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Godavari (2006)

Godavari (2006)

SumanthKamalinee MukherjeeTanikella BharaniKamal Kamaraju
Sekhar Kammula


Godavari (2006) is a Telugu movie. Sekhar Kammula has directed this movie. Sumanth,Kamalinee Mukherjee,Tanikella Bharani,Kamal Kamaraju are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Godavari (2006) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Sreeram is a principled chap with an inclination towards politics. With an altruistic attitude he goes out of the way to help others. Seeta is a girl who does not want to confine to home and wants to live independently as an entrepreneur. Sreeram is seriously fascinated by Raji and wants to marry her. But she feels that he is not her kind of guy. Raji's parents settle her marriage with an IPS officer. Seeta meets Sreeram and his relatives on their boat journey from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam. The rest of the story is all about how Sreeram and Seeta realize how perfect they are to each other.


Godavari (2006) Reviews

  • Classic Piece of work


    After the Success of "Anand". I was really waiting to see the next flick of Shekar Kammula, as I wanted to know if he can deliver yet another Master Piece. He did it again and kudos to this great talent. I am a big fan of the Director Viswanath for his caliber to make soft but highly influential movies. I was wondering if that genre is over and there is no upcoming director who can fill that slot. But I am wrong. As the saying goes "History repeats itself". Characterization is the main asset of this movie. We feel that we are acquainted with the characters of the film from a very long time. The touch of reality given by the director w.r.t the inclination of the hero to join mainstream politics to do something for the society and the problems he faced to do that is excellent. The whole film is lively with some good comedy and great music. One can just relax and watch the movie. There are some popular(so called) directors who say its impossible to make a hit movie without making the heroin to strip or hero fighting with goons by flying in air for half of the movie. Movies like this prove that its their inability to make such movies rather than the impossibility.

  • Excellent


    I don't know why, when ever I watch the movie It takes me to a different world, till today I get a different feel when ever I watch the movie, and every time there is a new great feeling which I possess after watching the movie. If I meet Mr.Shekar, I would just like to give him a tight hug and shake hands with him, because nothing much I think I can do to him... Oh...Its(IMDb) asking me to write more. So another biggest asset to this movie is SINGER SUNITHA my favorite and her voice to this movie is DAM DAM DAM...! mesmerizing because her songs really make you indulge in them and give you the feel which stills hangs on to you after the movie and lastly speaking about the lead in the film Sumanth and Kamalinee Mukherji have done justice to their roles from all aspects. FINALLY THANKS TO THE GODAVARI TEAM FOR THEIR greatest offering which they have given to the audience....

  • You can identify a Sriram and a Sita amongst you!


    Godavari is one good core Telugu movie. Each and every character played in the movie can be identified in our daily life. The movie makes you feel like you are on a cradle swing. You don't really realize that the 2.5 hrs are up:). If someone really deserves an applause, he is Sekhar Kammula the director. For sure, he feels each and every character before he films it! After watching Anand and Godavari, I really feel like i am addict to his movies by now. And all the artists...god..they were at their best! The animation of Koti...the cute dog is awesome. Actually, most of the times...it just depicts the inner voice of us..the HUMANS! All the best Sekhar with your future ventures!

  • Homemade Rice and Curry


    The other day when I was telling my mother how refreshing this movie was, she asked me why I thought it was so special. I said, "Imagine being out of hometown for a couple of weeks and living on junk food. When you return home and have simple homemade rice and curry, how do you feel?" In addition to capturing life around the lifeline of Andhra, Godavari, in a laudable manner, the movie makers put together a good cast. Radhakrishna embellished the movie by wrapping Veturi's lyrics in melodious tunes. Godavari might not be remembered by Thelugus four or five decades down the line like how Lavakusa is, but it can make any given evening pleasant and memorable. Anyone who loved movies that were made by Baapu or Viswanath (or one of their ilk) will add Sekhar Kammula to their list after watching this movie. Movies such as this salvage Thelugu cinema and rekindle hopes, in people like me, that there still are people who can make neat, simple, and straightforward Thelugu movies. Kudos to Kammula and his team!

  • Miss the movie at your own risk..... its written "a dark horse director" all over!!!


    I somehow got the impression that "Happy Days" was a mere fluke, however after watching "Godavari" my doubts were put to rest. Mr. Kammula surely knows to hold the reigns tight and can truly be stamped as new-age director. His body of work clearly reflects the emphasis he lays on pre-production. It would be an understatement to say that he is full hands on with technical departments. Sumanth indeed is the right choice for Mr. Ram, Sriram. His body language and mannerism truly reflects the character whose spark is missing (as opposed to the IPS officer, again apt choice). Ms. Mukhejee:: Blame it on the director who manages to extract whatever she has to offer in terms of performance thereby ending with the bar so high which simply put is "unattainable". Neetu Chandra:: Unless brought to attention, she can easily pass off as a pucca-Telugu girl. Amazing performance as the girl, who isn't sure of what she wants. Other supporting cast is adequate. Characterisation is first rate and so is the interplay (worthy to mention is Sita Mahalakshmi's and her family). Special word on the animated characters – very creative and crisp dialogues'. There seems to be a pattern emerging with regards to the misunderstanding track between the lead characters (erstwhile in Happy Days). And also the resolution to the misunderstanding clearly shows clever writing/ narrative. Songs are good – and one of them reminded me of the rain song of Gitanjali. And finally the Saree's – is that a penchant or plain fetish? PS:: An ode to Titanic perhaps? There is a blink-n-miss hint in the movie. PS(2):: Ode to "Gharana Mogudu" Chiru as well?


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