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A Perfect Chord (2015)

A Perfect Chord (2015)

Malia FlackAvery NoelElina OdnoralovMike Flack
Nathan Blair,Joseph Bachor


A Perfect Chord (2015) is a English movie. Nathan Blair,Joseph Bachor has directed this movie. Malia Flack,Avery Noel,Elina Odnoralov,Mike Flack are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. A Perfect Chord (2015) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Cadence (Malia Flack) has an incredible gift for music. The only problem is no one knows it. Overcome with stage fright, Cadence has hidden her talent away only to show it in the comfortable confines of her school music room, after hours of course, and only for the ears of her best friend Lizzy (Avery Noel). As the daughter of successful sound engineer parents, Cadence feels the pressure to be heard. Mika (Elina Odnoralov) comes from a classically trained musical family and must contend with her piano genius brother. She struggles to deal with the weight of expectations, as she wrestles with her talent and the style of music her heart yearns to play. A Perfect Chord is an inspiring film about overcoming fears, living up to expectations, the power of friendship and using ones gifts and talents to inspire others.


A Perfect Chord (2015) Reviews

  • Struggles To Finish


    I struggled to get through this movie. It honestly felt like it was written, directed, and produced by a team of high school kids. If that's the case, I should change my rating, because for high school kids it wasn't bad. The writing was cringe worthy, and the acting was stiff and uncomfortable, probably because the lines weren't developed enough to sound natural. I liked that the protagonists all looked like everyday girls. I felt the background music was too dramatic for the plot line. There were occasionally shots that weren't directed at anything and I struggled with figuring out why I was looking at it. There were places the plot could have gone to beef it up more, because it was prettt mundane, especially since character interactions sounded so uncomfortable. Honestly, if I were a 8-12 year old girl struggling with stage fright, this one might have spoken to me... but if you're not, you'll be disappointed. It was totally family friendly and Christian oriented, if that matters to you.

  • A bit too soppy and melodramatic for my taste.


    This film isn't very well known (it only has ten votes on here), so I'm a bit curious as of how you got to this film. But anyway, your reading my review, and you want to know if you'll like it, so...read. This is a film about a teenage musician who has stage fright, and how she tries to overcome it. The film was made on a highly small budget, and the camera work in this is actually quite good and professional-looking considering the small budget. The sound work, as well, was really well done, and parts didn't feel too quiet, too loud or too fuzzy like most low budget films, so I'll give it that. Bach once said this: "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul." This film runs mostly on that quote, comparing music to God and religion. This didn't bother me one bit, but if your an atheist, you may be a bit offended at the religious factor in this. The reason why I didn't like it myself is because 1. The soundtrack wasn't that great, and was a bit off putting from the film. 2. The cliché teenage behaviour, "Yes, you can!" "How could you?!" "Oh my gooosh!" It was quite frustrating, and I got a bit angry at the TV because of it, so I threw a straw at it. 3. It's just not the type of movie I'd usually enjoy. It's like a TV movie (maybe it is one), with soppy music in the background and melodramatic, over-the-top moments. Some viewers like that sort of style to their films, but to me, it's just downright annoying, cheesy and off putting. If you like TV-style movies with the soppy music in the background in neutral moments rather than sad ones, you may enjoy this. This has a target audience that's out there, I'm just not part of it. Those of you in the target audience should know who you are, and I just wanted to make this review so people could know whether or not they'd like the film.

  • Sooooo tired of movies pretending to be something other than preaching


    These kind of movies pretend to have a plot other than preaching God's word but their ruse is painfully thin. And they somehow get good ratings even though the plot, acting, cinematography and editing don't deserve it. Hmmmmm.... Total waste of my time.

  • Good movie with good singing


    A great story about a teen girl who overcomes her stage fright to sing beautiful music.

  • Good wholesome movie


    It was a nice movie we could watch with our kids. Good message and the plot line flowed naturally (not contrived like some low budget inspirational films can be). It was just a good solid movie with good lessons woven nicely into the film. As far as the acting is concerned, it was a little off in some spots, but most of the acting was very natural and done well.


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