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Akaash Vani (2013)

Akaash Vani (2013)

Kartik AaryanNushrat BharuchaSunny Singh NijjarGautam Mehra
Luv Ranjan


Akaash Vani (2013) is a Hindi movie. Luv Ranjan has directed this movie. Kartik Aaryan,Nushrat Bharucha,Sunny Singh Nijjar,Gautam Mehra are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Akaash Vani (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Follows the love story of a boy and a girl.

Akaash Vani (2013) Reviews

  • A worth applauding effort revealing a hidden shameful truth of our society which is a must watch particularly for the youngsters in our part of the world.


    The experience of watching AKAASH VANI gave me enough to think or write upon after a long time since BOL (2011). Though the film is not a masterpiece if you analyze it in cinematic terms, but on the basis of its subject and execution it strongly makes you question our own Indian social structure and WE The People accepting it blindly to maintain our so called social image in front of the others. The Review Promoted as a pure romantic film with a commercial angle, AV starts off well on a lighter note with the girl Nusrat (Vaani) impressing you right away more than the boy Kartik (Akaash). The word love is written on the screen from its first frame itself and their entertaining, likable romance draws you in till the intermission. Director Luv Ranjankeeps it realistic as seen in his PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA and that's the reason why the love story wins over the viewer reminding them of all those soft romantic films before the 90s. But the story doesn't progress much in the first half and the twist is just revealed before the intermission. In the second half, it surprises you with something very important & relevant, revealing an ugly truth of our society dealing with Arranged Marriage, Love Marriage and Marital Rape. Despite of its slow progression and few dragging moments the narration doesn't lose its grip mainly due to the brilliantly written dialogues by the director Luv himself and some splendid performances by the entire cast. For instance, you can easily feel the pain when Vaani says to Akaash, "Yahan Jab Tak Shareer Par Nishaan Na Ho……., Koi Maanta Nahin Hai!" or when she calmly answers her father that, "Aapke Kaaran Mujhe Kya Kya Sehna Parha Hai……, Woh Main Aapko Bata Bhi Nahin Sakti" Further the tense moments in this better half are handled well by the cinematographer too which forces you to give your full attention to what the characters are willing to portray, keeping the interest alive throughout. However watching a marital rape on the screen is not anything usual or amusing and thus the team surely deserves all the praises to bring up this hidden truth in a Hindi Film in such a subtle manner, which has been rarely done by others in the 100 years of Indian Cinema. In fact in the recent times I remember a film called MITTAL VS MITTAL(2010) taking up this issue as a cheap sexual gimmick to sell itself in the market and then another classic made on a related issue called MATRUBHUMI (2005) which also is a not to be missed gem without any doubt. The shocking drama in the script gets its full support from the performers and it's a Nusrat's film all the way wherein the girl even reminded me of veterans such as Madhuri Dixit in her difficult scenes of emotional pain and outburst. Kartik supports her well with confidence but the subject basically revolves around Nusrat's life and the trauma she is forced into by her own family. Along with the cute lead pair the director has very carefully chosen his supporting cast in which everyone has lived his or her role impressively especially the actors playing the couple's friends. So we have a great emotional & important film here conceived and performed well following a decent vision. As an essential requirement of a sensible love story, AV also has a fabulous soundtrack featuring 4 great songs with highly poetic & meaningful lyrics penned by the director Luv Ranjan himself again. Both the tracks and background score have been composed & arranged intelligently by Hitesk Sonik and I really wish the soundtrack was promoted more by the makers to reach their real listeners. The 4 worth listening songs are Ittefaq Tha Ek Mazaak Tha, Roomani, Bas Main Aur Tu and Tere Pyar Mein which have great lyrics reminding you of the famous GULZARISM loved and appreciated widely. For instance sample these few lines from one of its great songs, "Soch Kar Main Jisko Hass Leta Hun, Ittefaaq Tha....., Ek Mazaaq Tha....., Tere Mera Naam! Tere Hi Pher Mein……..Boodhe Ek Pedh Pe, Kuchh Lakeerein Kheench Di Thi Do Din Bhi Na Rahey Un Kharonchon Ke Nishan.......! Ittefaaq Tha....., Ek Mazaaq Tha....., Tere Mera Naam! Hence with a fresh breezy first half and an intense thought provoking second one AKAASH VANI can easily be called an important & well made project by the multi talented Luv Ranjan who undoubtedly has got the vision to give us something different and valuable. The film needs to be shown to every youngster above 18 as a mandatory clause and then a Q & A session should be held in colleges taking up the 3 issues discussed ahead in the other section of this article. On a concluding note, we definitely need more films like this as our wake-up call and the youngsters need to watch it in the theater to encourage its visionary makers.

  • Best romantic movie of recent times


    The movie is an excellent narration of the love between 2 people. Unlike other romantic movies released around the year of release this deals with the trials and tribulations of a love affair during modern times in the Indian context. What really stands out in the movie is that the love between the 2 protagonists is no where demonstrated as sexual in any form. A refreshing change from the modern day Indian movies where people go about smooching at the flip of a hat. What also stands out is the social message with a dose of practicality. All this keeping the Indian culture in mind makes it a must see for people who like watching a mature movie. I would say the promotions are misleading though. If this would have been taken care of I am sure the movie would have done better commercially by attracting the right audience. Unlike his first movie, Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Luv Ranjan, the director does not keep this movie as an all out comedy. That does not mean that the movie lacks wit and humor. Aakash Vani has it's moments of fun, however the audience should expect a mature drama when going to watch the movie. The role of the two protagonists is very well played by Nushrat Bharucha and Kartik Tiwari. Given the right roles and opportunities these actors would be able to make a mark in the industry. Luv Ranjan shows once again how a good director could turn a simple story into a wonderful narrative and yet maintain characters that one can relate to.

  • Strictly for people who have been in true love


    If not awesome, i will call this movie an almost successful attempt of pointing out the problems of small town lovers. Just to make things clear, a small town love is way different that what we know about growing up in cities. And the lovebirds there are more of love-fugitives. Coming back to the movie, it starts well with college romance with some kool dialogue sequences. Then we have the on-the-verge-of-growing-up decisions. And then we have the dramatic outcome of the decisions. and an OK ending after an expected climax. These points used to be enough for movies to be a blockbuster. But wait, who is talking about 70s here. Movie is just OK for people who understands and have been in love. But on the other hand, it can be a disaster to one who does not give it a thought. I will still give it an 8 for the story and some nice tunes. Alert, you may fall asleep several times if you are not that into love and all those stuffs. ;)

  • Only for true lovers and who belong from a middle class families.


    The movie has a strong message. Although execution could have been better.Acting was OK, OK only. but the storyline was great and really depicts the existing problem in our society specially middle class families. Nice attempt to show some of the real challenges faced by modern lovers. The parents should also watch this movie along with the children so that they give a thought on their child's happiness before choosing a life partner for him/her. Although majority of the population may not like this movie but hey all movies cannot be same and equally good. so its a nice HATKE kind of movie.

  • Incredible work


    Luv Ranjan, after Pyaar ka Panchnaama, creates another masterpiece with a brilliant portrayal of contemporary relationships and the associated problems.. An innocent and believable love story followed by a rare and strong depiction of the physical and psychological horrors of a forced arranged marriage.. the disturbing visuals of post marital abuse and sufferings a woman may silently be made to go through.. The serious and real repercussions of making needless and senseless sacrifices under the influence of regressive, and almost always oppressive, social norms.. an angry social commentary remarking upon the need to re-look at the blind adherence to parent's wishes.. Real emotions, real lives and real problems played out through powerful characters and strong dialogues.. enjoyable humor and a couple of songs with the most beautiful lyrics..the performance of the negative characters, so engaging that it was difficult for the audience to hide their disapproval for the same..I think that in itself is just a great sign for a movie.. AkaashVani .. Incredible cinema..


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