Walter (2015)

Milo VentimigliaWilliam H. MacyNeve CampbellVirginia Madsen
Anna Mastro


Walter (2015) is a English movie. Anna Mastro has directed this movie. Milo Ventimiglia,William H. Macy,Neve Campbell,Virginia Madsen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Walter (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Walter Gary Benjamin works as a ticket-taker slash ticket-tearer at the local Cineplex. When Walter was ten years old he made a deal with God to judge the eternal fate of everyone he comes in contact with in exchange for his father going to Heaven. Walter manages his daily routine and his worrisome mother until the mysterious Greg shows up and forces Walter to confront the meaning of his life, and his future.

Walter (2015) Reviews

  • Interesting little film that it's makers should be proud of


    Walter is a little indie film that is more than meets the eye - and you're going to want to give it the benefit of the doubt. Walter works at a movie theater, it's easy work and he takes it seemingly too seriously. That is because Walter actually works for God and is the one deciding whether you are going to heaven or hell. Walter, played by Andrew J. West, does not just work for God, he is the son of God and found out the day his father died when he was just ten years old. As a ticket taker at a local cinema, he is able to pass judgment of the eternal fate of many. He lives with his nervous and concerned mother and everything is going fine until a man named Greg surfaces and forces him to confront everything he believes in. Based on a short by the same minds, Walter is a film about much more than the fantastical and metaphysical happenings of its title character. Like any good narrative, it slowly reveals itself through the unveiling of layers rather than droning exposition. Though the tone of the film fluidly evolves and changes throughout its duration, it never shifts unexpectedly enough to interrupt the audience's engagement. When it comes to indies, most of the time the acting is the weakest part of the film. Not so with Walter, as Walter enrolls the help of many well known and solid actors in order to tell its story. Walter is a quirky and interesting film that is ultimately a pleasant surprise. Viewers may not realize where the plot is going, and it ends a bit too expectedly, but not a shabby attempt by writer Paul Schoulberg, and director Anna Mastro, by any means. Please check out our website for full reviews of all the recent releases.

  • Nice little surprise


    While I was waiting for something to happen I suddenly realized that this is a very nice little human interest story. Walter lost his Dad at a young age and it stunted him emotionally. His gradual realization of what his life is and what it could be is the story. There is some very nice talent with medium and small roles as his parents, psychiatrist, his father's former lover and even the great Jim Gaffigan as the movie theater manager. It is a slow paced feature but Andrew J. West has a lot going on as Walter deals with his unresolved grief for his Dad, his over protective Mom and his strong attraction to Kendall, the popcorn girl at the movie theater where he works. Justin Kirk plays the ghost who haunts him with snarky humor and a dose of reality which serve as the catalyst that Walter desperately needs to wake up and get a life. All in all a surprising and creative little flick that is worth your while if you can live without the usual clich├ęs featured in today's films.

  • Recommended to watch,, nice plot, keeps you hanging till in the end you figure it all out .. it's just felt that it was a bit short such a story !!


    The Idea of the movie is nice, a guy on earth acting as god's judge whether you go to hell or heaven .. and really well written script ,, and plot just keep growing and attract you to a point where you really lose you sh!t trying to know which is real and which is not. The Cast was amazing, Andrew J. West was sensational and bravo to the performance of the socially awkward role .. but come on !! ain't William H. Macy so genius where ever he's in !! i loved him in "Shameless" and now he's acting like the careless but knowledgeable psychiatrist . The only thing which felt off about the movie is it feels like it's so short,, and it kinda was ... events go fast and the movie is just over like that,, i mean for a story like that i kinda wished there was a bit more to it,, but who knows! it might'v gotten boring if they'd done that.. So the movie overall is cool, recommended to watch it's not the wowzer type of comedy but it's definitely the one you'd enjoy watch with family on a Friday pizza night ;) .....Spoiler..... It's all about how you deal with grief. :)

  • Comes love - nothing can be done


    A very ordered life doesn't protect you. Walter finds this out the hard way! This nice indie flick tells a simple story of Walter who imagines he has a gift from the almighty and Walter is sure of himself in his well ordered highly defined daily life. His mother is an enabler. Walter discovers his heart needs more when he unwantingly falls for Kendall, the beautiful blonde who also works at the cinema multiplex. For the first time Walter encounters his internal feelings and his daily life begins to crumble. He thinks he's going mad - enter the great scenes with Dr. Corman. This is a fine movie by Director Anna Mastro but somewhere the story becomes detached and you cannot feel for Walter. He's not a character you can care about and at movies end its a big 'so what'.

  • Don't believe the rating!


    This movie is a very touching and deep story about a guy, who finds himself. There is a bit of a romance, but nothing cheesy, just exactly to the right amount. I actually expected some spiritual comedy with ghosts and such, instead I got a character study with heart and I'm happy about it. Sometimes I had the feeling, that there should be more explanation, but at the end I realized, that everything is just fine. You will get everything and it is not spoon-fed to you, but actually the director lets your intellect put the puzzle together and there is no piece missing. If you like feel good movies, where you also can wish off a tear secretly, watch it.

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