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Wild Oats (2016)

Wild Oats (2016)

Shirley MacLaineJessica LangeDemi MoorePtolemy Slocum
Andy Tennant


Wild Oats (2016) is a English,Spanish,German movie. Andy Tennant has directed this movie. Shirley MacLaine,Jessica Lange,Demi Moore,Ptolemy Slocum are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Wild Oats (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A retired widow who hits the jackpot when she receives a life insurance check mistakenly made out for five million dollars instead of fifty thousand dollars. She and her best friend then take off, only to become media sensations and fugitives from justice.

Wild Oats (2016) Reviews

  • Starts off great but quickly loses momentum...


    Despite starring Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange, Wild Oats was in and out of theaters with hardly any notice…and losing a ton of money in the process. So what happened?! Surely with Shirley (and Jessica) this film should have been terrific. I kept asking myself this as I watched the film…because for a while I was really enjoying myself. And then….the film quickly went from fun and silly to, well, rather dumb. Rarely have I ever enjoyed a film as much as I was enjoying this one yet ended up disliking it! What happened??!! Quite simply…it was like two movies…one worth seeing and one hurriedly put together even though it often made little sense. It's a shame as the actresses were terrific and deserved better material. The film began wonderfully…with a darkly comic funeral. I know funerals are not supposed to be funny…but the writing was spot on and the women hysterical. It seems that Eva (MacLaine) just lost her husband and she is going to have to sell her home and economize. However, when the insurance company makes a mistake and accidentally sends her a check for $5,000,000 instead of $50,000, her friend Maddie (Lange) convinces her that they should go on the adventure of their lives and they set off for the Canary Islands. All of this is delightful and even once they arrive in this tropical island, things stay fun…at least for a while. Unfortunately, the film lost its momentum when a scam artist (Billy Connelly) cheats Eva out of her casino winnings (and they are astounding) and an insurance agent (Howard Hesseman) shows up looking for their $4,950,000! It then becomes a kooky comedy…and I say kooky like it's some sort of dopey sit-com. The two ladies go into the mansion of the most dangerous and famous criminal in all of the Islands…and instead of getting killed, everything just works out magically and everyone has a happily ever after! Huh?! None of this makes any sense and it left me feeling cheated. I had invested so much time and interest in the film only to have a silly, contrived ending that just left me annoyed. If you are interested in seeing it anyway, the film just debuted on Netflix and is available on DVD through this service (no streaming option at this time). However, I'd strongly recommend you instead rent "Elsa & Fred"---a truly delightful film MacLaine recently made with Christopher Plummer and which is also available through this service. It's a remake of an Argentine film of the same name and both are well worth seeing.

  • great start fizzles out


    I was so happy to see a movie with such a fantastic cast of old people - I especially love Shirley MacLain and Billy Connolly, and the rest of the cast was also good. However, the script went from mediocre to really bad, the plot was worse, and the whole thing nose-dived in the second half. Which is a shame, it had such potential. No wonder it never opened in the theaters. I wish they would redo it, write a decent plot with an improved script, and re-release it next year. They would only have to do the second half. The movie starts out with MacLain and Lange at the funeral of MacLain's husband. It goes on to show the widow receive a falsely made out check from his life insurance. One of the best scenes in the whole movie is her calling the insurance company to try to straighten out the mistake. Then the story already starts to go downhill. Why doesn't she just deposit the check without worrying about being arrested? Or just send it back and ask for a correct one with a payment of $50,000 instead of 5 million? Everything is overdone with no reason behind it. And it just gets steadily worse with very little good stuff in between. It is not even worth watching for the actors, as the script is abominable.

  • MacLaine & Lange Excellent! Such Wonderful Aged Wine Served in a Cheap Plastic Cup of a Script :(


    Both Shirley and Jessica are experienced talents capable of bringing to live a real topper script, compared to this humdrum 1980s TV movie script they've been saddled with. If they had their hands on a truly competent script, these two would sizzle in both the comedic and dramatic aspects. The direction don't fare any much better, and all you get is a lazy evening mildly enjoyable fare. Demi Moore is given next to nothing real to do here, except mouth tacky predictable soap opera lines ... another waste! What wasted opportunity with such acting talents on hand! Andy Tennant (Director here) just snoozing out another of his sub-par bland celluloid. The producer, script writer, director ... all ought to be zip-locked and cast away into 80s TV movie land!

  • MacLaine and Lange are Terrific


    MacLaine and Lange are terrific together. It wouldn't seem so given their individual careers and past performances. The movie itself is very nice. There are contrivances. But, a lot of movies do these days. The two lead actresses have great chemistry together. I would hope that more people will find the movie, and enjoy it. I was a little ahead of the story at one point, and hoping my thoughts would not come true. But, they did. Still, by that point, I'd bought into the movie. In other reviews, they talk about the script. The other characters could have been better written and fleshed out. So, I agree somewhat with the negative reviews. I would recommend the movie as something nice to watch on an afternoon.

  • Life alert! MacLaine and Lange as best friends on an illicit getaway...


    Shirley MacLaine, a recently-widowed retired schoolteacher, and Jessica Lange, her best friend of 40 years who was recently dumped by her husband, decide to take advantage of an insurance agency's error and deposit MacLaine's check for $50,000,000 that should have been made out for $50,000; Howard Hesseman, the agency's oldest employee, is selected as the patsy who must get the company's money back or be fired. Geriatric travelogue takes the ladies to Gran Canaria, a picturesque island in Spain, where Shirley is taken in by con-artist Billy Connolly, who prays on wealthy widowed tourists. With so much plot packed into its 86-minute running time, it's no wonder that director Andy Tennant wasn't able to keep it all together. The opening scenes, with MacLaine behaving addle-brained and Lange acting much older than she actually is, are funny and silly but tolerable; second-half in Spain becomes a squashy narrative mess, with lots of 'cute' asides between the gals, who banter in a casual low-key, gamble, meet men, end their sex droughts, and never miss a chance to hug or cry. It's a little old lady's wish-fulfillment fantasy done up like a TV sitcom. ** from ****


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