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Zombie Isle (2014)

Zombie Isle (2014)

Kyle BilleterDewey CollinsApryl CrowellSusee Garcia
Robert Elkins


Zombie Isle (2014) is a English movie. Robert Elkins has directed this movie. Kyle Billeter,Dewey Collins,Apryl Crowell,Susee Garcia are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Zombie Isle (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Zombie Isle In the late 70's, a group of college students and their professor ventured onto an uninhabited island for a day of exploring flora, fauna and co-ed fun. The class field trip quickly becomes a grisly nightmare as the students and faculty soon discover they are stranded and the island is crawling with ravenous, flesh-eating ghouls, reanimated as Zombies by an insane Nazi scientist who can resurrect and control the dead. Just when the slaughter levels out, a three-headed abomination comes out of hiding that even its creator can't control. A head smashing, blood splattering, intestine eating throwback to the zombie films of the 70's and 80's. Welcome to ZOMBIE ISLE... A fieldtrip straight to Hell. WWMM 304 Running Time: 80 minutes plus Special Features Genre: Horror, Grindhouse, Zombies! UPC: 887936919183


Zombie Isle (2014) Reviews

  • Zombie Isle: Painfully bad


    This is the first movie I've seen from Robert Elkins and it's not a good start. A hyper low budget independent zombie movie, Zombie Isle is filmed in a grindhouse manner though likely just to disguise the lack of funds and how bad everything looks. It tells the story of a tutor and his students who go to an island on a field trip only to fall foul of the undead. Pretty standard stuff, just really really really bad. From the amateurish grindhouse effects to the terrible editing (Both video and sound) all the way to the dreadful cast and zombies this is a prime example of why independent filmmakers choose the zombie sub genre. Zombie films are popular and very cheap and cheerful to make, however creating an original enjoyable feature? That's where most struggle and Mr Elkins is certainly no exception. Absolute bottom of the barrel zombie movie. The Good: Interesting creature effects The Bad: Grindhouse effects are just awful Dreadful editing Some of the camera work is so bad it defies belief Ridiculous wigs and faux facial hair Needlessly long Things I Learnt From This Movie: Islands are land masses Birds need to land to poop The faces of zombies are a breeding ground for gummie worms

  • My Review Of "Zombie Isle"


    "Zombie Isle" is a throwback horror directed by Robert Elkins that embraces the style of early 80's, late 70's zombie films and manages a pretty entertaining experience.The story follows a group of college kids and their professor who set out to explore the flora of a deserted island that mysteriously is uncharted on modern maps. Set in the 70's "Zombie Isle" captures the classic look and feel of low budget zombie horror films of the era. The story takes on a pretty basic concept- people enter unknown territory and come face-to-face with the reanimated dead. There is some depth added by the addition of a mad scientist from the Nazi regime that causes the horror in order to harness the power over life and death in the name of the Nazi party. The characters, although two dimensional, seem grounded with some realism, a bit of satire which make it easy to connect with them. The acting is a bit cheesy, but it is intentional. This is an homage to the low budget, poorly acted and much loved cult films of the past. "Zombie Isle" is every bit that and Robert Elkins does a d@mn good job at creating it both in story and visual effects. The special effects used in "Zombie Isle" are stripped-down practical ones that at times manage to capture the same classic aspects of films like "Zombi", "Dawn Of The Mummy" and "Zombie Island Massacre". The zombies are simple, effective creatures that really sell the film's overall intention to create a gory film on a low budget. There are moments when the effects are flubbed, mostly by showing the practical effect technique or aspect to clearly, giving away the illusion, but for the most part things work. The color effect and 70's retro effect can be a bit distracting, but the sound effects dissolve any annoyance and really set things right- both atmospherically and suspenseful. Overall I really enjoyed "Zombie Isle". At first I just knew I was not going to like this film, that the vision and ability for Elkins to execute it would not mesh. I was pleasantly surprised. What really makes this film enjoyable is the zombie make-up style and creative use of simple practical effects. Plus Elkins doesn't weigh the film down with a bunch of back story or added dialog. Everything is stripped down, and for the most part effective. There is some moments with the scientist that feels contrived and the ability to control mindless zombies without voodoo is questionable, but for the most part "Zombie Isle" gives us a a fun, entertaining, film.

  • The way to GRIND a Zombie !


    Stars : Tony Jones,Jonathan Moody and Crystal Howell. A Robert Elkins flick. from WWMM & American Eyesore. So,This is a really well made tribute,We shall call it to all those '70s drive inn movies. The girls are cute and embrace multiple stereotypes we always like to see in our ' Comfort Food' movies – The smart one,the dumb one,the blond one,the scared one and the 'McGiver' one that uses a PENCIL to defeat hordes,Yes hordes of zombies that move Very Fast ! The boys are also represented by a couple stereo-types we have expected,The smart one,the flirt and then their is the TONY JONES turn,A professor ( No,not like Indiana Jones or even the one from Gilligan's Island…finally a Island reference). This professor carries a flask ,halliburton briefcase with what must be important things and a pipe and any way…He is a bad man.( period) We left out some cool nods to 'Shock Waves' and Paul Blaisdell tribute,That was so awesome.

  • Indie grindhouse wannabe


    ZOMBIE ISLE is another indie horror conceived as a grindhouse throwback, complete with copious amounts of fake print damage and not a great deal else. Truth be told, it's a repetitive chore to sit through, merely consisting of a bunch of annoying college students wandering through the woods and occasionally getting munched on by gruesome zombies. For an indie it's quite gory, but the film is all about the (tired) visuals and thus everything else suffers.


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