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Love at Sea (2018)

Alexa PenaVegaCarlos PenaVegaWilliam R. MosesAudrey Landers
Mel Damski


Love at Sea (2018) is a English movie. Mel Damski has directed this movie. Alexa PenaVega,Carlos PenaVega,William R. Moses,Audrey Landers are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Love at Sea (2018) is considered one of the best Mystery,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Organized and structured event planner Olivia gets a game-changing opportunity to organize logistics for a major event: an Internet lifestyle series set on a luxury Caribbean cruise ship, hosted by her best friend, cooking and wellness star, Alexandra. Olivia meets her match in the charming Tony, who is on a trial run as Cruise Director and puts his personal stamp on the cruise experience, but they must work together to make the cruise go off without a hitch, for the sake of their careers and friendships, as Olivia realizes that some things can't be anticipated or scheduled - like falling in love.

Love at Sea (2018) Reviews

  • Didn't hold my interest


    I have to agree with the other reviewers. This movie was dull and boring. I usually love Hallmark movies and watch them everyday but thia one did not do it for me! Sorry Hallmark you disappointed on this one bit I'll keep watching as even the best can make a mistake sometime

  • Flat and stupid


    How can two people married in real life have no chemistry on the screen? It's probably bad acting as so many reviewers have said. Did the writers know anything about how things work? 1- New aspiring Cruise Director must do everything right so what does he do, he changes up the event planner's schedule without asking. True he made a good recovery, but before that, he compounded his error with an arrogant attitude. 2- If you are counting on a celebrity for a guest spot as central to your whole event, then you have a contract with huge penalties. Since she is supposedly a rich heiress, she knows about lawyers and can get good ones. Better, and especially if you are a no-risk person, you don't bank on anyone as unstable as Preston. 3 - She has no self-confidence. She is hung up, compulsively, on her ex's opinion. She repeatedly gives up. This is not a self-starting lone business woman. In fact, she gives independent women a bad name. 4 - Neither of them should have time for anything but their jobs. And if they are the driven people they are supposed to be, nothing interferes with that. Combined, 3&4 mean these are not authentic driven people. 5- Cruise personal have NO free time. They work two or three jobs and 15-18 hour days, with no breaks They don't wonder the deck chit-chatting and talking about "getting back out there" or play mini-golf. (Despite what we saw on Love Boat.) One thing I think was accurate is that Cruise Directors are very talented in their own right. Olivia is unlikable and partly because she is so uptight. Her insecurities got tiring. Tony is trying to hard (or is it the actor Carlos trying to hard. Yes, the movie is a 2 hour commercial for Royal Caribbean. It is a beautiful and impressive ship. {Wow, Olivia's cabin was amazing.) So it didn't bother me.

  • Pretty bad


    I thought this one was pretty bad. Both lead actors were too much. Over the top acting. The storyline was dull as well. Some parts were flat out unbelievable. I expect Hallmark movies to be full of cheese, but this one was beyond cringey. Also, this was definitely a plug for Royal Caribbean.

  • Slow cruise to nowhere


    This was sad example of Hallmarks great past movies and excellent series. Poor story and plastic actors. Hope others might like this, but wouldn't bet a dime on that happening. I am firm follower of Hallmark this just doesn't make the grade.

  • Not Worth Your Time


    When "grandma" showed up and looked almost as young as Alex PenaVega, I was done. Nothing up to that point captured my attention. For the most part, I don't think husband and wife teams are good together in romantic movies. Probably a thing in the back of my head that is saying there is no anticipation for first love/romance. That's what I love in romantic movies. First romance/love. You can skip this one in my opinion.

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