Watch Phoenix Rise (2014)

Watch Phoenix Rise (2014)

Sierra MoraAngelica MarieJonez CainTammy S. Brice
Ramasses Head


Watch Phoenix Rise (2014) is a English movie. Ramasses Head has directed this movie. Sierra Mora,Angelica Marie,Jonez Cain,Tammy S. Brice are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Watch Phoenix Rise (2014) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Phoenix is just another "pretty face" in the hood until she decides to become an Urban model . where she discovers that her growing fame has a downside as it tests her relationships with friends and family.

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  • outstanding


    it was a powerful story about belief in oneself can overcome all odds. many women today attempt careers in the entertainment field and fall by the wayside. the plucky heroine of this story runs into so many challenges. just about everyone imaginable and still never loses her spirit and enthusiasm. every young woman with a dream to get into showbiz should definitely be required to watch this movie the lead actress was sensational. look forward to seeing her in more projects. overall for an indie movie i was truly pleased with how well it looked, the story line and the performances. too many times indie film makers of urban films take short cuts in the technical area as they know their audience will accept a 'low budget' look as that audience is often satisfied with just seeing a film they can relate too. the filmmakers of phoenix don't take those short cuts and strive to deliver a project that is quality in every shape or fashion. this film can definitely compete with some of the more higher budget fare that is out there. great film for everyone to enjoy i strongly recommend this movie



    The film starts out with an uplifting tune, one that hasn't been heard since Wilson Phillips reigned the pop charts. Phoenix (Sierra Mora) and her cousin Angel (Angelica Marie) with their pretty face and cleavage miraculously are able to escape the Oakland non-project hood and become video fashion models at "It Factor Models." On the plus side are the uplifting message, no gangs, no drugs, and Sierra's cleavage in nearly every frame. On the minus side was the choppy echo sound and the acting, especially Grandma (Tammy S. Brice) who shouldn't give up her day job. The plot plodded on until the end when it suddenly turned stupid. Apparently the writer thought they needed some aspect of "the hood" to enter the film to make it believable or watchable. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Plenty of bikinis and cleavage.


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