West of Eden (2017)

West of Eden (2017)

Kieran FosterLuke ThompsonPeter HansenVanessa Riddell
Alastair Riddell


West of Eden (2017) is a English movie. Alastair Riddell has directed this movie. Kieran Foster,Luke Thompson,Peter Hansen,Vanessa Riddell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. West of Eden (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Billy is already experiencing the ugly side of people's fear and prejudice. He resolves, for the sake of his family, to leave his home town and go somewhere where he is unknown; where he can re-invent himself. Billy decides to take a job on a large farm far away; the most prestigious in its district. He hopes it will be a fresh start. In a twist of irony and as fate would have it, he immediately encounters the very thing he has tried to leave behind; he meets Tom the farmers son. Tom is beautiful and fearless, with the arrogance of privilege and youth. The tension is further under-pinned by the social repression and isolation of rural New Zealand in 1960. A tinder-box of deceit and malice emerges as Billy discovers that he is not the only one fighting his desires and hiding his demons.


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  • Not quite the Kiwi Brokeback Mountain


    I wanted to like this film - as others have said - the cinematography is beautiful. But isn't that the very least to be expected of a New Zealand film? Apart from that - have to say I was a bit disappointed. For me it felt more like a Kiwi version of Southern American Gothic a la Tennessee Williams (a dysfunctional family with incest and jealousy born of disinheritance) first. While on the other hand the gay love story felt very much like an add on, or an after thought. This was partly because the Māori cowboy, the Billy Williams character, who was supposedly the main protagonist - had little to say - mainly "yes sir, no sir " .You could put this down to the scriptwriter. - But also the actor (Kieran Foster) was not able to convey much through non verbal facial expression and body language. (It can be done - think Trevante Rhodes as the adult Chiron in Moonlight). So he functioned mainly as eye candy - yup he did that very well! For large stretches of the film Billy Williams and his lover don't figure - and there is so little development of their relationship that it doesn't feel that real, or that important. The script writing was quite variable from spot on laconic Kiwi exchanges - to dialogue that you'd expect from a soap opera - a la Days of our lives. (To be brutally honest) For me the best part was was Danny Birch played by Peter Hanson - he was a great villain and very convincing. And provided some comic relief. Of which there wasn't that much - the tone was pretty earnest throughout. The biggest laugh for me was the revelation in the casket scene - and it wasn't supposed to be funny! My 2 bits anyhow.

  • Sexy leads and a top story!


    I fell in love with Billy, he is so cute! I wanted to take him home. A great story full of twists and turns. The film is full of beautiful New Zealand countryside. The hair and makeup and clothes make me wish I was living in 1960. Sexy cars, even a train, and the men all wearing hats, just so cool. I was so caught up in the characters and the story that the next day I could not stop thinking about what became of them all. I love the song in the kitchen scene, so much a song of the time. I wish we could have seen a bit more smooching between Billy and Tom but I am still excited to see a film made about the struggle gay men had back then, it makes you think about how hard it was for anyone who did not fit in. This is New Zealand's Brokeback Mountain - the story is totally different but the stand for equal rights that the filmmakers make is the same.

  • An intelligent and thoughtful film.


    An intelligent thoughtful film. If you like European or British films you will enjoy West of Eden. A film was written with sophistication and realised with integrity. This caliber of a film has been a long time coming, no flippant script or two-dimensional characters found in this piece of cinematic charm. The one thing I would say is that I think the film would be best promoted as a period drama rather than a gay love film, there are many strands to this story - Rialto channel viewers this is for you. It is not just a story about gay love but one about true love set against societal constraints, a reminder that individual freedom and rights are a cause worth fighting for. Especially relevant in our present time. Mr. Space Waltz, you have yet again excelled - may your glam and glitter shine on. When's your next film?

  • Beautifully shot film that that brings the era to life


    The film was beautifully shot and I think the story line managed to show the 60s as they were in small towns. The mind sets of the older generation being challenged by new ideas. The trouble is often such challenges can lead to disagreements and hostility and then as with this story sometimes to tragedy. Well written, acted and produced by a group of people with lots of talent but little money to back up the talent. If you haven't seen it go to the Rialto and see what hidden talent we have here in New Zealand.

  • A beautiful film that captures the era


    I saw this film last night and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and well crafted it was. The cinematography was beautiful creating an atmosphere that captured the 1960s. Costumes were excellent and the makeup and hair perfect for the era, something I am very particular about. The acting was great and the casting spot on, and the two leads are hot! I hope I get to see more of these actors in New Zealand films. They got the music right too adding to the film's atmosphere. The film was labeled a 'Gay love story' but I think this is a bit misleading - it is really a story about love, relationships, and social restrictions in 1960, especially in conservative rural New Zealand. It is a complex but beautifully written story with full real characters. I loved this film, keep making them, director, Alastair Riddell.


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