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Peurizeun (2017)

Rae-won KimSuk-kyu HanSe-ho AhnSung-won Choi
Hyeon Na


Peurizeun (2017) is a Korean movie. Hyeon Na has directed this movie. Rae-won Kim,Suk-kyu Han,Se-ho Ahn,Sung-won Choi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Peurizeun (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Crime movie in India and around the world.

A troubled ex-cop imprisoned for a hit-and-run accident discovers that the entire penitentiary is controlled by an inmate who has been running a crime syndicate with the help of the warden and guards which provides them 100% alibi.

Peurizeun (2017) Reviews

  • Great characters, bleak color palette, epic conclusion


    The ex police officer, Yu-gon Song, is incarcerated for a hit-and-run accident. He's now surrounded by convicts who rest assured don't like any police officers hanging out with them. Yu-gon Song soon finds out that everybody in the prison follows the order of the inmate Ik-Ho Jung, who runs the prison from the inside like a crime lord, who is respected even by the prison guards and the warden. In order to survive, Yu-gon Song has to win Ik-Ho Jung's trust. 'The Prison' focuses on the relationship between the two inmates Yu-gon Song and the Ik-Ho Jung. The movie takes its time to develop this relationship, with a relatively slow pace. The pay-off for the slow pace is great though, as you learn more about the rich and complex characters. Ik-Ho Jung in particular was deeply interesting to me, a crime lord who is both cruel and dignified, both meditative and power-hungry. Most of the time he walks around the prison calmly with an emotionless face, but then at times his pent-up anger and viciousness breaks out in a truly visceral fashion. Everything is set in bleak color palettes, shades of grey and brown. One feels cold and damp watching this movie. The atmosphere is super thick. And just about when I felt that the movie was going to bore me with its drabness, the plot went into a completely different direction from what I originally expected. A few twists towards the end build up towards a truly epic conclusion, one that asks deep questions about crime, loyalty and morality.

  • Great characters, Great plot, Epic movie


    Such a good movie! Great acting, great character building, interesting plot! Climax and suspense throughout the movie. Keeps you on the edge watching this.

  • The Prison Review: This South Korean crime action flick serves you with the best stuff it has!


    Movie: The Prison (18): Action/Crime - Korean Positives: Negatives: Nil. Repeat value: Yes THE PRISON is an extremely well-made crime action film which serves the viewers with the best stuff it has.

  • Wish I could watch more


    Grt movie just wish I could watch monte Korean movies

  • Prisoners of their own obsessions


    The Prison is a South Korean thriller that convinces with great acting performances, profound characters and sinister settings. It tells the story of a former detective who ends up in a prison controlled by an influential criminal who organizes blackmail, murder and theft inside and outside the prison walls. The former detective gains the criminal's trust when he protects him from an influential politician and an uprising organized by some jealous inmates. However, it turns out that the detective is on a dangerous undercover mission and trying to expose organized crime with the help of his journalist brother. The intense movie that entertains from start to finish convinces on many levels. First of all, the main characters are particularly intriguing. The undercover cop is a courageous, intelligent and selfless person who can show his raw and rough side but also an empathizing and idealistic side. The wise main villain has a calm, diplomatic and intellectual side to convince other inmates to support him but he can become brutal, pitiless and relentless in order to keep his power. The clash between these two men is particularly interesting to watch. Both characters are played convincingly by an energetic Kim Rae-won and a truly diversified Han Suk-kyu. The settings of the movie are quite gloomy and add to the film's oppressive atmosphere. The film takes place in bare prison cells, dirty basements and dark streets that are occasionally blended and contrasted with beautiful gardens and shiny lofts. The movie has a few minor downsides as well. The story takes too much time to get started as the first half of the movie basically only shows how the undercover cop is trying to gain the criminal's trust which becomes quite predictable and repetitive. The background stories of the characters are told in flashbacks which are sometimes randomly inserted and rather confusing the audience than solving the puzzle. The cop's relentless motivation to expose the criminal never becomes quite clear and it also remains a mystery how the criminal became so influential in the first place. The movie's conclusion was also somewhat odd and ended with a negative surprise related to the protagonist's fate. In the end, you will enjoy The Prison for its outstanding acting performances, intriguing characters and great settings. The movie is overall lacking pace and precision to be more than just good as it doesn't exploit all of its promising potential. Fans of atmospheric crime flicks in general and Korean cinema in particular will still certainly like this film.

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