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The Signal (2007)

Anessa RamseyJustin WelbornScott PoythressSahr Ngaujah
David Bruckner,Dan Bush,1 more credit


The Signal (2007) is a English movie. David Bruckner,Dan Bush,1 more credit has directed this movie. Anessa Ramsey,Justin Welborn,Scott Poythress,Sahr Ngaujah are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. The Signal (2007) is considered one of the best Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A horror film told in three parts, from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission that turns people into killers invades every cell phone, radio, and television.

The Signal (2007) Reviews

  • 21st Century paranoia horror at its very best...


    From time to time, I stumble across movies that I know nothing about, and under normal circumstances probably wouldn't be that inclined to see. Even as an avid horror buff, low budget titles like this tend to slip through the net usually simply due to their lack of big name distribution. Let's hope that with "The Signal" however, this doesn't happen. Why? Because this movie is powerful, thoughtful and downright terrifying in its execution. The movie opens with a young couple, Mya and Ben, in a tryst where it soon becomes apparent that Mya is married but very much not in love with her husband, Lewis. Suddenly the TV is blasted on, transmitting a noisy psychedelic signal which is echoed throughout every other media form from radio to mobile phones. Mya leaves Ben to return home to her husband only to find everyone going crazy... possibly even her own husband. Thrown into a violent and chaotic world, the story focuses on the three of them and the truth about their intertwining relationship as the city of Terminus literally goes to hell around them. The film's three directors each take on board a different aspect of the overlapping narrative, with the running time evenly divided into 3 parts. Transmission 1 examines the initial outbreak and its effects on the main protagonists. Transmission 2 looks at the ensuing madness from the perspective of one of the afflicted (a very creepy concept which is notoriously tough to execute, but is worked to almost perfection here), and laces it with more than just a smattering of very black humour. Transmission 3 ties up the loose ends of the plot and weaves them all together in order that all main characters collide in a chaotic but much needed denouement. Brutal, dark and completely absorbing, this grainy DV effort is always believable and therein lies its power. In a society where media has taken over every facet of our lives, technology is rife for abuse, and this movie exploits that paranoia to great dividends. This original chiller is the American equivalent of "28 Days Later" mixed with Romero's "The Crazies" via Stephen King's novel "Cell". Some visual and plot aspects may have suffered due to budgetary constraints, but therein also lies its charm. "The Signal" will surprise, thrill and terrify. In short, another example of modern horror at its brutal and most thoughtful best.

  • sometimes it just takes time


    After watching this movie the other night I walked out feeling like I just watched a solid horror movie. but the more I talked about it with friends and discussed it with other horror buffs, the more I realized how much I love this film! It has all the ingredients of an instant horror classic and never gets cliché. The first and last segment feel very similar but only because the middle (funny chapter) is starkly different. This just makes for a movie that ends where the audience was first captured, which is great! Oh and did I mention it was original, not overproduced, well-written and never leaves you thinking "ah they should have done it this way." GREAT Movie, so refreshing.

  • beauty in blood


    Independent films have always been enjoyable to watch for me because they normally show the real side of things, but, that not being the point of emphasis in The Signal (hah) I was nervous about seeing it, especially because I wasn't sure about the three different genres mixed. But man, was I surprised! The three genres of: Section 1: Horror. Section 2: Dark Comedy. Section 3: Science Fictions, were done by three different directors not making contact with one another after they had written the script and began filming. None the less, with the fantastic and willing cast, and the offset music that plays once in a while, these three men who wrote and directed, and I believe one helped produce, create a masterpiece that will be a cult legend forever as well as a movie everyone should see. BOTTOM LINE: The smoothness of three completely different genres surprises and amazes to bring one of the most enjoyable and momentous time at the movies this year.

  • Great idea + Good moments = Bad movie


    There's a decent, if not original, idea at the heart of this movie, but the film makers are trying too hard to be arty and clever for it to ever really work. Telling the story in three parts is a terrible idea. It's such a basic story that's being told that it feels more like a way to extend it to feature length than a worthwhile method of story telling. Part 1 is dark and brooding, part 2 is like a comedy and part 3 tries - but fails - to tie the whole thing together. I liked part 1. It had a great atmosphere and such a feeling of dread that's it's the only part of this 'horror' movie that even approached being scary. It's also getting somewhere when it cuts to part 2, which is so tonally different that it's like a different movie. Don't get me wrong, I liked part 2, but it would have been better on it's own rather than lodged haphazardly between the far more similar parts 1 and 3. Part 3 struggled to do something and provide a satisfying conclusion. The trouble was that this movie went from the madness caused by the signal turning people into homicidal maniacs into people who talk at random and don't know what's happening. Add the misplaced cutaways and editing tricks and it just becomes a confusing mess. The end just fizzles out and its unsatisfying, muddled and dull nature just about sums up the movie. Having these three parts as three separate stories would have made for a better experience overall. The main story could have easily been told in Part 1, Part 2 (with a few tweaks) could have stayed the same and then Part 3 could have been a proper finale rather then the delay of something that could have happened an hour beforehand. The best part of this movie can be found much better elsewhere. The acting was all over the place, with some pretty bad examples on show (unfortunately including a character who appears predominantly in all 3 parts) I really did want to like this film, but I just can't do it. A nice effort, but just not a very good result.

  • This one can wrestle with the best of 'em...


    This is suspense and horror at its finest.... I read that some of the viewers find the second transmission to be funny. Not for me, it was madness all over. This movie absorbed me more then any of the latest "zombie" installations. Especially interesting is the fact that everyone gets affected by the signal. Each in his own way (and that's probably what some consider funny). It is not the typical survivors versus evil thing. Everyone fights against his own paranoia here, snapping in and out of reality. Plenty of gore but they do not go over the top with it. Pacing is good, camera is good (no shaky stuff here) and i liked the minimalistic distortion effects. It might be a bit confusing for some to watch, because the storytelling is not straight forward. Lots of jumps between timelines and hallucinations from the protagonists, i loved it. It's like a LSD trip gone wrong... All three directors are on my watchlist now, thanks for this nice piece of work. Any horror buff should try it, this is some solid stuff. Gimme more !!!

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