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Wild Horses (2015)

Wild Horses (2015)

Robert DuvallJames FrancoDarien WillardsonAngie Cepeda
Robert Duvall


Wild Horses (2015) is a English movie. Robert Duvall has directed this movie. Robert Duvall,James Franco,Darien Willardson,Angie Cepeda are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Wild Horses (2015) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Western movie in India and around the world.

A detective opens up a fifteen-year-old missing persons case, and begins to suspect that the missing boy was murdered, and that a local rancher was involved.

Wild Horses (2015) Reviews

  • Nepotism Is The Word You're After

    Theo Robertson2015-06-06

    What attracted me to this film was the name Robert Duvall , who is almost certainly America's greatest living character actor . Add to that he also directed WILD HORSES so this looked like a film worth going out of my way to see and while not being a complete waste of time I expected better In reply to my fellow IMDb peer Arfdawg I agree the actress playing the lead Texas Ranger is rather dreadful . The actress birth name was Luciana Pedraza and is now known as Luciana Duvall . I guess that answers a few questions doesn't it ? Despite having a few other well known names in the shape of Franco and Hartnett most of the story is told via Pedraza/Duvall's female Ranger and she's just not a good enough actress to carry the film and gives a very wooden and stilted performance which becomes annoying . On top of that the film moves at a very slow pace which made me think the director was copying wholesale the Coens' style from NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN . Unlike that film WILD HORSES is far from compelling and feels like two separate stories , one featuring a crime drama and one featuring a angst ridden family drama stuck together in a rather unsatisfying manner and means we're left with an unsatisfying film

  • I honestly couldn't finish the film


    Having watched nearly all of this last night i felt i should air my opinion lol for what its worth, Having Franco,duvall,hartnett splashed all over the movie cover i though wow thats a great bunch of actors! But there was something so rotten that it killed off the quality that those actors brought to the film....Luciana Pedraza... Oh dear shes terrible. totally ruined the film her slow speech and her wooden acting killed this film for me. also the kid that played her son looked so uncomfortable it was making me cringe. just watch the first scene at the BBQ lol so bad. The fight scene outside the bar was a farce. Sorry but what a stinker.

  • Two Stars


    Bad directing. The first thing you notice is too much time between actors giving their lines to each other. I hate that. Duvall's wife can't act. English isn't her first language and may have a small part to do with that, but she rubbed me the wrong way right off the bat. Did not buy her as a ranger and her delivery was too slow as well. Duvall himself made me anxious because of his breathing. He seemed to be straining for each breath, yet lights up a cigarette, cause that's what cowboys do! Did he also allow himself some ad libbing here and there? Scenes were choppy. Fade to black then start up again without any smoothness whatsoever. James Franco is a great actor and besides Harnett was the only one worth watching. I kept wanting to give up so many times watching this but stuck with it.

  • You have to pay close attention


    This is a film done by a man who has been in film business longer than a lot of us have been alive. His style is old school and you have to pay close attention to the storyline and smaller details because they reveal a lot about it toward the end. Also, it's a modern western and you have to go into this film with an appreciation for the western genre. Without a doubt, Duvall, and Franco carried the film along with Hartnett, but I think it would've been beneficial to see more of him. There were a few continuity issues and plot holes but every film has those issues. Granted, I'm a huge fan of both Duvall and Franco so I enjoyed watching the film. It's definitely a story you have to watch with an open mind.

  • The movie is very good and if you liked Night in Old Mexico you will like this as well. An enjoyable movie to watch.


    "Don't ever forget the obvious. Those clues will lead you to where you need to be." Scott Briggs (Duvall) is a rancher who comes home and finds something he doesn't like. His emotions get the better of him and something terrible happens. 15 years later an investigator shows up and begins to ask questions about his past. Now Scott is forced to try and hide the truth from everyone while trying to help his family. First and foremost this is a good movie. That said Duvall is starting to fall into the legend trap. By that I mean he is really doing a characteture of himself in every movie lately. He is still great but the person he plays in Night in Old Mexico and this one is pretty much the same person. That is not a bad thing, but it also takes away from the personalization of the movie. Also much like Night in Old Mexico this is not a western even though the cover seems like it is. All that said, the movie is very good and if you liked Night in Old Mexico you will like this as well. Overall, an enjoyable movie to watch, but Duvall really seems to be phoning in every one of his performances lately. I give this a B.


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