Zoombies 2 (2019)

Zoombies 2 (2019)

Erica SturdefantJonathon BuckleyJarrid MasseTerra Strong Lyons
Glenn Miller


Zoombies 2 (2019) is a English movie. Glenn Miller has directed this movie. Erica Sturdefant,Jonathon Buckley,Jarrid Masse,Terra Strong Lyons are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Zoombies 2 (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

As if one zombie-animal outbreak in Zoombies (2016) wasn't enough, humankind now faces yet another case of extreme animal zombification. This time--as a group of unsuspecting poachers find themselves in the mouth of madness, amid ravenous undead predators--the game ranger of a devastated wildlife preserve forms an uneasy alliance with the illegal hunters to stop the spreading of the virus. Now, the rabid four-legged zombies are out of the cage, and they crave human flesh; however, what started the madness?


Zoombies 2 (2019) Reviews

  • Oh please, for the love of all zombified animals out there...


    Well, the 2016 "Zoombies" was hardly a masterpiece in any sense, and fairly much came and went without as much as a groan or taking a bite of the zombie genre. So it was no surprise that the 2019 "Zoombies 2" pretty much did the same. I stumbled upon this The Asylum production by sheer random luck. I have seen the previous movie, so of course I would also see this sequel. However, I can't really claim to sit down to watch it with much of any hope or expectations to it. Turns out that it was as one would assume a zombie sequel would fare. Yeah, it was worse than the predecessor, and that leaves little to be said actually. The storyline in "Zoombies 2" was straight forward, for sure. But it was essentially a pointless and incredibly mundane and generic storyline, one that has already been seen before many, many, many times over in other zombie movies. So don't get your hopes up for anything grand here. The acting in the movie was adequate, if you take into consideration the type of movie it was, and the fact that The Asylum was behind this movie. However, I can't claim to be able to put my finger on any single performance that stood out amidst the others. So it was fairly bland and non-distinct. For a zombie movie, then "Zoombies 2" was incredibly bland and actually downright boring. The zombified animals were horrible to look at, and it was painstakingly clear that it was just poorly animated CGI that looked like something you'd find in a 1990s computer game. I gave up just about 20 minutes short of reaching the end of the movie. I was ready to have one of those atrociously fake and horribly animated zombie animals come and claw my eyes out. The movie was just not worth the effort.

  • dire


    Really bad writing and acting, thought i would kill 90mins and watch this, killed about 30mins and switched it off, really really dire movie. Ok i watched only 30mins but, i was surprised i got that far into it.

  • not suprised


    Its from asylum so from the get go you all ready know its going to be terrible. acting,story,CGI. everything is a typical asylum movie. all they know what to do is doing knockoff bad copy of good mainstream movies. but i guess some people like that kind of bad taste. i would give it a 0 but sorry to say its not an option

  • VIEWS ON FILM review of Zoombies 2


    I gotta admit, I like the title (Zoombies is a combination of "zoo" and "zombies". Duh). "You're a bad mama". Therein lies the problem. "We are leaving". Ah, that's a nod to Aliens from 1986. "The animals are going crazy!" Uh ya think? These are quotes from my latest review, Zoombies 2. "2" is a sequel to 2016's Zoombies. I've never viewed the original Zoombies but I'm thinking that's perfectly fine. I didn't plan on seeing it anyway. So OK, here's the uneven gist with "2": Cartoonish wildlife in the form of zebras, pythons, porcupines, rhinos, hippos, and aardvarks turn into witchcraft corpses and then attack various humans in a faraway jungle (the gophers in Caddyshack and the anacondas in Anaconda got nothing on these toothed, untamed creatures). Clocking in at a choppy 84 minutes and distributed by The Asylum (they're responsible for those Sharknado flicks and the inspired 2006 vehicle, Snakes on a Train), Zoombies 2 only occasionally pushes the envelope the way other zombie pics do. "2" is Roger Corman-like and low-budgeted. "2" is perfunctory Cable watching at 4 am. "2" is akin to 1982 John Carpenter on holiday. Finally, Zoombies 2 is pure camp so I guess you'll have to light up the S'mores, pitch a tent, and keep the home fires burning. With the fake, CGI-enhanced Zoombies 2, director Glenn Miller lets middling to bad acting, dialogue-d grandstanding, and timeline-skewed editing spill onto the screen (how could one character have a bloodied, scratched up face and then be totally camera-ready in the next scene?). His "2" minus a hefty amount of scares, is like a direct-to-video version of Critters, Ghoulies, and dare I say, Jurassic Park (ugh). Add a musical score that was meant for a better film (thanks Christopher Cano and Chris Ridenhour) and some cheesy opening credit titles and Zoombies 2 gets a generous "two" star rating.

  • They are just meerkats


    I am embarrassed to admit it, but I recognized by the ending, this was a prequel to" Zoombies." Poachers break into a game preserve to capture animals. Jezel (Terra Strong) has created her own tranquilizer to sedate the animals. We know it creates zombies because it is fluorescent green in color. Animals go crazy and the park rangers must team up with the poachers to survive. Sad dialogue and acting. KD (Jumarcus Mason) was a terrible character I wish they had killed early. CG animals. Reminded me of a 1960's "Crispy Critters" commercial. Guide: No swearing, sex or nudity.


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