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Recipe for Love (2014)

Recipe for Love (2014)

Danielle PanabakerShawn RobertsPascale HuttonLori Triolo
Ron Oliver


Recipe for Love (2014) is a English movie. Ron Oliver has directed this movie. Danielle Panabaker,Shawn Roberts,Pascale Hutton,Lori Triolo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Recipe for Love (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

An earnest, culinary school hopeful, clashes with a big shot celebrity chef when she is assigned to ghostwrite his cookbook. As they struggle to get through each recipe together, their mismatched cooking styles and misunderstood pasts threaten to send the cookbook up in flames. But after they both dig deeper into the heart of their shared passion, a romance becomes more likely to spark.


Recipe for Love (2014) Reviews

  • Great Green Globs


    Over the past decade, comedies about chefs and cooks have become more common in the movies and the Hallmark Channel has created a few. In this one, we have another Hallmark romcom about a brittle, driven professional and a casual, inventive, uncertain genius -- but this time, it's the guy who's the brittle, unhappy professional and the gal who's casual and so forth. Well, hallelujah for that. Danielle Panabaker is awfully cute and able to project her vulnerability very well. Shawn Roberts offers a fine two-toned performance: control freak in the restaurant and barefoot in the country. Apparently no one bothered to talk with the script writer, because the dialogue makes reference to Miss Panabaker as being controlling. Well, occasionally, some subversion needs to go on to keep things fresh. Ron Oliver has gotten enough shots to make it visually clear that this takes place in San Francisco, the leads are good and the talking about food is intelligent. The result is more than good enough.

  • Enjoyable and believable romance


    I really enjoyed this movie. The chemistry between the two leads was amazing. I loved the development of the romance due to a common interest. I find that many of the Hallmark romantic movies have characters back stories and story lines that are too unrealistic and contrived (falling in love in days, not seeing the obvious situations in front of them, the overacting, the unbelievable dialogue, etc.) This movie was not like that at all, which was refreshing. I felt invested with the characters; which kept me rooting for them, not only for their romance but also for their career success (which is what a movie is supposed to do).

  • nice


    Food. and love. and a story about trust, self definition, courage, decisions, self confidence and dreams and the team spirit. sure, romanticism. but in useful manner presented, with few inspired spices and good actors. and, more important, with a simple plot. charming, seductive, real nice. so, a reasonable modern fairy tale version.

  • I loved it! 8 Stars from me!


    What a way to turn someone's life around! This was a very good movie with some smart script. And the cutie actress (Danielle Panabaker) did an excellent job on her part. This is not a typical Hallmark movie, but Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HMM) happens to play slightly better movies. It's not included with the Hallmark channel's package on DirecTV, so you have to pay extra to get HMM. This movie is worth watching! Enjoy it!

  • A rom com that does what it say on the food container!


    I hate cookery programs! But I love programs about food and artists and chefs (who are, after all, artists in their own, er, kitchen). If you've read any of my other reviews - which you probably haven't - you might wonder how I can score this 7 whereas other more, arguably, 'worthy' and ambitious movies score much lower. It's by Hallmark so you know what you're getting. It has no pretence. It sets out to do what it says on the tin and it does exactly that. There's no subterfuge. It doesn't try to be clever, misleading or something it's not. It's an enjoyable rom com and if that's what you want to watch, watch this - it won't leave you disappointed.


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