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Vacation (2015)

Vacation (2015)

Ed HelmsChristina ApplegateSkyler GisondoSteele Stebbins
John Francis Daley,Jonathan Goldstein


Vacation (2015) is a English movie. John Francis Daley,Jonathan Goldstein has directed this movie. Ed Helms,Christina Applegate,Skyler Gisondo,Steele Stebbins are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Vacation (2015) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Clark Griswold, the man with a vision in National Lampoon's Vacation (1983), his son, too, the hard-working family man, Rusty Griswold, wants to have some quality time with his wife, Debbie, and their two sons, Kevin and James. With the idea of revisiting the place of his vivid childhood memories, the exciting Walley World, keep coming to mind, Rusty decides to surprise his family with his proposal for an unforgettable trip across the country in their rented Albanian SUV. However, as the Griswolds hit the road for some serious family-bonding, this is easier said than done, and, disaster after disaster, Rusty's romantic intentions seem to go down the drain. Can some minor mishaps thwart Rusty's plans for creating the perfect family vacation?


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Vacation (2015) Reviews

  • Ridicoulous, stupid, offensive and dreadful..... would watch again!


    Despite the movie is a over the top comedy that is ridiculous and sometimes straight out offensive and disgusting, the movie makes you laugh. I haven't laughed like this for a good while, so it does however do its job as a comedy. if you are however looking for a calm comedy that takes itself a little bit serious..... stay away XD It contains offensive jokes, foul language (often from the small ones) over-dramatic scenes with plot twists, scrap that! there is plot twists everywhere, but the movie is for some reason able to keep you entertained as you try to pick up all the popcorn you dropped on the floor after laughing hysterically from a really bad line that just turns even more awkward as the other character replies back. A must watch mess for the ones that needs a good laugh, and bring a friend. It makes the movie 10 time better when a cheap but funny line comes up and both of you can relate XD

  • Enjoy it for what it is!


    If you have discerning tastes, don't see this movie. If you need escapism from the daily grind and are not in the mood to over-think anything, this is a good movie for you. It's true; it is crude, much cruder than the original. Most comedies today are just that. The people responsible for this movie were not thinking lets win an Oscar, they were thinking lets make people laugh. According to the theater I was in, it worked. We were all laughing. I wish it had been longer with more situations, but I enjoyed what I saw. I recommend not taking your teen to see it. Let them wait till they're 17, not because they are too young, but as a mom it was really awkward. I will say this about Chevy Chase, he will always be Clark, but keep in mind people age and put on weight. I say so what! The man is funny as hell! This movie will not hold up to the original, don't see it without seeing the original; you won't get the jokes.

  • Stands on it's Own, but very Raunchy


    I'm a HUGE Vacation fan...and went to see this new one fresh except for the trailers. Let me say this upfront....It's very funny, BUT, it's also very raunchy. I have a high tolerance for that, and still found myself cringing a few times. Funny that there was an "older" couple behind me in the theater, with their teen "kids/grand-kids". They were laughing HARD the first few minutes, then the lady says "this is too much" and they almost left...but she said "no, it's funny". They stayed all the way and we're laughing most of the whole way. BUT it is uncomfortable at times. Still, it was VERY funny. So, I went home and re-watched the original. It was pretty dark, and filthy at times too. Just a little more "inside joke" than in your face like the new one. But anyone that says the original was not cutting edge...watch it again. Plenty of cursing, animal abuse, sex, and shenanigans. It actually holds fairly true, given the 30 years. Oh, and Chevy Rocks in his part. Still great comedic timing.

  • Take a break


    Most importantly: relax. Take it easy (as the song goes). But do not watch this, if you are easily offended. It really goes out there and language wise, it does not only cross the line, it catapults over it, with a vicious grin on its face. If you know you can't handle that, better save your money and time. For those familiar with the original (it's been too long since I last saw it), there are a few throwbacks, most of which surely can be read here. They are nice and as "tasteful" as they can be expected to be in a movie, that really takes no prisoners. And I only watched the version that was shown in cinemas. I can only imagine where they probably will go in an extended version (that's surely happening, right? If not at least many deleted scenes and outtakes, with more "fun" - for those who liked it). Also many jokes throughout the credits, that will either delight you or annoy you more - depending on how you liked the movie

  • Really funny if you love this this type of humor and are a fan of the vacation series


    MINOR SPOILERS I love the Vacation movies. In fact, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" is one of my favorite Christmas movies. And this movie did not disappoint me. This movie was really funny. It was classic Vacation humor and conflict. The movie still reminded you of the Vacation that came out many years ago. The jokes were funny and you laughed quite a bit. And the trouble and all the stuff that went wrong just reminded you even more of the original Vacation films. This movie was very raunchy and it was also rated R unlike the other Vacation films which made the movie even funnier with the inappropriate sexual humor and the coarse language. The cameos were awesome in this film. Chevy Chase, Charlie Day, Norman Reedus, Keegan-Michael Key, and Michael Pena were all very funny (especially Day) and were great cameos to have in the film. Besides the cameos, the film had some good acting too. Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Gisondo, and Chris Hemsworth all did great and were funny. But the actor who stole the show was Steele Stebbins. He was hilarious and I laughed at nearly everything he said. He was a great and hysterical child actor and I hope to see him in more films to come. I loved in this film how they gave you little flashbacks of the past Vacation movies because it gave you a good feeling of when you were watching the originals and how much you laughed. It was a great addition to the movie and made the film have that touch of the past that everyone loves. If you love raunchy and dirty humor and you loved the original Vacation movies, then you will love and enjoy this comedy film.


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