015)

Trail of Blood On the Trail (2015)

Johnny AspromonteJeff BaileyDennis BrasierAileeah Colgan
Kate Lavin


Trail of Blood On the Trail (2015) is a English movie. Kate Lavin has directed this movie. Johnny Aspromonte,Jeff Bailey,Dennis Brasier,Aileeah Colgan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Trail of Blood On the Trail (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

A man's attempt at a romantic marriage proposal on an isolated biking trail doesn't work out as planned. Things only get worse as the zombie apocalypse starts.

Trail of Blood On the Trail (2015) Reviews

  • An underground Gem that is better than the ratings claim.


    Do you enjoy Zombies? Did you enjoy "Shaun of the Dead?' Do you enjoy practical effects? Then "Trail of Blood" on the trail is the movie for you! It is an underground gem that should get more releases to be totally honest. I caught a view of it at "Motor City Nightmares" earlier this year, the filmmakers, Jeremy and Kate were both running the screening, passing out T-shirts and getting people hyped for it. I was seeing it because I love films done by people who do it for a passion. Also I love self funded films, there is something special about them. There were two movies I was going to see that day, this and "Lucifer" I must say, I was excited for "Lucifer" more than this one. Simply because I am big into movies about satanic cults (Which turned out not to be the case for that movie), I ended up being very disappointed in "Lucifer" but very impressed and surprised by "Trail of Blood on the Trail" I found myself laughing throughout the movie and also being impressed on what the filmmakers pulled off with their shoestring budget, like the movie, "Found" it showed you don't need a Hollywood Budget to make an awesome product. The movie is about a man who takes his girlfriend on a bike trail to lead to proposing to her at the end. However, things go south, little do the couple know, there are a swarm of Zombies lurking. While building up the epic climax in the tunnel, the movie is loaded with gags. The dialogue between the main characters are comedic, the man in the relationship is a total obnoxious jerk, the woman is irritable, there is a lot of bickering in this bike ride, between the rides, the film cuts to zombies going after other people on the trail and there are many hilarious gags, I won't give those away though but they're pretty hilarious. The movie leads up to a dark tunnel where the couple cuts through to end the trail however, a big gore fest begins. Some of it is funny, others are very intense. The movie has great make up effects on the zombies as well as quality audio and color schemes. It was shot with a budget around the same price range as "Found" and it looked great, what also sold this movie to me was the dialogue, there was not one moment where I felt it was written by an amateur. The actors have also delivered them well, they got their comedic timing right, they were convincing in the intense scenes as well. This film was produced under the company called, "The Lavin Production Company" I look forward to seeing more from them. They did release a pretty awesome short that's worth checking out called, "Motel Mayhem" where you can choose how the characters die. Look that up on youtube, it's very clever. "Trail of Blood on the Trail" was awesome and like, "Found" I am getting a DVD when it is available. Sadly, I am not sure where anyone can see it, I'd say go like the "Lavin Production Company " page to stay tuned for news, they'll have something I'm sure. Anyways, I give this movie an "A" check it out!

  • Bad on all accounts


    I don't even know where to begin with this film. The editing is terrible, especially the action editing, where several grueling mistakes are made; worst of all cutting outside the action. Had it been part of this films style I'd accept it, but it's just not consistent. The acting is amateurish. Dialogue delivery is awkward and robotic, without believable emotion. The actors acknowledge the camera on several occasions by accident. The dialogue is boring and does nothing to bring flow to the story. The story is poorly written and does not deserve a full 72 minutes (yeah, it's a really short feature). Costumes and special effects, make-up etc. are first-year film school's worst class offering. Compared to other films of the genre (horror comedy zombie movies), like Wasting Away, Zombieland, and of course Shaun of the Dead, I simply do not understand why this movie maintains a rating of anything above 3.


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