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Destination Wedding (2017)

Alexa PenaVegaJeremy GuilbautRafael SimónAndrea Brooks
James Head


Destination Wedding (2017) is a English,Spanish movie. James Head has directed this movie. Alexa PenaVega,Jeremy Guilbaut,Rafael Simón,Andrea Brooks are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Destination Wedding (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Ellie Hamilton has been painstakingly planning her sister's destination wedding for the longest time. As guests arrive on a beach paradise, Ellie runs into her ex-boyfriend, Greg, who also happens to be the best man. When the bride and groom don't show up, Ellie and Greg must lie to the guests and assure everything is okay. With the wedding a couple days away, and Ellie unsure if her sister will show up, she and Greg must save the wedding while simultaneously falling for each other.

Destination Wedding (2017) Reviews

  • Love Hallmark Movies - Except for this one


    OK, so we all know the typical plot to our beloved Hallmark movies and this one was no exception - until the end. I am a huge Hallmark movie watcher and can honestly say that I have enjoyed all the movies I have watched so far. This one is the only exception. It was like the writers did not know how to end it so they just jumped to the ending they thought we were all expecting - without an explanation of how they got there. Really Hallmark?! Very disappointed. What a lame ending. I am still confused on how you went from the ex's at the beach proclaiming their love for one another to jumping to THEM getting married at the end. How did she fit into her sister's wedding dress?! What happened to her sister and her fiance- did they NOT make up and want to get married?!! If she was so into her family and friends why would she want to get married with her family and her sister's friend's there and not her own friends? Lame, lame, lame. Very disappointed. 2 stars because the location was beautiful and the story was good up until the ending. That spoiled the movie for me.

  • fun summer movie


    I loved this movie. It is not complex or rocket science. Perfect summer movie. The actors are sweet and compelling. Other than the acting and the story, my favorite part was the scenery. Most of the scenes took place in warm sunny weather on amazingly beautiful beaches. As all hallmark movies do, this had a misunderstanding close to the end but ended in romantic happily ever fashion.

  • Enjoyable


    Ellie played by Alexa PenaVega plans her sister's DESTINATION WEDDING and must endure spending time with her ex boyfriend, the best man Greg. Ellie and Greg then spin lie after lie after the bride and groom begin having problems and don't board their plane to Mexico. Will Ellie and Greg patch up their differences and rekindle their romance? Will Ellie's dolt of a current boyfriend propose? Cute funny film. No tissues required.

  • Boring! Contrived beyond belief


    This movie was bad on so many levels: 1. Mispairing with Guilbaut and Pena-Vega. No chemistry between or belief that they were ever together. 2. The misadventure of trying to get her sister and fiancé to Mexico for the wedding. The obviously staged and poorly executed sequence of events the ensued I.e. exes fall in love, grandma that feigned sickness to get the truth (she should have died off and maybe it might have been better). 3. Sister and her fiancé refusing to talk even though people were waiting for them. Talk about being complete rude to those people's time. #Disrespectful 4. Pena-Vega's character needing to take over the entire planning and execution of the wedding to ridiculous levels. 5. Pens-Vega's potentially abusive, controlling boyfriend. He really approached those levels real quickly when he could not get a hold of her and when she was on the beach. Scary!

  • No chemistry


    There was zero chemistry between these two actors. I wouldn't have paired them together. Big thumbs down unfortunately. With other people these actors are pretty good most of the time. Not this time.

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