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Nenu Sailaja (2016)

Nenu Sailaja (2016)

Keerthy SureshRam PothineniSathyarajPradeep Singh Rawat
Thirumala Kishore


Nenu Sailaja (2016) is a Telugu movie. Thirumala Kishore has directed this movie. Keerthy Suresh,Ram Pothineni,Sathyaraj,Pradeep Singh Rawat are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Nenu Sailaja (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Hari (Ram), a DJ in Vizag, proposes to many girls none of them accept his love. One day he sees a beautiful girl Sailaja (Keerthi Suresh) and also impresses her but doesn't propose to her fearing that he would be rejected. Hari spends some good times with Sailaja and right when he proposes his love, she rejects him point blank. An upset Ravi continues with his life and as time passes by, he gets a huge clue which could help him getting back his love.


Nenu Sailaja (2016) Reviews

  • After a long time Ram did a right thing!!


    Post the movie "Ready", in a flow people counted his stupid movies like Kandireega & Pandaga chesuko were passable movies but I feel those are the debacles for him and through which he lost his image too. Of course in between he made a different attempt like "Endukante Premanta" which was inspired from a Holly movie, but unfortunately people didn't accepted it. But away from those hyper active scenes from his previous films & over the board action scenes(one shot… 5 – 10 ppl in the air kindaaa…), this time he changed his style and became so cautious in choosing proper scripts, because last time audience slammed him. The Plot of the movie is so simple: "Boy & Girl… Tuneega tuneega type story, Pure & predictable love story with a different treatment" That's it. Four Pillars for this movie are: Lead Pair Romance, Dialogues – Direction by Kishore Tirumala, Music by DSP(Party track & Sailaja Sailaja tracks are my favorite picks) & Cinematography(Yes Vizag & Araku has been picturized so well, you will double confirm that Vizag is City of Love ;) ). Apart from love story, there is an emotional story between father – daughter in the movie. Nenu Shailaja has some magical moments throughout the film that will make you cheer the characters and their emotions. Romance is too cute and the chemistry between all the lead characters is impeccable. Even some cinematic clichés are sugar coated with feel good factor and then you can't help but to appreciate and enjoy. Yes. Go, appreciate and enjoy!!

  • Beautifully shot movie with fresh, simple yet amazing dialogues.


    1. Performances - Hero's role feels as if it's tailor-made for Ram. After doing routine stories trying to get a hit and failing, Ram has finally hit a jackpot with this one. I could imagine no one other than Ram doing this. Heroine, Keerthy Suresh, is mind blowing with subtle expressions. She was so good and apt for her role that we won't feel like she's a débutant. Satya Raj got to do a good role as a father, after Raja Rani. There are several other characters who have enough weightage (importance). No character is forcefully inserted into the movie. 2. Music - Music by Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) is top-notch. "Crazy feeling", "Sailaja Sailaja" and "Em cheppanu" have become my favorite songs in recent times. The lyrics of these songs are simple yet effective, which makes us fall in love with them. 3. Cinematography - I'm not sure if everyone noticed how brilliant the cinematography is. This is actually a low-budget movie but we wouldn't know it because of the way it was portrayed. Araku and Vizag are shown in the most beautiful way. Some close-up portrait shots of Ram and Keerthy are overwhelmingly artistic. If you are photography enthusiast, then don't miss this movie. 4. Story, dialogues, screenplay and direction - Story is very routine. What makes Nenu Sailaja stand out is the screenplay and dialogues. Dialogues are so fresh, simple, catchy and entertaining - all at the same time. It seems as if we are watching a Trivikram movie. This may seem like an above-average movie, but after few years I'm sure we would feel nostalgic about this, like we do for Trivikram's Nuvve Nuvve. My rating is 8/10

  • A well executed feel good movie


    A guy, after getting rejected by ample number of girls falls for a girl with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. However, the girl has a problem due to which she too rejects him. Will the guy win back her love and how forms the rest of the movie. Though the story line and some scenes in the movie look so routine, the feel that's been carried in the movie gives a great positive edge to the movie. Since the very start of the movie, it's taken close to reality and that makes audience to relate to the subject. The humor elements are a added advantage. Great music, Cinematography and character development adds to the advantage of the movie. Pros: Music, Lead Character performances, Comedy, Cinematography Cons: Routine Story line, Formulaic scenes in second half

  • Disgusting Romantic Film


    This is one of the worst film in Ram's career. I thought that Telugu romantic film is better than other. But this film broke my confidence. It is just waste of time with awful first half and old second half. Nothing new and special. I have waste valuable time by watching it. So, Avoid it and watch old good telugu movie like Hundred percent love, Darling,Mr Perfect,Rachcha, Athudu etc.


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