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Wonderful World (2009)

Wonderful World (2009)

Matthew BroderickSanaa LathanMichael Kenneth WilliamsPhilip Baker Hall
Joshua Goldin


Wonderful World (2009) is a English,Wolof movie. Joshua Goldin has directed this movie. Matthew Broderick,Sanaa Lathan,Michael Kenneth Williams,Philip Baker Hall are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Wonderful World (2009) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Ben is a failed children's folk singer and less-than-extraordinary weekend dad. Deeply cynical, Ben's sole pleasure in life is derived from chess games with his Senegalese roommate Ibou. When Ibou is suddenly struck ill and an insensitive municipal employee exacerbates the emergency situation, Ben's pessimistic world view seems unequivocally confirmed. But when Ibou's sister Khadi takes his place in their apartment, what starts as an awkward living arrangement becomes something more, and Ben finds that cynicism may be all a matter of perspective.


Wonderful World (2009) Reviews

  • Wonderful movie


    This is one of those quiet, well made movies that usually don't make any money. However, it makes you think. It makes you think about your life, what you have to be thankful for and how life's events dictate how you feel about yourself. This is a very well written, clever, idealistic script by Joshua Goldin. He also does a great job in directing it. I hope that this movie gets the opportunity for wide release sometime soon. Matthew Broderick plays the title role and it's his best role in a very long time, probably since Election. He finally has an opportunity to explore a character and his transformation from pessimist to optimist is quite enjoyable as well as touching to witness. He is surrounded by a great supporting cast, Sanna Lathan, who is a beautiful and strong Sengalese woman he is touched by. Also, Jodelle Ferland, who has such terrific chemistry with Broderick that it's a such a joy to watch their scenes. I highly recommend this movie.

  • Very sweet and inspiring film.


    I found this film to very well written and directed. The story is about the life we all lead and all its obstacles, which are superbly edited to show them to us, but not too grimly. It pats you on the back relatively quickly with elements that seem extraordinary but really are natural phenomenons and not to be taken seriously. It generously shows how seeing the world in such a way can impact harshly on you, but how you still learn from the experience. It grasps upon the warmth and clarity that can be gained from truly compatible relationships when looking at the world through these eyes, in this way, it presents a seek and you shall find attitude. The ending is... well when you find the end, there will be the beginning. One of my favorite films.

  • How very true!


    I tend to see the true story and plot, and very well, because you see, it is many people's story. Hey! it is, to a large extent, my story in parts. Ben is like many of us - a washed-out entertainer who has developed a cynical view or life, and a jaded point of view with many issues. The fact that he loses his job, loses communication with his only daughter, is forced to deliver pizza, does not help the man's character, but embitters it. I can relate to that. Like Ben, I am a thinker, who does not believe in taking things lying down. I would have gone all the way like he did when the city tow truck towed his car just when his dear Senegalese friend Ibou relapsed into diabetic shock and needed to get to a hospital. But then, when Ibou's sister Khadi came from Senegal to help take care of him, changes sparked in Ben, slowly at first, almost imperceptible, then more and more pronounced. How could you not fall in love with the curvy Khadi, with her beautiful raw African features, her womanly confidence and her vision of "magic"? No pretentiousness here, no overbearing or meddling - quite the contrary. You tend to admire the inner strength of such women, so akin to their culture and ways of life. I once met a woman like that from Nigeria, whose brother worked as an Engineer in the local Shell corp. The way she moved, her similar dress and grooming, made me look twice and say: "Now THAT is a woman!" Sadly, as in Ben's case, yes, such a relationship is fraught with difficulties, chiefly because of the distance between 2 Worlds. She was uncomfortable in our 'civilized' World, and Ben would not be able to adapt well in hers. Besides, he wanted to resurrect his singing career, and Senegal would not have been the right place, maybe. That too was my case with the girl in question.. However, by then Ben understood 2 things - one of them being that he was a good man, a man without racial prejudice, open, simple and unpretentious. Such men are hard to come by these days. The second thing he realized I will not say. I will leave you to view the movie, and come to your own conclusions. So it's not the stomping, heart-throbbing drama like you see in other movies, but it will keep you interested and thinking all the way, and that, my friends, is basically what a good story is all about. Fine acting, plausible story, so true to real life. Well worth the 10 points!

  • A Truly Moving Film


    I saw this movie at the Tribeca Film Festival this past spring, and I was truly moved. It reminds me of "It's a Wonderful Life", one of those movies that really touches the soul. It's the story of a man who gets tripped up by his own negativity (reminds me of my husband!), but is actually a good person, and yearns to connect. It features Matthew Broderick's best performance since "Election", and I cried at the end. As did my two friends who came with me. We were totally unprepared to be so swept away by emotion. So many films these days are mindless crap, but this one is authentic and honest, and very very funny. I want the soundtrack too! Also for "The Wire" fans, it also stars Omar, a.k.a Michael Williams, one of the greatest actors working today.

  • The Find of the Year


    A dramatic gem. "Wonderful World" gives Matthew Broderick his meatiest and most interesting role in years, and showcases the remarkably assured directorial debut of Josh Goldin (who also wrote the classically spare and powerful screenplay). Goldin finds true uplift where most filmmakers might have stumbled into cliché. His story of culture clash and class disharmony, about someone who considers himself "the most negative man in the world," was never anything less than moving and gave me that rarest of experiences in a movie theater: I didn't just love the film, I came out of it wanting to be a better person. The first half of this movie finds Broderick as an almost jarringly flawed character, an alienated children's singer, struggling with divorce, doing a mediocre job raising his teen daughter, and sinking into self- defeating pessimism. That he manages to overcome these obstacles, and truly regenerate himself, without our feeling as if the movie makers pandered to our craving for a happy ending, is truly remarkable. In part he finds hope in an offbeat relationship with his former-roommate's sister, played with earthy sexuality and witty grace by Sanaa Lathan. But this is really much more than a story of a depressed man being reborn through romance. Goldin has made a touching parable about taking action, about caring for others being the linchpin of happiness in this world. I can't say too much more about the story, for fear of spoiling its powerful ending, but I defy anyone not to be moved. Jodelle Ferland is a complete find as the daughter Broderick's character cannot seem to connect with. But it is Broderick himself who steals the show. He has long been one of our most underrated actors, a master of the ordinary devoid of on screen vanity. And not since "Election" have I seen him carry a film so worthy of his skills. His performance is the stuff folks give out awards for, and he should be nominated come Oscar season, along with his director, if this truly is... a wonderful world.


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