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HazMat (2013)

HazMat (2013)

Norbert VelezAniela McGuinnessTodd BrunoGema Calero
Lou Simon


HazMat (2013) is a English movie. Lou Simon has directed this movie. Norbert Velez,Aniela McGuinness,Todd Bruno,Gema Calero are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. HazMat (2013) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Jacob is a troubled soul and when his friends pull a prank on him in the very place his father was killed, he snaps, grabs an ax and hunts them down like animals. Trapped inside, they must fight for their lives from this disturbed ax-wielding maniac.

HazMat (2013) Reviews

  • This movie is an awful waste of time!!


    **WARNING, This Review Contains Spoilers** After watching this film I HAD to become a member of IMDb just to warn people about how awful it is. First off, I have NO IDEA where this raving reviews came from. Like the reviewer before me, it MUST be friends and family or paid off people. So to start, the film opens with the most horrendously acted scene with two friends. The one is getting "pranked". I almost turned off the movie at that point because the acting and the film quality was so bad, but I persisted. So the whole premise here is this guy Scary Dave is a host of a reality show that scares people. His love interest is upset with him for scaring people, and the rest of the people are his crew. They are setting up for their latest prank which is this guy Jacob who acts weird and so his friends feel by scaring him maybe he will snap out of it....um....OK. So, they get Jacob there and through a very unconnected and virtually no back story way, Jacob flies off his rocker and starts killing people with an ax, including his best friend and well, anyone who gets in his path. The story stumbles along at the most boring pace. I wanted to turn it off several times, but I kept hoping it would get better or move along faster. I was never scared....I think I laughed more than anything else, especially at the awful special effects, and I mean awful! (Rubber head rolls into frame when it gets cut off of a character, looks nothing like the actor, and is obviously rubber) IN the end, everyone is dead. Wow....thanks for that colossal cluster of a storyline. The only actors who were decent enough were who played the characters of Dave, Adam, Brenda, and Jacob. Everyone else had no business being in a movie they took away from the scenes and just made it awkward. Who hired these people? Now on to the directing....bad actors and bad scenes reflect on the director. I had never heard of Lou Simon so I looked her up, she has only made one other horrible movie. I certainly know NOT to check out anything by her anymore, according to IMDb, she is making another one, God help us all.... In a nutshell, this movie is pure waste of time. Waste of time for me watching it and waste of time for the people who made it. SAVE YOURSELF! Rent something else!

  • HazMat: Passable slasher


    I like the idea behind HazMat. It tells the story of a reality TV show which pranks it's victim with a scary scenario, but in this instance it all goes terribly wrong. Beyond that sadly it falls into the realm of a generic slasher but there are a few nice touches to keep it relatively fresh. By no means is HazMat a good film but you can do a lot worse and considering its budget it actually looks fairly solid. The Good: Quite a good concept The Bad: Leaves a couple of frustrating questions unanswered Things I learnt from this movie: Even when there is only one psycho killer and a large number of you it still makes sense to hide because duh!

  • Embarrassing. Don't Waste your time.


    Go ahead and assume that all the reviews on here are either from friends, family or people who worked on this because they contain nothing but lies. This isn't a "Classic", it isn't "Well Acted" and it definitely isn't even remotely scary. It's painful to watch. I am a huge fan of horror and specifically the slasher sub-genre. I love a good masked killer stalking and killing people. This movie basically went out of its way to be as unenjoyable as possible. The killer isn't interesting, scary, or fun and they backstory is pointless and makes no sense. There is literally no reason for the character to go crazy because of this prank. He is played up before he is actually on-screen as being some quiet, unassuming, dark and disturbed individual. When we finally meet him, he is just some rejected "Real World" cast member who behavior like a child. He acts excited to be in a place that is supposedly scary and haunted and where his dad died (another plot point they just brush over with minimal explanation). He snaps and starts killing everyone in the cheapest hazmat suit, in the most generic way possible. He just hits them half heartedly with an axe.... over and over again. To every character. There is no originality to be found anywhere within this movie. The characters are some of the most unlikable people I have encountered in a long time. They must all be friends of the director because they seem straight out of "D-bag and Hoodrat Casting". Not a single one does even a decent job of delivering their lines, let alone being even close to relatable. The two female "Co-Conspirators" mumble through their lines and are so annoying and catty that you are praying they are the first to go. They have no business being in front of a camera. The sound guy is just so awkward, his delivery of awful line after awful line made me cringe. I was embarrassed for these actors. The biggest crime this "film" commits is just being plain boring. Nothing happens... ever. Everyone hides in a locked room, they see the killer somewhere in the building, they leave the room, someone gets killed and they run back into the room. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The characters/acting were so terrible that by the end I didn't care who lived or died, I was so bored I just wanted it to end. How can a movie that is 1hr 20min feel this long! Its clear the writer/director has no vision and absolutely NO passion for the genre. Its offensive as someone who loves horror to see someone create such a cheap product and then pimp their friends out to give it glowing reviews. I was more than disappointed. Shame on the cast for wasting everyones time with this utter nonsense. DO NOT WATCH!!!

  • Old-School Horror Movie Like Hatchet


    This wasn't too bad of a movie. Kind of a low-budget old- school horror film. I've seen so many scathing reviews on the plot, background story, and characters. How about the positives? I thought it was decently put together, like at the very end, just when you think you have it -BOOM- you're wrong again. Jacob's character WAS hyped up before it as this shady dark depressing creepy person, so you already knew it was going to happen. Semi-predictable. I will admit I was wrong in guessing what was going to happen at least three times while watching this. I will agree with the people who say it was worth a watch, but to each their own.

  • HazMatter of fact..I need to be decontaminated after this..


    What a toxic waste of matter this film was. I thank god I got to see it thanks to TD. I would have been livid if I sat through this after shelling out ten bucks or so. The acting is god awful, the effects putrid, and the story blah....I almost lost my girlfriend over this. HazMatter of fact...after the first ten minutes in, a silly prank scene, my girlfriend looked over at me and smirked then shrugged. Right then I knew she was already disappointed in my nightly film selection. HazMatter of fact...When the character that ends up being "hazmat" first decides to go bonkers and ax dudes, for no discernible reason, I heard my girl tsk and say "why would he be doing that?" I looked at her she smirked and shrugged again. Hazmatter of fact...By the time a dudes head gets chopped off and the special effect is basically a basketball painted skin tone with a rubber face attached...which I think even had different color eyes than the actor...My girlfriend said that's it, got up, walked to the front door, turned smirked and shrugged again, and then walked out. I still haven't heard from her.


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