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Gremlin (2017)

Adam HamptonKristy K. BooneCatcher StairMike Page
Ryan Bellgardt


Gremlin (2017) is a English movie. Ryan Bellgardt has directed this movie. Adam Hampton,Kristy K. Boone,Catcher Stair,Mike Page are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Gremlin (2017) is considered one of the best Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Gremlin starts as we meet the Thatcher family, Adam, Julie, Anna, Charlie and grandmother Mary who receive the mysterious box from their Uncle Jim as the family is grieving the loss of their child. When a small creature emerges from the box it starts taking lives, one at a time as Adam must follow the warning of giving it to someone he loves to break the curse put upon his family, but the secrets will come out about what happened to their other child and the personal lives of the family. Can they escape from this curse before it is too late.

Gremlin (2017) Reviews

  • It slices, it dices...but does it make any sense?


    I should mention up front that I am not a huge gore/horror film fan. Perhaps this means I am a bit harder on films in the genre or not, I am not sure…but I do occasionally enjoy a horror film if the story engages me. In addition, the film has absolutely nothing to do with the film Gremlins and the creature looks nothing like a gremlin…and ultimately, you learn it isn't a gremlin…so why the title?! I have no idea. When the film begins, some selfish guy gives a fancy looking box to a family member. But inside is a horrible creature that has an insatiable thirst to kill. And, once you've received the box you must find someone you love and give it to them soon or the monster inside will eventually kill your entire family. After the monster came out and started killing people, none of them ever called the police but they just piled up the dead family members in the basement for safekeeping. And, they didn't consider throwing the box into a blast furnace or inside a huge block of cement or in the middle of the sea. Instead, they just wait as one by one they are sliced and diced. If it sounds as if I didn't like the story in Gremlin, you are absolutely right. The problem was although the acting is competent and the CGI acceptable, the story just never made a lot of sense to me. And, when you ultimately learn what the creature is, this isn't enough of a surprise to save the picture. The movie is watchable but nothing more.

  • Apart from bad acting there was something lacking in this film inspite of some good kills n pacing.


    Saw this on a rented dvd. Had seen the trailer n was excited. Apart from the name there is nothing in common with the 1984 movie of the same name. Inspite of some very good kills, good pacing, decent creature effects n cinematography, there was something lacking in this film. The acting was awful but i still feel something more was missing. In fact, the creature doesnt hesitate to kill n no mercy is shown to anyone n no time wasted in unnecessary jump scares. It is a horror film with no holds barred. Unlike most horror films where they end in such a way that the cops never believe the mythological stuff, here in this film, the creature comes out in the open leading to action n mayhem. Mayb, the director tried to b different from other horror films n it backfired. One grave n clear mistake the makers of this film did was that they showed on the posters the climax of the film of the creature with its full size n out in the open. But the posters showed some helicopters as if its a large scale action/horror film which was a lie as there were no helicopter scenes.

  • Great background on the myth but sadly lacks impact and wasted in this film


    Gremlin isn't a reboot or remake that associated with the mogwai movies, this is a complete different type of story. Going into this film i didn't know what to expect hoping it would impress me in being a good movie as the premise of this film's background of the box is good in setting it tone but sadly this film lack's any impact in being a great. The acting is OK but amateurish with minimal effort in trying to carry this film forward which didn't appeal to me alone, at best this film is a typical syfy channel movie. The only good thing is the visual effect which seem to have some budget which all the money has gone into as the creature itself is well designed. Sadly this film might appeal to the demographic that enjoy these low budget B movies which this film is, but if you looking for a well made film i would recommend avoiding this film as it not that great.

  • A vintage SF-horror. Unfortunately with a lot of bad acting.


    "What do you think happens to us when we die? I don't know. I guess it's a lot like it is before you're born." First of all, let me warn all of you who assume that this is a continuation of the 1984 masterpiece "Gremlins". Believe me, this movie has nothing to do with it. Not even close. Not when it's about the level of entertainment. Not content wise. And certainly not when you look at the acting skills. If there was one particular aspect that got on my nerves while watching this B-category horror, it was the terrible acting. Not only was it silly sometimes. But it felt so amateurish and forced. There is not even a sparkle of humor present in this movie. No malicious Gremlins who organize an orgy in a local pub. Or an elderly lady being launched while sitting in her chair lift. Or were the moronic conversations meant to be humorous? I'm afraid not. However, the starting point and basic idea were quite inventive and original. A metallic cube, with a clock-looking image full of astrological drawings, that contains something you don't want to be confronted with. And there's only one golden rule that'll make sure you'll get rid of this detestable thing. You just have to pass it on to someone you love. Talking about a dilemma. A poisoned gift for someone you really love. And that's what James eventually did when his family probably already has been liquidated by the bloodthirsty creature. He gives it to his mother. Little did he know there were more family members in his mum's house at that moment. And before you know it, the little creature begins using its sharp limbs and bodies start piling up. Eventually it's Adam Thatcher (Adam Hampton) who's shackled to the devilish box. The most positive thing about this indie horror, is the design of the-creature-with-a-tireless-killer-instinct. Despite the fact that the budget is significantly lower than most movies with computer-generated creatures, they've succeeded in creating a highly realistic little monster. But, as in "Big ass spider", the non-proportionally shaped copy is of much lower quality. It looks like a fake, plastic figure that comes to life using stop motion techniques (Even "Shaun the sheep" looks better). Similar to the giant insects in SF films of the 70s. Also content wise it was quite creative. For example, it's not obvious for the Thatcher family to get rid of the cube. If they think that they are put out of their misery just by randomly passing it on to someone (a bit as how the problem was solved in "It follows"), they are in for a disappointment. Apparently, the mysterious creature can feel in a certain way that you don't really love the new owner. The fact that the box shows up over and over again, regardless of what Adam is trying to do, was to be expected. To be honest, it was utterly annoying after numerous attempts. If this film was made in the 80's, the end product would be appropriate and undoubtedly added to other released monster-horror films. Unfortunately, the looks of the gremlin (I still wonder why it's called that way), the rare exciting moments (the confrontation between daughter Anna (Katie Burgess) and the monster) and the intriguing subject won't make it a great movie. And this is caused, in particular, the inadequate acting, the stupidities, the sometimes bad SE's (especially the wounds looked kitschy) and the limited story line. The naivety with which certain problems are solved, is sometimes quite ridiculous (like hiding bodies in the basement). And once again, the policemen aren't smarter than the two idiots from "Dumb and Dumber". Most hilarious moment was the response of a detective who advised detective Harris (Kyle Pennington) to contact Lucy Anifero, a gypsy and apparently someone who knows something about occult and bizarre things. After Harris got a decent explanation about the devilish cube, the first comment of this detective was : "She's hot, right?". You can't expect that such an idiot would solve the case. Are you a fan of such a type of SF-horror and you're a fan of anything that's related to the 80's, I can recommend it (there's even an Alien-like fragment). You won't be flabbergasted and you won't be blown away by world-shocking novelties, but it can provide brief entertainment. PS. I read this hilarious review on Letterboxd and actually summarizes it a bit : My roommate and I decided to watch a movie tonight. I asked her if she wanted to watch The Dark Tower, 'cause I hadn't seen it yet. She said "No, I've already seen it and it's the worst movie of the year". So we watched this instead. Once it was over, her only comment was "We should have watched The Dark Tower…" More reviews here :

  • A decent popcorn flick.


    Gremlin, a story about a rather dangerous box, was surprisingly entertaining. I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting, although since it was listed with a comparable movie of "Gremlins", I was at least expecting a few more giggles. There were a few giggles to be had, but Gremlin doesn't try to be anything other than a horror- movie you rubberneck at. And that is to its credit. The exact premise is one that I don't actually think I've come across before. It's amazing how sometimes just a small tweak can add a new dimension to something.  Adam Hampton proved strong in the male lead role, and I found myself rooting for him even when though he wasn't really a particularly likable character. His wife, Julie Thatcher, was played by Kristy K. Boone. Boone's performance had moments when it was fairly strong, but wavered frequently. I think if Katie Burgess, who played the daughter, did a good job, but wasn't able to bring out her full potential. The rest of the supporting cast, apart from the brother and the main detective, were unmemorable. Catcher Stair, who played the young boy, Charlie Thatcher, gave the weakest performance of the lot. It felt like the child had no real desire to be in the movie, and his character was almost a cardboard cutout as a result. Gremlin had a surprisingly high production quality with some solid cinematography for their budget. Unfortunately, it was hampered by some regrettably bad special effects at some points.  Thankfully, the special effects were relatively few, and most of the on-screen magic was a CGI 'Gremlin' that wasn't horrible. I've seen, much, much worse. It looked interesting, and watching it go after the various actors was a good bit more entertaining that you would think.  The main problem I had with it was that some of the decisions that family members make are just flat-out stupid. And not only stupid, but stupid stuck on a loop. I found myself yelling at the screen at least twice when watching it. (Upside, I was involved enough in what I was watching that I actually did yell at the screen?) Overall, Gremlin was a pleasant surprise to watch. I've got the attention span of a flea, and I found myself wanting to see how things ended. It wasn't a great movie, by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't bad. I don't regret watching it, and might even tune in for a re-watch at some point! Disclaimer: I received a screener of this film from October Coast Publicity for review consideration. This did not influence my review in any way.

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