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Keepers (2018)

Keepers (2018)

Peter MullanGerard ButlerEmma KingGary Lewis
Kristoffer Nyholm


Keepers (2018) is a English,Swedish movie. Kristoffer Nyholm has directed this movie. Peter Mullan,Gerard Butler,Emma King,Gary Lewis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Keepers (2018) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Based on the Flannan Isle mystery. A small relief boat approaches a tiny, isolated island where a lighthouse is located. They're to replenish the stocks and replace the crew of 3. After they dock no one greets them. The winch is broken. The lamps are clean and refilled; the table's laid for dinner. There's an upturned chair, 2 sets of yellow oilskins are missing - the 3 men have vanished.


Keepers (2018) Reviews

  • a really good film


    This is a really good film, with a solid plot, very good acting, good scenes and photography, good storytelling. I don't get the really low ratings from many viewers ... or I do? Most of them complain about the film being slow. Ladies and gentlemen, films can be slow, can't they? THey're not bloody Ferrari, are they? What is wrong with a slow film? I think that generation of ignorant and undereducated people have been used too much to Hollywood crap and their brains have shrank up to having the attention span and stimuli need of ant-aize brain. They need explosion, sensless plot with unlikely situations and even more unlikely solutions, they need the awe. So a good solid well written and acted film, beautifully shot, with also some psychological insight becomes worth of just 1, 2 or 3 stars and is disappointing to them because it is "slow" and doesn't replicate hollywood style s h i t . I guess what people nowadays demands to films is consistent with more and more an industrial product with standard characteristics and less and less with art and insight. Not that this film is a masterpiece, it is just a very good film. Not enough? So don't pay attention to them, just sit down, relax and enjoy this beautiful film. Not easy to find these days where 95% of releases are c r a p for lobotomized people.

  • A Greek Tragedy on Film about Lighthouse Keepers vanished in 1900


    The movie is a tragedy, an imaginary tale of what could have happened to the real "keepers" who indeed vanished back in mid december of 1900, and never heard of again. The truth is that nobody knows for sure what was the fate of the real three men at the Flannan Isle, and anybody's guess is as good. Theories abound about what really happened, from alien abduction to a giant wave, and anything in between. Was it a terrible natural accident, such as the three men falling down a cliff or down inside a cave? Or something more sinister as the men kill each other? Your guess is as good as mine. In the real diary entry logged by the real keepers, they write about a terrible weather "as the one they have never seen in 20 years at sea." That particular entry in the book is extraordinary, having in consideration that weather reports at the time indicated that weather was fine and calmed and the first rain can in on december 17, 1900. That is baffling to say the least. Will we ever know what happened to those 3 scotish men, thomas, donald and james? sadly, most probably not, which is so sad, especially because they had wives and children. About the movie itself, i'd say its pretty good. i give it a 6. acting is excellent from the three main actors, as well as from the supporting characters. all did a good work, and the director set the grim tone right from the beginning. the drama unfold with camera close to the faces of the actors to emphasis the tragedy going on, no images from the beauty of the ocean and a blue scotish sky don't expect to see that. all is sad from the very beginning and the only laughs occurred when donald and james found gold in the chest. other than that, all is grey. i'd recommend the movie to anyone who likes thrillers and tragedies on film. no special effects just plain good old fashioned acting (good actually) and an ending kind of predictable, still enjoyable (again if you like tragedies).

  • Disturbing drama


    This is not to entertain you, this is a serious movie and very dramatic, kept me thinking all night. After checking the internet, I found out that nobody knows what happened to these 3 men , so the story in the movie is based on fiction not reality. It's a great movie , Gerard Butler in his best performance to date away from the action hero type of movies. He really deserves a nomination for this . You will not recognize him in this one.

  • A man's movie, tense and thoughtful


    What a breath of fresh air. I don't mean the literal air on these desolate island but a movie without an intrusive soundtrack or where the producers have made sure every scene is fully explained to a dumb audience. A stark production from a director moving up from TV for the first time and showing talent in the way that Spielberg did with Duel. Strong acting from a small bunch of blokes in a claustrophobic environment.

  • Makes You Sad Because Of All The Unused Potential


    The director of "Taboo", a very intriguing premise, good mix of genres, pretty high metascore & Gerrard Butler - of course I had to watch this! Was I disappointed? Certainly. Mild spoilers ahead. It's an interesting story, one of those spooky historic little mysteries, that's behind the plot of this movie - it helds a hell of a lot more potential that this movie brought to the screen. The script is one the biggest flaws here, the pacing's next. There's a lot of long scenes centered around pieces of boring dialogues with little substance, but at the same time it feels like the filmmakers are extremely proud of their character writing, which they definitely shouldn't be. The story is interesting for about half of the movie, until the point when draggy pacing & unimpactful plot points just start to frustrate You. So those are the flaws, the biggest, anyways. Acting seems to be mostly on level, but, even though I feel like I can never rightly critisize actors performances, I have to say that Gerrard Butlers portrayal of a lighthouse keeper gone mad was pretty damn stale. Cinematography feels kinda shy, the beautiful setting is not used that much, for budgetary reasons, I imagine. "The vanishing" could've used a bit more violence as well, but there is a single pretty good little action scene. While the filmmakers seemingly tried really hard to create the grim, bleak atmosphere that's supposed to be there, they succeeded maybe halfway. It just doesn't get there really. Overall I would call this an underwhelming experience that leaves the viewer slightly angry because he knows it could've been better. My rating: 5/10.


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