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Ultimate Justice (2017)

Ultimate Justice (2017)

Mark DacascosBrandon RheaMatthias HuesMike Möller
Martin Christopher Bode


Ultimate Justice (2017) is a English movie. Martin Christopher Bode has directed this movie. Mark Dacascos,Brandon Rhea,Matthias Hues,Mike Möller are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Ultimate Justice (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a family member of one of their own is attacked, a team of former elite soldiers are called back into action and a ruthless game of kill or be killed is set in motion.

Ultimate Justice (2017) Reviews

  • No Payment.


    VME is a private German security firm that rescues people who are kidnapped and I imagine do other things. After a mission where they lose personnel, Gus (Mark Dacascos) apparently forces the hand of Hans (Wolfgang Riehm) to sell the company. The team breaks up and tend bar, make fries, and enter the priesthood. When Hans' wife is raped and killed and his daughter kidnapped, Hans asks Gus to find the culprits. The plot twist was totally idiotic as explained by Gus, himself. The dubbing wasn't much better than most Japanese karate films. There was a lot of hand to hand fighting by gun owners, most looked rather faked. The scenes and dialogue were extremely cliché and groan worthy. Guide: No swearing. Rape. Butt nudity.

  • Dacascos still has it


    Starts as a low-budget Expendables, the fight sequences are very well choreographed, and there are plenty of them. Good to see familiar faces like Dacascos and Hues proving they can still do their thing. German martial arts star Mike Moller was a scene stealer, hoping to see more of him in the future. Also have to note Mike Leeder, who has become a legend in the martial arts world behind the scenes, has an enjoyable character on screne in this one. Some shocking character deaths with a WTF kind of twist at the end that put this low budget actioner above average for me. I tend to take negative reviews with a grain of salt, if you are a fan of anyone in the film, you won't go away disappointed.

  • Low grade actioner


    ULTIMATE JUSTICE is a low grade action thriller from Germany, packed to the brim with martial arts battles and shoot-outs. How much you enjoy it really depends on how much you like this genre of movie; if it's not for you, then don't bother. The film's non-action scenes are entirely routine, with a crew of tough guys called into action to avenge an unpleasant crime. The English version has been badly dubbed, particularly noticeable when any supporting character is speaking. Mark Dacascos stars and kicks ass like he always does, and he's given strong support from man-mountain Matthias Hues, who I was delighted to see still proves an imposing presence some thirty years after his screen debut. Even Mike Leeder shows up, and you can't say fairer than that. The fight choreography is acceptable and for a B-movie this is fairly watchable, if not exactly great.

  • Terrible film


    So terrible it's almost good. No seriously it's just terrible

  • waste of time...


    Boring,bad acting...well,we see that before.iff u cant sleep turn down the volume and watch it.

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