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Wish Upon (2017)

Wish Upon (2017)

Joey KingRyan PhillippeKi Hong LeeMitchell Slaggert
John R. Leonetti


Wish Upon (2017) is a English movie. John R. Leonetti has directed this movie. Joey King,Ryan Phillippe,Ki Hong Lee,Mitchell Slaggert are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Wish Upon (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Fantasy,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A teen girl discovers a magical box that will grant her seven wishes. As she uses her wishes for personal gain, bad things begin to happen to those around her. She discovers an evil entity lives inside the box and may be behind the gruesome deaths.

Wish Upon (2017) Reviews

  • Difficult sitting through this when nothing happens in this boredom of a horror movie.


    Wish Upon is something that you wish it was not made or wished that you did not see the film in the first place. It's a supernatural horror movie that does not have any scares, thrills, or a movie worth remembering. It slightly reminds me that it feels like a Final Destination movies, were some supernatural occurrences involve people getting killed by accidents. But the film is about a Chinese music box that gives anyone seven wishes to make. 17 year old Clare ((Joey King) was given the box after her father (Ryan Phillippe) picked it up from a dumpster. Clare makes her first wish after an encounter with a bully in high school. The wish comes true and involves the bully getting rotten. Therefore, she makes another wish to help her and her dad financially. And it goes on from there. Every wish she makes has a repercussion to others. And once she reaches the seventh wish, she will have to pay the price with her life. Which she was unaware of. But her friend was able to figure this all out and warn her about the consequences of this box. The plot was just stupid and cliché. Even after Clare makes the first wish and realizes how evil this box is. She continues to use it for her own selfish reasons. It does make it difficult to even care for her. Especially, when her own friends are getting killed or neighbors are dying. It took almost ¾ of the movie and several body counts until she realizes the box is evil and she needs to get rid of it. There was no scares or thrills. The film was very dull and boring. Like it was difficult to pay attention to the screen when nothing was happening throughout the whole movie. The script was tedious. Characters did not have any emotional connection too. Even for Clare, who lost her mother at a young age. And it is still difficult to care for her, when she is getting picked on by bullies and her ignorance when she finds this mysterious box. No offense to Joey King. She is a sweet actress. But this film is definitely not worth checking out. If you seen Final Destinations, than you saw the better version of thrills on seeing people getting caught in deadly accidents. Wish Upon is a horrible film. There were no scares. The plot was cliché and stupid. The direction and script was very boring and terrible writing. The acting was terrible. I rate the film 1 out of 5 stars. I do not recommend the film unless its on TV. Otherwise, I ll pass on this one.

  • Wish Upon: Modern day monkeys paw


    Wish Upon is a horror tale that tells the story of a mysterious Chinese music box that grants seven wishes, but at a price. Starring the adorable Joey King alongside Ryan Phillippe and Elisabeth Rohm it's an original piece, though clearly influenced by the classic tale of the monkeys paw. Thankfully I like that old tale so was excited to see what new twists they brought to the table, and quite frankly I walked away happy though some influence came from Final Destination (2000) as well. It's a well constructed, suitably paced movie with a fantastic cast and more than a sprinkle of good ideas. I find Joey King very likeable, not only the fact that she's adorable but she's a competent actress with hopefully a great career ahead of her and it's about time Phillippe returned to form. If you like alternative horror that doesn't rely on a dude with a knife, ghosts, big scary monsters or demonic themes then this may well be for you. There were elements that left me scratching my head but nothing that wasn't forgivable. Well worth a watch. The Good: Fantastic cast Solid concept The Bad: Dreadful cover art Couple of loose ends

  • One third of entertainment, two thirds of junk!


    This movie actually started off as quite entertaining and I was happily surprised as I had been really skeptical about this title. However, it seems like the major problem with this movie is its length. After about 30 minutes it stops being entertaining and just becomes uneventful and boring, like the creators had a great idea but not enough material to make a feature film. To make things even worse, most of the entertainment of the first 30 minutes was not the horror. The movie lacks horror, a lot of it. The perhaps most obvious example of this is Darcie and her rotting skin. She takes her sock of, revealing a black foot and that's it. This made me really disappointed. Some scenes in this movie could have been absolutely terrifying, but they always end before the horror gets a chance to grab the audience. I like the basic concept of this movie but I hate its execution.

  • What a nightmare, and not in a good way.


    If Tina Fey had have been brutally dropped on her head as a baby and decided to write a horror film, having never seen one before in her drooling, cabbaged life; it might look something like this. Who on earth is this movie aimed at? Is it supposed to be a spooky morality tale, or a dark high school comedy for girls? Oddly enough, in trying to be both, it succeeds in neither. The writer's conceit reeks through this whole effort, they obviously thought they were being exceptionally clever with little references to the multiverse and having Jerry O'Connell (from Sliders) making a cameo; but the whole thing just screams 'amateurish overindulgence'. The tone of the movie is all over the place and the protagonist is an absolute psycho, even before she starts murdering people with a Chinese box; just so she can be popular. She's also perhaps the densest person known to man, singularly failing to realise what's happening as everything she wishes for comes true; and bizarrely, not taking advantage of the situation when it does. We're supposed to believe that a box has sat in a bin on the street untouched for ten, or more years, in a town where her father scavenges the same bins seemingly several times a week? Instead of prattling on about physics she doesn't understand, perhaps the writer could have spent some of that excessive brainpower on filling this egregious plot hole, and all the others besides. The soundtrack is without a doubt the most inappropriate, awful racket that has ever graced a so-called horror movie; it's like Sofia Coppola was ingested by Lena Dunham in some bizarre satanic union, and this music was the accidental result. I am very skeptical that this film has gotten so many nine and ten star reviews on this site - something is very rotten in the state of Denmark. I expect with Halloween coming up, we'll see a truer picture of how this movie is received as more and more people have the misfortune to actually watch it. Plus points: Barb.

  • A Few good parts but the rest is really poor


    The plot sounded really good, there were some good ideas here and there. I enjoy some of the death Scene, ,as they were bit like Final Destination but not on the same level as those deaths. The acting was a mixed bag , some scenes felt good and others felt forced. Also some of the script was very bad in places, didn't help either. Felt like half stuff was missing, seem a lot must of been cut. The ending was very predicable, I knew from the start, that was going to happen. The last scenes was hilarious bad! , it was meant to be shocking but it was shocking, as it was so badly done, even made me laugh out loud.


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