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Treehouse (2014)

Treehouse (2014)

Dana MelanieJ. Michael TrautmannClint JamesDaniel Fredrick
Michael G. Bartlett


Treehouse (2014) is a movie. Michael G. Bartlett has directed this movie. Dana Melanie,J. Michael Trautmann,Clint James,Daniel Fredrick are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Treehouse (2014) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Brothers, Killian and Crawford, find the hideout of deranged psychopaths terrorising the town in which they live. The psychopaths prey upon children and young adults as more and more go missing everyday. When finding a girl in the woods, Killian attempts to survive a night in the treehouse in which she has taken shelter. But can he get them both back to the town without being caught?


Treehouse (2014) Reviews

  • what to expect


    I am not sure if i am adding spoilers, but here is what to expect when you watch this movie( apologies beforehand for people who did not want these spoilers): 1. A tree-house: so you can hide in it in the middle of a forest to avoid harm coming your way and of course no one will think to go up and look for you there 2. Asthmatic dark figures: so they can forewarn their presence by breathing heavily down the doorway while you just slide in the shadow so no one can see you 3. Bunch of kids using radio: because you don't want the killers to hear you yelling at each other from a distance.. yet you do.. 4. a psychological breakdown: Right in the middle of an imminent crisis where your repressed childhood memories decide to take you over and you manage to resolve those issues RIGHT THEN, and you rise like a phoenix from the ashes to save the day 5. A pretty girl: so she can call a just met perfect stranger "baby bear" or similar by the end of the day and acts like its perfectly the norm but i guess stranger things have happened...in the movie that is 6. A bunch of killers: who look like they never had a shower in their lives, who have no speech in between them except for grunts and wild gesticulations and it makes you wonder more about their upbringing rather than the plot of the entire movie so no, the movie is not good enough for people looking for serious horror, although the stupidity of the characters in the movie is pretty horrifying!

  • Pain!


    Just how do these awful films keep getting made? It's something that tends to happen a lot in the horror genre, though calling Treehouse a horror movie is a bit of stretch. It's difficult to grasp just what the makers were going for since the film goes nowhere fast and quickly loses focus to the point that nothing much makes sense. It starts off promising enough, with a nice musical score and some nifty location photography work. Then it piles on the exposition, throws in some poor acting, all building towards a laughable finale that is most certainly not worth waiting for - and again the reveal doesn't make any sense given what had happened earlier in the piece. Poor and best avoided unless you want to feel angry? 2/10

  • A poor script sinks any promise


    Treehouse starts well and the opening scene suggests this may be a small budget gem however any hope of this is quickly extinguished. The premise is decent, young adults and children are being kidnapped and it all seems linked to a strange tree house. Unfortunately a very poor script never even gets close to tapping the films potential. There are plenty of superfluous scenes that add little or nothing to the story. Treehouse changes direction at the drop of the hat as if the writer didn't quite know what he wanted the film to be, slasher, supernatural or gritty thriller. As a result we just get a jumbled mess of a film that is at times confusing and at times boring. Although it's a pretty poor film, it's not a total write off as there are at least a couple of decent scenes and some of the filming is quite good. I can't really recommend this film and am probably being a bit generous giving it a 5 but I have seen far worse films.

  • Not what it looks like


    I watched this movie before release and was anticipating some mystery and maybe even a bit of horror. There were no ratings or reviews so I watched it without knowing what to expect. All I got was a dragged out film that went nowhere... Judging by the poster you would think that this movie involved some seriously creepy and exciting plot.. But it was quite the opposite and frankly a waste of time. With a disappointing ending that didn't boost my thoughts of the movie. If you are looking for horror, certainly don't watch this movie. I suppose at most you could call it a Mystery. Overall highly disappointing and not a movie exciting or good enough to watch with a friend.

  • Absolute rubbish!


    1. The title is misleading. 2. The marketing of the DVD is good but doesn't prepare you for the rubbish to come. 3. The ending is unbelievable in a bad way. 4. Poor acting and sound quality. 5. Weak storyline. 6. Monsters suddenly turn into men. 7. What Treehouse; why is it called Treehouse.....please!! 8. Complete waste of money. 9. On a par with open water; not a compliment! 10. I have just put the DVD in th bin, I am that angry.


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