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Vision (2018)

Vision (2018)

Juliette BinocheMasatoshi NagaseTakanori IwataMinami
Naomi Kawase


Vision (2018) is a English,Japanese,French movie. Naomi Kawase has directed this movie. Juliette Binoche,Masatoshi Nagase,Takanori Iwata,Minami are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Vision (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Frenchwoman Joan is a world traveller and chronicler. She travels, sees, experience and writes. She lands in the forest and hills near Nara, Japan and meets Satoshi. Despite the mysterious aura and eccentric personality the woodsman finds a place in the visitor's heart.

Vision (2018) Reviews

  • Artistic and fascinating


    I watched this film during Cairo international film festival held in egypt...i must say i was very impressed by the cinematography and nature scenes The story line is magical with fantasy elements Juliet binoche acting was superb and natural as always...that film is worth a try and definitely deserves a higher rating than that given

  • Ethereal and Radiant; Restoring the Balance of Nature


    The misty cedar forests and mountains of Japan are rumored to contain a rare medicinal fungus so powerful that it cures weaknesses of the soul. This is what lures Jeanne (Juliette Binoche) from France. An amiable yet skeptical forest ranger, Tomo, helps her search. In waterfalls, the soothing sounds of mountain hawks and Japanese cicadas, and gentle breezes, Jeanne and Tomo discover a world beyond the barriers of language and culture. Happiness is communicated in touch. Scents are realized as soon as they are imagined. We are never alone. Love and nature are like waves, they never stop. It is then, however, that a close friend of Tomo - a fellow keeper of the forest - disappears. Storms and darkness intensify. Jeanne and Tomo are left to wonder what can restore the balance. Vision follows a typical Japanese anime theme about renewing the spirit of nature. This theme is ethereal, radiant and immensely fulfilling, yet the director manages to keep the film grounded and tangible. Binoche, versatile and sympathetic, helps her manage this feat. Like one of those little shrines that one sees throughout the country, the unique and charming culture of Japan is auspicious and resplendent. Certain nuances of Vision could be better managed including some awkward scenes and a cheesy CGI marred ending. Seen at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.


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