United (2003)

Håvard LilleheieBerte RommetveitVegar HoelSondre Sørheim
Magnus Martens


United (2003) is a Norwegian movie. Magnus Martens has directed this movie. Håvard Lilleheie,Berte Rommetveit,Vegar Hoel,Sondre Sørheim are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. United (2003) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Kåre and Anna live in a little town on the west coast of Norway, they have been together since their childhood. As long as they have had hot feelings for each other they also have had hot feelings for soccer, they love Manchester United. they don't have kids, no dog, no cat,no goldfish and no hamster, but they have United. Anna works at the local diner, Kåre has given up his dream of playing pro soccer to work in a warehouse. Because of Kåre's bad credit they have trouble achieving their dream of a big house. But in comes Kåre's old childhood rival Stian, he has grown up to be a big businessman...

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  • Not for soccer-fans only


    As I have learned, you either love or hate Manchester United, or you have no interest in soccer whatsoever. If you hate Man. U. from the bottom of your heart "United" might be hard to swallow. But if you love them (or at least hold no grudge) you're gonna enjoy this flick. The acting is charmingly semi-good, and the story is enjoyable in all it's simplicity. And for those of you who couldn't care less about soccer, it doesn't matter. It's like not watching The Lord of the Rings because you're not a ringmaker. 7/10

  • How dreams come true


    When I first zapped in the middle of this film on the film channel I had no clue what the title was about. That was clear fast enough, but though I really have mostly antipathy for football and all around it, it caught my attention. Funny, really funny, nice cast, nice story. I saw it back on a second turning, and then it was clear to me: Norvegian film industry made at least one I would like to see again. Dreams shattered in an environment where there is nothing else to do with them; but then friendship, self-reflection and a good dose of luck bring the main character to a very acceptable end. Emotions are well enough defined to get moved by them, and then funny situations enough to keep you informed you're watching a comedy. OK, the end is (partly) predictable, but even there was that tiny snatch that gave a wide grin.

  • An OK romantic comedy


    This romantic comedy isn't too bad. There are some funny things happening here and there, and there are some rather memorable characters in it. The acting, however, is amateurish (with the exception of the banker). While some scenes are great fun, others are simply embarrassing. In particular, I found the "romantic" part of the story poor. All in all, I guess it's worth seeing if you like football and romantic comedies. It's not really a bad movie, and the ending did feel quite good. Just don't expect anything out of the ordinary. Fair enough if you have an hour and a quarter to kill.

  • Typically Norwegian... But it's not funny!


    First of all, I firmly believe that Norwegian movies are continually getting better. From the tedious emotional films of the 70's and 80's, movies from this place actually started to contain a bit of humour. Imagine.. Actual comedies were made! Movies were actually starting to get entertaining and funny, as opposed to long, dark, depressing and boring. During the 90's and 00's several really great movies were made by a 'new generation' of filmmakers. Movie after movie were praised by critics and played loads of money. It became the norm! Then came United... *MINOR SPOILERS* It's just simply not funny. Not once. Not ever. But the thing is... We THINK its funny. Because we're used to norwegian movies to be funny. Especially with a cast like this with a few really funny comedians. But.. They neither say nor do anything funny! Where's the humor? Show me the humor! Is it the awkward clerk played by Harald Eia? Is it the overacting totally ridiculously unrealistic football coach? Is it the commentaries by Arne Scheie? The movie is just not funny! But thats not my main rant about United. That namely is the predictability. (And it is here I fear that norwegian comedies have come to a standstill since I have seen this in many other movies as well.) All the time you just know its going to end well. All characters are exactly as they are presented in the start of the movie, and everybody gets exactly what they deserve in the end. There's absolutely no room for surprises at all! All in all I can say that I sat with a bad feeling after seeing this movie. It was the one movie that made me realize that we probably need some new blood in norwegian movie making... again! Rating: 1/6

  • Crapmovie


    This norwegian movie is so crap, the actors can not act cause they seems to be reading from a book and the story is so (wannabe) hollywood..the only actor who did a ok job was Haavard Lilleheie..3/10 If you want a really good norwegian movie watch Buddy, great actors and a feelgood story 9/10

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