True Love Blooms

True Love Blooms

GENRES Romance TV Movie

True Love Blooms is a movie. has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. True Love Blooms is considered one of the best Romance,TV Movie movie in India and around the world.

Spring is in full bloom when urban gardener Vicki fights to save her community garden from a handsome real estate developer. Both are caught off guard when it's not just the flowers that are blooming, but also love.

True Love Blooms Reviews

  • Best Hallmark movie I've seen!

    ppetretich-1 2019-04-07

    The solution to the garden problem seems so impossible that when the solution is revealed, it was an amazing surprise! The chemistry between the two stars was beautifully developed, this deserves a 10!

  • I'm really enjoying this one

    wesserlingkathy 2019-04-07

    It took me a couple of minutes to get into it, but the story and the two main characters grew on me steadily. The script feels natural and all the actors reflect that same naturalness.

  • Great movie!

    caseymasters-97493 2019-04-14

    Loved this one! I really loved how the 2 main characters took it slow getting to know each other and on a deep level. Will definitely be watching this one again! A great beginning to the spring season! fredmaier-32548: if you had watched more than 5 minutes, you would've seen that there indeed were more than flowers in the community garden. It was one of the storylines with Ms. Hewitt and Mr. Boyle, where they fought over her tomatoes and his peppers.

  • The Landscape is Worth a View

    waltonmktg 2019-04-14

    As with many in this genre, we meet our protagonists early and then chart their individual and, hopefully, cooperative courses. It is always fun to find the crossroads. This one meets the criteria happily.

  • Chace Devine, Chace Devine, Chace Devine

    EPMD57 2019-04-07

    I have watched the first half of this movie, and I must have heard the full name "Chace Devine" a few dozen times already. The writer clearly loves this fake name and doesn't allow anyone to say just half of it. It's really odd. The plot is predictable. I know how the rest of the movie will play out, but I do think it's good enough to keep least in the background. I also like the lead actors. They aren't going to win any Oscars here, but they have a quirky, natural way of acting out their scenes that elevates them above the average Hallmark cast. Worth a view, in my opinion, but keep around something else to do during the lulls.



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