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What Happened in Vegas (2017)

What Happened in Vegas (2017)

Rene AbelarLarry BurnsRamsey DenisonTommy Gunns
Ramsey Denison


What Happened in Vegas (2017) is a English movie. Ramsey Denison has directed this movie. Rene Abelar,Larry Burns,Ramsey Denison,Tommy Gunns are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. What Happened in Vegas (2017) is considered one of the best Documentary,Crime movie in India and around the world.

While on vacation in Las Vegas, television professional Ramsey Denison is walking through a parking lot when he sees a group of police officers abusing a handcuffed suspect. Shocked by what he's witnessing, he calls 911 to report police brutality -- only to find himself attacked by police and arrested. After reading a police report filled with lies to justify his arrest, Ramsey discovers that the video documenting his attack by LVMPD officers has conveniently gone missing. Shocked by the LVMPD's blatant lack of accountability, Ramsey begins investigating a terrifying pattern of police corruption and discovers that behind the shimmering surface of Las Vegas lies a police department with individuals willing to go to any lengths to cover up crimes. What Happened in Vegas exposes the truth surrounding three murder cases in which all of the victims were shot by cops. The film graphically portrays the shooting deaths of Trevon Cole, a small time drug dealer; Erik Scott, a decorated ex-army ...


What Happened in Vegas (2017) Reviews

  • What They Don't Want You to Believe


    I am privately investigating the Las Vegas shooting and when I saw this movie, I was startled by the way the filmmakers portray the attack. The film is mostly about police brutality and the way that the police there treat citizens. Towards the end, they talk about the night of October 1st and how local authorities have basically refuse to release any information about what exactly went down and why Stephen Paddock (the gunman) did what he did. There are questions like "Why did the hotel use a secret line instead of contacting the regular 911??" and "Why did the police keep changing the timeline??' etc. To those who are currently investigating this horrific act and the supposed "cover up", I highly recommend this film.

  • Not really about the shooting.


    The last 10 minutes of this movie scratch the surface of the horrific shooting and hit a couple of inconsistencies that _may_ have relevance but are not covered in detail. The movie isn't bad - it covers a couple of very intriguing examples of police brutality and cover-ups. It also has a couple examples that are weaker and leave our key pieces of evidence that were obtained one the first page of a Google search. It just has nothing to do with the shooting. Seems clear this was a piece designed to cover an election campaign and when that failed it was re-branded to get views. None of the valid points raised in the first hour and 40 minutes of this movie have anything to do with the massacre they put on the cover.

  • They barely mentioned the shooting


    This is a documentary about Las Vegas Police, they barely mentioned the shooting

  • Just a conspiracy theorist looking for a buck.


    Within the first minute of this film, the director points out how Sheriff Lombardo "lied" about the timeline of events of the Vegas shooting. In case you aren't aware, things change during the course of an investigation. Stories will change and timelines will change. The Sheriff was simply laying out the facts that he was given. Enough with the bs and let the families heal.

  • Poor Quality Attempted Hit Piece


    If you lack the ability to think critically you may be able to enjoy this, but it is a biased and one sided narrative. The people involved in producing this probably don't even believe a lot of the content, and are satisfied to try to profit from multiple tragedies. If they do believe their story and the conclusions it naturally attempts to validate then they should consider getting tinfoil hats.


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