Ustad Hotel (2012)

Dulquer SalmaanThilakanSiddiqueNithya Menen
Anwar Rasheed


Ustad Hotel (2012) is a Malayalam movie. Anwar Rasheed has directed this movie. Dulquer Salmaan,Thilakan,Siddique,Nithya Menen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Ustad Hotel (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

An urbane chef from a well-to-do family with very high ambitions goes on to find approval from his conservative father, true love and the real purpose of his life.

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Ustad Hotel (2012) Reviews

  • Excellent


    Ustad Hotel is a real treat for eyes, which keeps us engaged and makes our taste-buds come alive. The pluses include well crafted story line, with simplicity to the core, excellent background score and music, breathtaking visuals, and moreover, it brings out a valuable message. Dulquar has done a good job, and Thilakan stands out as Kareemikka, and kudos all the cast and crew members for giving such a wonderful experience. Overall I rate this as must watch and request Dileep and other mimicry artists to stop degrading Malayalam movies with films like Mayamohini, Pachakuthira etc, as this surely is the re-birth of Malayalam movie with a cry for quality and lasting content. Thanks.

  • flavour rich drama


    Ustad Hotel is a flavour rich drama which has got all the ingredients to satisfy everyone alike, that without compromising on the artistic elements! Anwar Rasheed Anjali Menon duo doesn't disappoint, true to be, they don't strike Gold either! The story, roughly, is about a young guy who tries to get away with his career only to find himself in the thick of things which goes otherwise. With the backdrop of food and malabar,it does provide an interesting watch, the more appeasing if you are from malabar region. The screenplay by Anjali menon is too good that we don't get stuck anywhere, a bit let loose towards the end, making it melodramatic - I got a lump in my throat after a very long time. The sulaimani & mohabbath scene with Dulqar and Thilakan was a mesmerizing one. The background score & songs were so soothing to the senses - hindustani, folk rock and even a sufi track - which went well with the storyline did wonders for the movie. We have a young hero in Dulqar Salman who is handsome and stylish - improved a lot from Second Show - and an ever amazing Thilakan who excels as Ustad, Nithya Menen who plays the love interest of Dulqar does well too. With food being an important element in the plot, chances are high the movie being compared to "Salt ' n' Pepper". Ustad Hotel is a feel good drama which would skip being at par with S 'n' P which was a romantic comedy. It did disappoint me that the romance was so underplayed in Ustad Hotel, the only romantic scene was sweet leaving us craving for more! All said, Anwar Rasheed & crew does it in style, a good feast to relish.

  • A visual Treat.


    This is my first review and i am very glad to have started up with this particular movie.First of all full points to Anwar Rasheed for casting Thilakan in this particular role,because he did absolute justice to the character.Dulquer and Nithya played along quite nicely.Then full points to both the story and direction.Excellent First half.Beautiful second half.This will be a milestone in Dulquer's career.I hope Listin Stephen continues to reap success because he is one of those producers who gives importance to the script rather than to the lead actors.Hats off guys for taking Malayalam film industry to a whole new level. Positives:good cast,direction,story,enchanting music. Negatives:a bit lagging at times. NOW STOP READING REVIEWS AND GO WATCH THIS GEM OF A MOVIE....

  • The Hotel that Feeds Your Stomach and Heart


    It's really a wonderful feeling when you set to watch a movie with average expectation and it then blows your mind away :) Without doubt, Ustad Hotel is one of the most endearing movies I've seen and is also now one of my all-time favs in Malayalam cinema. Everything about it including the acting, direction, music & visuals are so impressive. Dulquer Salmaan is excellent as Feyzee, the aspiring chef. So is Thilakan for whom I cannot praise as he's beyond all that. Thank God, one of his last movies gave him such a meaty, beautiful role. And of course there the other actors too like Nithya Menen(refreshing), Siddique as Dulquer's father and lot of supporting cast who are naturally convincing. There are some socially relevant messages in the movie that truly hits home without making us feel bored or patronized. That's how any movie should be, which entertains & enlightens! I'm assuming there could be some minor plot holes which I missed, therefore the 9/10. lol... Verdict: Definitely, one of the best movies of 2012 and in my opinion, a must watch.

  • Thilakan stole the show.


    Though it was Dulquer Salmaan's first film as an actor, he didn't go with the typical mindset of Indian actors of introducing himself as an super hero or central character of any film (when he could do that). That shows his maturity and wisdom. There were many times when the viewers felt the central character was Thilakan and not Dulquer Salmaan. Thilakan sir again proved that with whomever he is acting, he will steel the show. What an actor .! I really liked the cute, smart Nithya Menon. Her Malabar accent was awesome. The rest of the crew also did their job fabulously. The background music was also very good. It must be the kind of masterpiece that every director and viewers dream of. I congratulate all the crew member for making the film such a huge success and wish them to always come with such ideas. Thanks, Sujith

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