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Like.Share.Follow. (2017)

Like.Share.Follow. (2017)

Keiynan LonsdaleEma HorvathAbraham BenrubiMichael Boatman
Glenn Gers


Like.Share.Follow. (2017) is a English movie. Glenn Gers has directed this movie. Keiynan Lonsdale,Ema Horvath,Abraham Benrubi,Michael Boatman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Like.Share.Follow. (2017) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Garrett is a rising YouTube star. Shell is a deeply emotional fan. When they begin a romantic relationship, he's forced to question whether opening your life to strangers online is an invitation to community and rescue...or to stalking, obsession and madness.

Like.Share.Follow. (2017) Reviews

  • Better then expected cyber thriller


    Like. Share. Follow was much better then I expected. The dim starts out a bit slow but picks up speed at about the 20 minute mark. Garrett is a YouTube star with his Friday night show which is about his life and antics assisted by a couple of friends. He is very popular and has many viewers. He has a self imposed rule of not getting emotionally involved with any of his 2,000,000 viewers but one girl seems Insistent on meeting him and will do anything at any cost to do so. Avoiding spoilers at this point, let's just say it's not an original theme and has been done before in the fashion of "Fatal attraction", the king of all stalker films. With that said, however, this film is better then most and keeps you interested throughout. It has some very creepy scenes and the acting is very good. The elements of the plot are simple enough but done without going over the top and without gratuitous violence. There is a great twist at the end as well. Enough said. I recommend this film to any fan of the thriller and stalker sub genre....7/10.

  • Not terrible but close to it.


    I honestly think this could have been a much better movie. One of the major flaws is the male lead. Also the fact that his ridiculous videos could actually make him famous is just beyond stupid. The only decent thing about this movie was the new actress Ema Horvath. In my opinion i thought she did a very good job and basically carried this film on her shoulders. So for that i give it 3 stars. If it wasn't for the awful male lead and the terrible, flawed plot. This could have been a decent movie. If you have a chance to watch this movie and its free, sure why not. But i wouldn't even bother going to a redbox to spend a dollar on this garbage.

  • Be afraid, of a five foot girl that apparently has the same ability to inflict fear as Michael Myers


    I couldn't stop laughing at the total fear in the thought of men having hand to hand combat with a petite 100 pound girl that looked more like the kid in The Bad Seed than anything very sinister. Particularly since she spent her private time crying and rolling around in agony. This story has been told before with a little spin to update it, Garrett is a YouTube 'star' with a lot of followers. I guess the moral could be beware of social media or being famous. Nice little spin at the end also a rip off of Stephen King's Misery. Nothing new here. Overall pretty much a Lifetime television movie.

  • Don't let its poor rating here detour you from watching


    Like.Share.Follow was an all around solid thriller... though the guy's YouTube videos sucked it was the least important part of the plot. I feel like this is rated so poorly, because of the way that it ends; however, I feel like content-wise this movie had me on the edge of my seat through the climax. I feel like this has a great moral to the story of not knowing who exactly you are sharing with when you share online, especially when most of the people you share with are completely anonymous. Don't let its poor rating on here detour you from the film, give it a chance and see what you think. It kind of reminds me of Amber Alert how it really seems to have a bad rating due to the fact that mostly they tried to make this feel almost TOO real and it seems to devoid a little bit from the "movie" style feel that most may know and love. Don't get me wrong it is still very movie- esque in filming and plot, but it really does have a very... almost eerily real feel to it.

  • Decent enough to be entertaining


    It's somewhat predictable it's low budget, it's fairly predictable. Typical obsessed fan stuff like Swimfan or any other similar movie. What I did like about this is the acting. Ema Horvath was quite good as She'll seeming like a deeply troubled stalker. Kieynan Lonsdale was pretty good at times too. I'm giving it a 7 based on the decent acting of Horvath and Lonsdale but I have to detract some because the adults are less believable. If you're just looking for some generic entertainment with some better acting amongst the younger starts it's worth a watch. Could have found worse ways to spend a late Halloween night,


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