Zipper (2015)

Zipper (2015)

Patrick WilsonLena HeadeyRay WinstoneRichard Dreyfuss
Mora Stephens


Zipper (2015) is a English movie. Mora Stephens has directed this movie. Patrick Wilson,Lena Headey,Ray Winstone,Richard Dreyfuss are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Zipper (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Sam Ellis is a man on the rise - a federal prosecutor on the cusp of a bright political future. But what was meant to be a one-time experience with a high-end escort instead turns into a growing addiction. His moral compass unraveling, his new demon threatens to destroy his life, family and career.

Zipper (2015) Reviews

  • Zipper maybe goes deeper...


    I had this movie sitting in my drive for awhile. I knew about the premise (i.e. some hot shot lawyer who cheats repeatedly on his wife) and I wasn't interest. Well...after seeing it, this is overall a good movie because of the strong performances and some semi-provocative little twists near the end that, although predictable, they show some hard truths about the values of the world we are living and how easy is to disavow our values for things that are in the end meaningless. Despite the numerous sexual encounters of the main character the film is not erotic or sensual but focuses into his fear and his inner struggle with his newly developed passion that might cost him everything, his job, his family. But the world we are living is what it is, and in the end, everyone will play the role that he or she supposed to play... Overall: Check it out.

  • Such a brave actor

    John von K2016-07-23

    Just watched "ZIPPER" 9/10 - a very dark and gripping film about destruction by obsession. The central character is portrayed by Patrick Wilson and this is another very brave choice of role after "Hard Candy" where he played a man internet grooming an underage female. How many leading actors would dare to play these roles? He's not just an amazing actor he's obviously fearless with his career and image. The rest of the cast are superb too. Ray Winstone in a new kind of role for him..he's such a good actor and thank goodness he was allowed to keep his London accent after falling flat on his face in "The Departed" trying to be a Boston accented tough guy.

  • Compulsively watchable compulsion


    First, let me reveal that I think Patrick Wilson is one of the most under-appreciated, naturalistic actors working today. His pairing with Kate Winslett in the film of Tom Perotta's brilliant "Little Children" was sublime. I even liked him in Joe Carnahan's over-the-top (but still lovable) "Stretch". So when I read the summary of "Zipper" and knew he played the lead, I had to see it, despite the uniformly negative reviews. Mora Stephens' film revolves around a seemingly straight-laced upstanding guy, Sam Ellis (Wilson), who --- perhaps subconsciously --- lets his sexual addiction spin wildly out of control only a few months before being prepped for a senate seat bid. I say subconsciously because there are a lot of indications, through the script and Wilson's largely underplayed performance, that Sam's not a real happy guy. His "career" has been architected and steam-rolled by his passive-aggressive wife (Lena Headey), their marriage is on the rocks (though on the surface it seems fine) and he's constantly being given the stink-eye for even mentioning ethics to his jaded boss. Wilson imbues Ellis with so many shades of gray and doubt that it really is quite riveting watching him unravel, back-pedal, and flail madly as his world threatens to crumble around him. And that's really all there is to this movie. It's a potent character (not plot) piece on the subject of addictive, compulsive behavior and sex addiction in particular. It really treats the dysfunction as just as potent an urge as the one a junkie craves in hard drugs. You can *see* the helplessness and frantic drive in Wilson's face and really believe that he believes he *has* to surf to that porn site, he *has* to call that escort... in his mind he has no alternative. This is brave, unflinching stuff and not many people will empathize or even care to see such repugnant behavior in action, yet Stephens and Wilson don't spare us anything, even a brutally uncompromising, cynical, and quite believable ending. It's amazing that people say things like "How could Ellis be so dumb?" Like ANY kind of addictive behavior is something people actually sit down and mull over, weighing the pros and cons, before getting their fix! Do addicts have the control to change their behavior? Of course. They just can't conceive of it. And that's the point of "Zipper".

  • An engaging thriller


    This film tells the story of a married lawyer with a promising political career, who gets side tracked by experiences with ladies from an escort agency. "Zipper" keeps me engaged because the I like the story. The first half is more erotic while the second half is more of a thriller. How Patrick Wilson does a good job portraying his character, who lets his urges overtake his sensibility. His guilt in the diner with the reporter is piercingly good. I think the story is well presented, easy to follow and engaging. The scenes are nicely shot as well. I enjoyed watching "Zipper"!

  • Steamy


    "Fatal Attraction," "Unfaithful," "Indecent Proposal," "Obsessed" and this year we get "Zipper," a steamy, erotic infidelity thriller with slices of power, ambition, and politics. Patrick Wilson and Lena Headey, Penelope Mitchell, Alexandra Breckenridge, all sizzle Patrick Wilson, who had played a cheating spouse before in 2006's "Little Children," plays Sam Ellis, a good-looking, rising star federal prosecutor with a bright future, all his peers are encouraging him to run for attorney general. Sam's wife, Jeannie, played by Lena Headey, supports him all the way, stands by his side and she's just as ambitious as he is, if not more. This is a potential power couple whose dream aims for far beyond just their district or their state. Sam's got everything, a wife, a son, a big mansion, a career and a golden reputation. But Sam has a bit of a personal demon, like a teenager with a raging hormone, he'd masturbate when his wife isn't around, and it leads him to a one-time experience with a high-end escort, a bit of an awkward start but soon enough it turns into an addiction. But nothing stays hidden forever, especially when an investigative journalist is writing a piece about you and the public eye puts you on a pedestal, one thing after another happens that forces Sam to try to cover up his mess that threatens to destroy his life, family, and career. Of all the infidelity thrillers out there, this has got to be the sexiest yet, the actors don't seem to mind if they need to go all out semi-porn if need be, but what makes ZIPPER unique, in my opinion, is this couple, played by Patrick Wilson and Lena Headey who may have been the alternate parallel version of Frank and Claire Underwood from "House Of Cards" series or perhaps they're another version loosely based on the Clintons. But my point is that behind every great but cheating husband is a greater wife who'd do anything to make sure her husband rises in politics and so ZIPPER deals with the lines that get blurred, which sins you're willing to live with, all in the name of ambition, sooner or later it doesn't seem such a bad thing anymore. I think at times the script has difficulty finding more ways to suffocate Patrick Wilson's character, Sam Ellis' life, career and reputation, as the evidence or his mess that incriminates him keeps pushing itself to surface. But again, this film does do a good job of pointing out how uncomfortable committing certain sins can be at first but once you've embraced it, unfortunately it becomes more like an every day usual thing. This is what happens when addiction gets tolerated instead of punished or cured.


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