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VooDoo (2017)

VooDoo (2017)

Samantha StewartRuth ReynoldsDominic MatteucciDaniel Kozul
Tom Costabile


VooDoo (2017) is a English movie. Tom Costabile has directed this movie. Samantha Stewart,Ruth Reynolds,Dominic Matteucci,Daniel Kozul are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. VooDoo (2017) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

When Dani, an innocent southern girl, vacations to Los Angeles to evade her increasingly complicated life, she learns that escaping her past isn't as easy as she hoped.

VooDoo (2017) Reviews

  • Lost the will to live


    Obviously all the positive comments are from friends of the cast. I love films about the supernatural and voodoo and managed to make it to 1:02:58 before losing the will to live. In the end I wanted to swap places with the victim. Anything to stop the hell she was putting me through. I wanted it to be good that is why I lasted as long as I did, it actually looked like a high school art project with about 30 kids wanting their own bits in it and it just transcended into a bowl of slop. I recommend anybody to watch this, just so you will appreciate decent horror movies a bit better. Does not help I watched it within a week of Get Out which, still a little cheesy towards the end, was still in a different galaxy to this. I mean ANY movie with a guest appearance from A long since faded porn actor Ron Jeremy tells you all you need to know where the bar is set!!!

  • Oh dear!


    Well what can I say this film was so bad I have been compelled to give it a review! Its a mess, it's an awful mess of a film that doesn't get going, spends ages building a lack of a plot and finishes with possibly the worst ending of any film ever. I didn't give it one star for the simple reason it made me laugh on a few occasions! But don't get me wrong it tries to take itself seriously, some horrors understand they are not great and take a poke at themselves, this is worse than that. Whoever did the makeup and special effects needs to choose a different profession, the found footage style doesn't work at all. Rubbish!

  • Voodoo!!!


    WTF?!! - It's been over 3 hours since I seen this sick ass movie and I'm still trippin'. What this girl goes through in this movie is some sick ass twisted insanity topped with a sprinkle of S+M. Did NOT expect this. Don't be like me. I just go through the new movies and rent em and don't expect anything to affect me but this one affected me. If you let this movie get in your head you gonna be fukd up. The beginning sucked me in, the few scary parts in the beginning were effective, then you go to hell in the blink of an eye and experience what this movies about. You've been warned! The beginning's got a good story. Watch it till you see the dude with the red eyes and turn that movie off or don't and then don't sleep till god knows when because you won't be able to turn it off after that. It's like 'what's gonna happen next' and you can't turn away. It's just crazy.

  • This movie is incredibly dark. Definitely worth your time.


    Voodoo is an instant classic and I can't wait to see what HyperCube comes out with next. The makeup and practical effects of this movie are really well done. You can tell they had a low budget but they make it work. The first half of the movie is slow but interesting enough. The second half takes a giant dump on your psyche to the point where you ask yourself, did I just see that?! Tom Costabile breaks into the genre with 100% power and I will follow his career with great interest. 10outof10 for Voodoo's big balls. Not scary but super disturbing. CHECK IT OUT!

  • Ummmm.....yep


    I began watching the film with low expectations....these expectations were not met. I understand that many horror directors, actors etc have previously worked in the porn industry, I really wish these people had never left it and judging by the lack of effort in the screenplay department I'm guessing they aren't aware they ever did leave. No story, terrible acting, terrible dialogue and filmed, at least sometimes, with a shaky cam for literally no reason at all. I was honestly bored through almost all of it. Thought from the trailer it at least might be fun but it really wasn't. No redeeming qualities. Avoid like the plague.


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