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We (2018)

We (2018)

Mani NasryHumberly GonzálezShiva NegarCory Lee
Mani Nasry


We (2018) is a English movie. Mani Nasry has directed this movie. Mani Nasry,Humberly González,Shiva Negar,Cory Lee are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. We (2018) is considered one of the best Adventure,Biography,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

In the pursuit of love and happiness, Mani Nasry known as Ethan in the film meets obstacles that threaten to halt his quest. Dating within different cultures and being open to all religions, Ethan must deal with constant roadblocks. From First Nations to South American, Ethan's journey to find love in Toronto is nothing but complex. Making his way through a kaleidoscope world searching for a brighter side of love and humanity, he faces discrimination and depression but always remains hopeful. Based on his life story of growing up in Toronto and witnessing the hardship of finding a sustainable job, Ethan meets an eclectic mix of individuals who help him comprehend life. The purpose of this film is to showcase people from different cultures in leading roles, a Canadian film about diversity and the complexity of finding love and acceptance We is a narrative that conveys that even from a third-world country, your culture is embedded in you no matter where you go and showcases that love ...


We (2018) Reviews

  • Love is always beautiful and this is a story of love


    "We" might look just a story of love. Story of young immigrant who is looking for his soulmate but it is much more than that. It is a story of how an immigrant is looking for acceptance, friends, work, and other things in a new community. The main character of the film is Ethan, who is a young man from Afghanistan seeking for a better life in Canada. Unfortunately, Afghanistan suffered from different invasions in history and this made many Afghan refugees. Ethan is one of them, who lost his parents when he was a kid. Now, he is looking for love like any other adults. The story is different for him because he did not feel love of parents as a kid. The film has a great storyline and a definite goal. Story is well designed and impressive. Cinematography of the film is great. "We" is a story that all of us might seek in our real life looking for acceptance and chances in a new community. I strongly recommended this film.

  • Choices in love aren't easy but the right partner brings us peace of mind.


    I really enjoyed this film and I recommend everyone go see it. The story teaches us about relationships and just how difficult it is to find the right one. Regardless, of your age or race, we can all relate to the obstacles associated with finding that perfect someone to share our lives with. It also made me realize how difficult it is to turn the page and to let go, even when we know that it's not the right person, but when we finally move on, we are so much better off. Great job Mani! ????????????????????

  • Love has no borders.


    I really liked this film, it was very honest. I'm sure a lot of Canadians can relate to it. I liked the number of cultures that were represented. I would suggest it for all ages/backgrounds. Enjoy!

  • Love letter to Toronto


    We is an ode to Toronto which is what I loved most about it. I like most of the scene's particularly the ones of the Bruce Peninsula.

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