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Anaamika (2014)

Anaamika (2014)

NayantharaVaibhav ReddyPasupathyHarshvardhan Rane
Sekhar Kammula


Anaamika (2014) is a Tamil,Telugu movie. Sekhar Kammula has directed this movie. Nayanthara,Vaibhav Reddy,Pasupathy,Harshvardhan Rane are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Anaamika (2014) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A NRI Anamika (Nayanthara) comes to Hyderabad in search of her husband Ajay Sasthri (Harshavardhan Rane), who has gone missing. She lodges a police complaint in a station which is the nearest to the hotel where he was staying. A sympathetic cop (Vaibhav) tries to help her, while his superior cop who seems to know the truth is lusting after her. Meanwhile, she stirs the state administration with her resolve to find her missing husband, and is thwarted by a cunning state minister (Naresh) and the intelligence chief (Pasupathy). Does Anamika fulfill her mission?


Anaamika (2014) Reviews

  • The nativity and relevance was hardly convincing


    When a successful movie is remade, the thing to be looked at is not only the successful points. But circumstance and relevance are also important. When Kahaani turned out to be a massive hit, one of the major reasons for it was believability, sympathy and the realistic approach with engaging narration made viewers connect to the film instantly. Of course taut script and the superb acting of Vidya Balan also helped. But when Kahaani is remade into Telugu as Anaamika, the nativity and relevance was hardly convincing. Sekhar Kammula has taken the cover not the content. On the whole, Anaamika is a bona fide attempt to create a women centric thriller. However, in an attempt to bring thrills and emotions together, the result is a slapdash concoction, which unintentionally dilutes the amalgamation of the two, akin to a whimsical thrill ride. Read more at http://www.tollyarea.com/movie-reviews/anamika-telugu-movie- review/


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