Wo shi zheng ren (2015)

Wo shi zheng ren (2015)

Mi YangHan LuJingchun WangYawen Zhu
Sang-hoon Ahn


Wo shi zheng ren (2015) is a Mandarin movie. Sang-hoon Ahn has directed this movie. Mi Yang,Han Lu,Jingchun Wang,Yawen Zhu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Wo shi zheng ren (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After escaping an abduction attempt, a blind woman and the young man who witnessed the crime aid the police in trying to identify the man responsible.

Wo shi zheng ren (2015) Reviews

  • The only remake film that is better than the original.


    This movie is a remake of a Korean movie Blind. For normal condition, remakes are not better than the originals. They are terribly worse. But this remake is way better than the original. As for me, there are six main facts that made this remake film better than the original. 1) In the story, the culprit was driving the car and the blind girl got into his car because she thought that car he was driving was a taxi. Then he offered a drink to the blind girl to lose consciousness. In Korean movie, before he offered the drink, he already knew the girl was a blind. Then he made some conversation. After that he changed his mind not to take her. So, my question is what made him changed his mind? If he changed his mind because she was a blind and he was pity her, then it should be clearly stated in the movie. But they didn't show it clearly. In the Chinese remake, it was so clear that he changed his mind because he was pity because she was a blind girl. 2) The chase. In the story, the culprit chased the young boy who witnessed that the culprit put the victim into his car and the boy run. In the Korean version, the boy run by feet. But in the remake version, the boy wore the skate shoes, so, when he run, he run very fast and the culprit used motorcycle to chase him. That scene is one of the best scenes of that movie. And it's very cool. I kind of like that. Compared to this, the chase scene of Korean film was nothing. 3) The running scene of the blind girl with the instructions of a boy via video call. In the story, the girl got into the transport. And the culprit was also got into the same transport that blind girl got into. The boy saw her and him got in and called her and told her that the culprit was with her on the same transport. And also he told her to get off. When she tried to get off, the culprit knew that she was trying to escape from his hands. So, he used knief to point at the girl to do exactly he wanted her to do. The girl used spray to escape from his hands. Then the boy guided her the way to escape. While running to the lift, her dog died to save his master. The girl got into the lift unconscious and escaped. In the Korean original, the transport was tube and in the Chinese remake, it was a bus. So, underground railway station and upper ground bus station would be the difference. The procsss was the same. That's where the performances of actors came in. Yang Mi's performance of a blind girl is better than Korean actress. And also Lu Han's. Maybe I'm a fan of those two actors. But I feel like the getaway scene upper ground is better than underground. I mean who uses those yellow stripe pattern on the public platform like the underground railway station? So, the shopping mall made more sense. 4) The way to get the track of the culprit. In the Korean version, they got the track out of no where saying that they got the suspect and didn't show how. While watching that scene, I was wondering how they got him. But in the Chinese remake, it's better. They got the trail from the dating site. And then they got his address. 5) The motive of the crime. In the Korean film, the motive wasn't clear. I also didn't know his motive of kidnapping those girls. So, I could only guessed. I think his motive was to rape those girls. But in the Chinese remake, his motive was clear. The motive was because of his younger sister died on his hands. And he couldn't saved her. Because of that he kidnapped those girls who were like his younger sister and made their faces to look like her. It's very understandable. So, as for me, that motive is the best one. 6) Finally, the OSTs. I like that ending song so much and also that song that Lu Han sung on the stage. Because of those reasons, I'd say this Chinese remake film is better than the Korean original one. All in all, it's a great story. And Performances are good. I'd say it's a film that you can't miss. P.S. My opinion only.

  • Good enough


    Not bad but not that good as well. I guess the story was interesting enough and the lead actress performance was really good. The rest, was so - so. First of all the story: a girl, who has lost her vision in an accident that had costed her step-brother's life (note that in China the law allows only one child per family till 2016, but there are some exceptions), is chased down by a serial killer, who meets women by a dating app and he abducts them. As the girl escaped him, she is the only witness on a hit and run that he had committed. Along comes a young man who had witnessed the crime as well. Kudos for Lu Han, as his acting wasn't as bad as the one in time raiders. But still it felt stiff. The background story could have been presented better, as it was a key point to the girl's psychology. Also, her brother was a rock star or something, even though he was presented as a struggling teenager. Then, there is the battle with the killer. Boy, that was a messy one! Even more messy than the discovery of his true identity. Unfortunately, I haven't watched the Korean movie, on which this was was based, so I can't really judge whether it was an exact copy paste or not, even though I've read some comments from other viewers and they did say, because the director is the same, the film was almost the same. Anyway, the movie was entertaining, so 5 out of 10. OK, this is extra comment after having watched the korean movie Blind: First of all, the Chinese version is milder for a thriller. The story is the same, however this film is more of the action gender than the horror-thriller. One of the good points is that the Chinese movie does a more in depth background story on the killer and explains better why he killed. However, the girl's story and psychology weren't explained very good.

  • First Rate Thriller


    At first I was not going to give this film much hope based on the opening scene of the police officer taking her younger brother off stage during a performance. The two of them behaved like delinquets resulting in a car crash, leaving him dead and her blind. The film does an excellent job of portraying how it is to be blind. The suspense starts with her mistaking a vehicle for a taxi driven by one nefarious character portrayed by Zhu Yawen. Along with Lu Xiaoxing (Yang Mi) and Captain Lu (Wang Jingchan) I too thought it was a taxi which led to misguided searches until a rollerskater got involved in the mystery. At first his testimony was not taken seriously adding to the tension as the Tang Zheng character kept up his stocking the blind Ms. Xiaoxing and then pursuing the youthful Lin Chong. There are lots of opportunity for tension as the evil Tang Zhen is thwarted time and again but he still persists. The acting, cinematography, editing and music all contribute to the suspense keeping me engaged in the movie and its outcome.

  • Amazing thriller


    I'm a big fan of foreign films especially Chinese and Korean films The witness is an excellent and tense thriller with great acting and storyline the witness Follows a blind woman played by my favorite Chinese actress yang mi she got into an accident that she caused causing her brother to die while also going blind from injury several years later while coming home she almost gets Abducted by a strange man who has been kidnapping young college students the blind woman must now help the police solve the crime while being stalked by the criminal and trying to get over her guilt about the accident the acting is all good yang mi did a fantastic performance playing the blind woman plus the movie has a happy ending Highly recommended


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