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Den of Thieves (2018)

Den of Thieves (2018)

Gerard ButlerPablo SchreiberO'Shea Jackson Jr.50 Cent
Christian Gudegast


Den of Thieves (2018) is a English,Polynesian,Spanish movie. Christian Gudegast has directed this movie. Gerard Butler,Pablo Schreiber,O'Shea Jackson Jr.,50 Cent are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Den of Thieves (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A gritty L.A crime saga which follows the intersecting and often personally connected lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan an impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank of downtown Los Angeles.

Den of Thieves (2018) Reviews

  • A solid attempt


    This film was a good romp and a solid 7 in my opinion. It crtainly doesn't deserve some of the ludicrous scores some people have rated it on here! Well acted and plenty of action. Then again I always thought Heat was overrated (probably would give that a 7 as well). I didn't feel it was overlong and din't get bored once. Yes, there were a few plot holes, but overrall this was good entertainment and so much better than much of the absolute dross that's doing the rounds at present. Don't listen to the naysayers on here, this one is well worth your time.

  • A fun, well paced movie that isn't pretending to be something it's not


    You can't enter a movie like this expecting some cinematic masterpiece. If you do so, you'll be obviously disappointed. Otherwise, it's a completely entertaining and fun ride through some surprisingly complex characters and an unexpectedly intricate game of cat and mouse. There have been some comparisons of this movie to the movie Heat, and I think they may be somewhat warranted. OBVIOUSLY, this does not hold the gravitas of a mid-90's DeNiro/Pacino face-off, but plot structure, pacing, character development and the Los Angeles backdrop were all very familiar. At the core, you have Pablo Schreiber, who is 1 or 2 decent movies away from being given a real shot at a career defining role. He led this film effortlessly and truly gives you a very raw sense of character. Gerard Butler plays Gerard Butler and convincingly so. The two square off for 140 minutes and it's surely fun to watch. The 140 minute runtime seems to have garnered some attention from reviewers. Yeah, it's long, but it really doesn't feel that way. The pace of the film is stellar, and you never really feel any "look down at your phone" moments. The heist movie is often times full of overdone clichés and unconvincing "suspense" but for some reason this film was able to put a fresh twist on everything you see. If you've seen a trailer for the film, you'll be very happy with it. I think this is a case of extremely good marketing and a trailer can make or break your audience's expectations for a film. From the trailer, you see a crew of goons led by some wannabe badass and a crew of cops trying to intimidate them and take them down. The trailer doesn't give you much of a glimpse at anything more than elementary storyline, which is why if you see this film, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Had more fun in a theater than I can remember in recent years. 8/10

  • A Great Heist Film


    I went into Den of Thieves with low expectations, and walked out pleasently surprised with this movie! Im a huge heist movie fan and Michael Mann's 'Heat' is one of my favorite movies of all time. And while its true that Den of Thieves takes almost TOO MUCH inspiration from HEAT, it certainly delivers some unexpected turns that make the movie unpredictible and not generic. Sure, there are a lot of heist films out there, but I found Den of Thieves to bring some new elements into the genre that i have never seen, which i thought was pretty great. I was actually surprised with Gerard Butler's performance in this movie, he was actually REALLY good and played the role with commitment. The same goes for the other cast members, Great Acting! What really sold this movie for me, was the incredible action sequences. They are directed fantastically, and the firearms in the movie sound robust and authoritative, which gives the film a hard edge that i found to love. There are a few scenes in the film that feel out of place and some of the character development isn't really there, but overall i had a blast watching this movie and plan to see it again. Definately Recommend to anyone a fan of the genre.

  • A one time watch crime thriller with awesome gun shot sequences n a clever but dangerous heist.


    Bank robbery, gun shot action sequences, trailer of this film n Gerard Butler, all these were suffice for me to view this n i was not at all disappointed. Saw this in a theatre. Comparisons with Heat n The Town will b inevitable but this movie is a solid crime thriller with enuff action/gun shot sequences n a dangerous n clever heist. The final shoot-out scene will satisfy fans of Miami Vice (the shoot-out scene). Another good aspect is that the pacing is good and it's never dull. Pablo Schreiber (Preservation) was convincing as an ex military leader turned into a robber. Gerard Butler has a solid screen presence. O'Shea Jackson Jr. gav a solid performance (spitting image of his father Ice Cube). Action fans will not b disappointed. Looking forward to its sequel.

  • Good action but plot holes


    While there is an air of real menace around the movie that is engrossing and some scenes create real tension, in the end the story just lacks credibility. For example, in the shooting range, the bad guys shoots four clips in rapid succession and has a perfect pattern around the heart but in the finale, he shoots hundereds of automatic rounds and can't seem to hit anyone! The family sequence is shallow and the twists are hard to follow and believe. It's just not credible that he gets all the details of the layout just by being a bartender. And for the guys not to check the bags in the dump is really unbelieveable. They share a hooker and she feeds him the address for the heist. Sheesh! Still, the action was pretty good.


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